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June Newsletter

The bees have finally arrived, and the sun is beating down. It's a beautiful time to grab some iced tea and sit under a tree with a great book! To ensure you're able to spend some time with that title that you've been wanting, we're offering 20% off all print books and ebooks. Simply enter the code JUNE20 during checkout for 20% off!

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New Release

WE are only ever given the illusion of choice. In The Sixties, you could fight the war in Vietnam or oppose the narrative by joining the counterculture anti-war movement. Problem is, the Gulf of Tonkin was a hoax. Then again, even rock n' roll and the hippie was created by Intel. And there you have it. Choose your illusion. It's all psychodrama, intended for the alchemical transformation of the soul. The following book covers the years 1960-1968, and is the first in a new series detailing the Intel run psyops that make up the perceived reality of modern history. Within these pages we shall see that John F. Kennedy was never assassinated. Neither was RFK. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which the 1967 Six-Day War seemingly revolved around, is a deliberate hoax. And Marilyn Monroe wasn't even a woman. 2 Kings 9:22 tells us that Queen Jezebel ruled her kingdom by magic. 
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For those examining the origin of cosmology, calendars, and the reckoning of the signs, and seasons, the pagan study of the origins of the days and months can be an invaluable resource for comprehending the larger picture of how we as a modern society came to track the passing of time. This book can aid those seeking clarity on these issues to determine why the different parts of the world follow the differing calendars and cosmologies they currently support in belief. (113 pages)
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Radio Show Calendar

This month we have a great lineup of guests including Kent Smith, Noel Hadley, and Brett Lee Thomas. Zen and Justin will be continuing their series through the Illuminati Secret Covenant! AMAs with Dr Joye Pugh (June 27th) and author Gary Wayne (June 1st) continue this month as well as our weekly Digital Readers Club meetings on Saturdays at 8pm est. 

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Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Update

The Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home in Lahe, Myanmar reached its capacity of 20 children for 2022. In fact, we exceeded the limit when a young boy, Shumpi, came seeking refuge at the home. Each of these children, along with the six staff, have gut-punching stories, and we'll share just a couple here.

Chikom, as a widow, struggled to provide for her daughter, Nongchang. Brother Naogang invited the two to stay at the Endeavor Freedom Home recently, and Chikom has been overjoyed to be in a circle of love. Nongchang has also been thrilled to have other children to play and learn with. Chikom has brought her knowledge of cultivation and motherly love to the home, filling a calling she might never have known was there. We praise The Most High for bringing these two into 
the Endeavor Freedom family.
Shumpi is an orphan who was fed only cold, leftover rice when it was available. His uncle used him for cultivating and neglected him otherwise. Shumpi was previously with our home, but due to the C19 situation last year, when we were reported by our neighbors, he and most of the other children were sent back to their former abodes. While most of the children came back to our home, we were missing Shumpi for a long time until he finally appeared at our doorstep requesting a
place with us again. Even though we had already reached our limit of 20 children until expansions can be completed throughout the year, we could not turn back our brother Shumpi. We're grateful to be able to provide love, food, and shelter for these children in The Name of The Messiah, our Savior and Creator. AlleluYah~!

These six are the staff of our home, wardens for both the boys and girls, a driver, an agricultural specialist, and cook. Together our staff warms the home of these children with The Love of Christ, and we are forever grateful for your support! If you would like to support our home please do consider making a donation, and also know that 10% of all proceeds from SWP go directly to the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home.

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To follow the journeys of all of the orphanage homes Endeavor Freedom supports please visit us on our facebook page.

Summer Approaching

Hello and welcome everybody I hope that life finds you all well and blessed; and that you are finding comfort in the quickly rising temperatures of oncoming summer. Let us always remember to pray for each other and one another as this is the least we could do in acknowledging our connections to one another. Should any of you have specifics which you would like us to include in our prayer assemblies please just reach out to us at our website at www.sacredWordpublishing.com.

This year has been very busy and productive for our ministry and family. We have been working on several projects and some of these are nearing completion. I hope that by the end of the summer, I will have finished the manuscript on the Holy Spirit being the feminine aspect of the Godhead as well as produced an updated version of the firmament which I decided to clean up a bit. Likewise I am looking for illustrative artists to help with the production of a children’s book series that I am starting about the life of the Virgin Mary and Infancy Gospels of Yahushua Christ. We do have a couple of illustrators interested but we are always looking for more talent for producing art for not only such projects as this but also book covers as well as chapter headings.

My son Justin is about to release his third book in the illustrative series on Enoch for children. I pray that I too, can locate the artists necessary to finish the children’s book that I have been trying to finalize on the early years of Christ’s life. For whatever reason there has been obstacles in the path preventing this manuscript's finish. It is probably a good thing though as I am spreading my focus too thin.

In one of the shows that Justin and I did recently on the Illuminati secret covenant, it spoke

about the importance of debt for enslaving the masses in a matrix of control. Imposing economic constraint upon society, those struggling would look to ‘credit’ to alleviate financial burdens and maintain status quo. The purpose of such system is to prevent individuals from having time to contemplate and understand what’s truly going on in world.

“The truth will be hidden in their face, so close they will not be able to focus on it until its too late. Oh yes, so grand the illusion of freedom will be, that they will never know they are our slaves. 

When all is in place, the reality we will have created for them will own them. This reality will be their prison. They will live in self-delusion. When our goal is accomplished a new era of domination will begin. Their minds will be bound by their beliefs, the beliefs we have established from time immemorial. We will establish a money system that will imprison them forever, keeping them and their children in debt.”

Understanding their intent and that the Federal Reserve system is an integral part of maintaining such a system of debt, we have over the last few years attempted to help believers understand how Cryptocurrencies can assist one in reaching financial freedoms and earning interest when unavailable anywhere else. Our series Crypto’s for Ding-Dongs can assist individuals understand why one shouldn’t live beyond ones means or take on unnecessary debt.

That being said let me provide a quick update on the Cryptocurrency markets. As suggested previously I believe that Bitcoin is close (a few weeks) away from reversing trend and that its price will establish a higher low moving into the summer. While everybody is panicking and afraid to hold onto their crypto, smart money is accumulating. It has been a long time that we’ve seen these kinds of low prices on alternative coins.

Though there is still downward Bearish pressure on the markets, I believe that the RSI (relative strength index) and the Crypto Fear and Greed Index, are indicating that we have before us an unprecedented buying opportunity. I feel that once we resume a new bull market and set renewed all-time highs for Bitcoin, we may never revisit these prices again. I do believe without a doubt that Bitcoin will reach six figures within two years especially after the next halving.


Remember I am not a financial advisor and my commentary on the Cryptocurrency markets are for entertainment purposes only, I have allocated 50% of my stable coin positions into these four positions the last time that Bitcoin reached 28,300 just a few days ago. Those positions were in Solana at $40, Avalanche at $20, BNB at $296, and mainly Bitcoin ranging between 29,150 to 28,350. I am however, still holding these stable coin farming pairs on Pancakeswap and earning USDT-USDC 3.87% BUSD-USDT 261%, and BUSD-USDC 2.43% respectively.

I have also since taking the above positions in SOL and AVAX, paired up BNB with Solana for a yield of 13.76% and BNB-Avalanche for a yield of 29.17% which you can find at BiSwap.org https://biswap.org?ref=3c6ec4f1c175534cfd8c. One of the very cool things about this particular platform is that you are able to share your referral and earn freely when your friends join in to take advantage of these kinds of moves to farm yield.

And so just to reiterate, I believe we are near what will be a historical bottom for Bitcoin and that the bearish trend will reverse within a few weeks or month. I still believe there is downside pressure to the market as the charts just imprinted on both Bitcoin and Ethereum, a death cross which usually as indicator hints do their being further downward momentum for the short-term markets. That being said I do believe now is a very good time to start allocating funds to just the blue-chip crypto coins and that one should utilize a strategy of dollar cost averaging into a few coins which you trust will survive the crypto winter should that actually happen to take advantage of these lows. I am still holding a few slots open for personal consultations, should any of you be interested in my non-crypto financial advice done strictly for entertainment purposes.

Yahuah bless all of you in all that you do.

Many members of our family have reached out to offer their handcrafted items to this community, so we've made a corner market on the SWP store! Make sure you check it out if you'd like to purchase some handicrafts and help support a community member at the same time! 

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