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September Newsletter

This month we're introducing a brand new promotion for our ebooks! Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Simply apply "1FREE" to the discount code block during checkout!

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Please join us in praying over our next conference and stay tuned for updates!

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We have only a couple weeks left of reading through the Book of the Order of the Ancients before moving onto our next journey! Join us Saturday at 7pm est at or in our Discord server to start off the study with us! To find out how you can join the Digital Readers Club click here.

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Update on Prophecy for Children: The Divine Order of Creation

We received our first draft of the printed book and found a small flaw that prevented us from giving the okay for the print run. It took the printer two weeks to approve the change, and we're finally waiting for the (prayerfully) final draft copy to arrive from the printer. As soon as we receive a satisfactory print copy, orders will start being fulfilled! Thank you for your patience!

As the second part of the Prophecy for Children series, The Divine Order of Creation brings the book of Enoch chapters two through five to life. Continuing from book one, Enoch is visited by a neighbor named Elia who has just heard of the vision of the future judgment. The young boy is eager to know exactly how he can escape that judgment, so Enoch takes him on a journey to observe creation: the luminaries, seasons, earth, and water. Enoch expresses the importance of creation to obey its Creator before stressing the importance of mankind to do the same. The journey ends as Elia is shown that the path to Salvation is followed by loving The Creator and loving one another.

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Endeavor Freedom Orphanage

By Justin Garcia

2020 began with a vision of establishing an orphanage in the forgotten lands of the Naga tribe. After enduring a plandemic and military takeover, we've continued growing in our mission to be a fruitful tree in the midst of adversity. With the Hindu government on the west and Buddhist government to the east, the Naga people have dwelt in the mountains on the borderlands of India and Myanmar for centuries. The babylonian world system has impoverished and persecuted the tribal people here for just as long. We're blessed to have the opportunity to sow into this land, and we thank you so much for partnering with us to have made such a huge impact! 

This month is the first time since the April military takeover of Myanmar that the banks have opened and we've been able to make wire transfers to brother Naogang. The only transfer we've been able to make successfully, if you recall, was a couple months ago when he travelled to India, and we've been waiting for this moment to come. With the donations secured, we've FINALLY met a huge goal in the purchasing of a 4x4 vehicle! Thank you all so much for your support in reaching this milestone achievement, as it has already changed the lives of the children so much. In the above photo, the children gathered to pray together with a local leader that this instrument would be anointed and that they would be safe as they travel the mountainous terrain. 

As we mentioned last month, the children had to hike a long ways to collect water to bath, wash their clothes, and rinse their kitchenware. Now they can accomplish this task in much less time and focus more on other tasks such as studying, cultivation, and building a girls dorm on the rural property you helped us secure.

We kindly request for your continued prayers over the orphanage home, and if you've been moved to help fund the growth of this Tree planted for The Kingdom, please consider donating at the link below. Also please know that 10% of all proceeds from Sacred Word Publishing goes to support the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. Blessings

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Passive Income and Escaping Debt Slavery

By Zen Garcia

Hello friends just a really quick update on what I’ve been doing with my time for the last several weeks and months since we first aired the inception show for Crypto’s for Dingdong. I do apologize that I have not spent more time writing about or even jumping on to do a quick 15 minute broadcast on what I’ve been doing. There has been a great shift from learning how to earn yield from the cryptocurrencies that you hold and farming tokens from decentralized financial exchanges to play to earn games and NFT projects. And while I did not ever spend much of my time playing games and had no interest in Xboxs or PlayStations, I have over the past several weeks, months been playing games to earn passive income.

I first began with those games which you could just play in the background while working on other things which would only take a few moments of time or just a few clicks to mine crypto currency token and in that way earn income. Little did I know that this area of interest would literally blow up and that people in Third World countries like the Philippines and Vietnam would be able to make more money playing block chain games than they would in having a PhD career.

The reason I have not spoken more about these projects is because I felt like the community would not be interested in spending their time playing games. I myself believed playing games to be a waste of time and used to try to emphasize that point in the shows that I did. I wanted to be productive with the things that I did and wanted to leave a legacy of work that was satisfying in exampling who I was and what I had a chance to accomplish while here on the earth for this lifetime. Having written 36 books and broadcasting thousands of shows, I decided to take this year off from overworking or trying to accomplish too much. Little did I know that my decision would be in perfect sync with the rise to prominence of block chain gaming and also the expansion of the NFT market.

These two areas are providing new opportunity to those that are willing to explore their potential and so I will over the next few weeks and months begin to reveal some of the strategies I have employed to take advantage of this situation.

I am still continuing to work on book project and have been working on a children’s book series about the life of the Virgin Mary and what will be the infancy Gospels of Christ. These kinds of projects are less stressful and much more relaxing and because of that, are not so demanding on my health and time. Those of you that follow our work know that I have had some difficulties with my health and am only now getting over some of the issues I was contending with.

Therefore, we will be soon picking up work on the Crypto for Dingdongs shows and sharing with you some of the earning potential that is out there from the ongoing block chain gaming space and NFT marketplaces. This will be another new area of learning for many of you, but because the potential for financial freedom, and also creating income where you might not have opportunity elsewhere, I feel it is my obligation to at least speak about these very lucrative possibilities.

I know many of you are struggling because of the COVID shutdowns and that you may not be able to take care yourself or family in the way that you did before the past year of the plandemic. I feel like the best thing that I could do to empower your spiritual growth besides all that we already do with the ministry, is to teach you a different method of fishing. One which may enable you to earn passive income in a way that is non-laborious, easy on the body and which one can do right from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to drive far or use a lot of fuel to achieve success. Likewise many of these projects are free to begin. I find that those doing a little research about some of these upcoming projects and that become some of the early adopters, tend to benefit the most.

I hope that life finds all of you blessed, in good health and well-being. I pray the most high God keep all of us safe and you and your families safe, well fed, and well shelter. I’ll be in touch soon with new and exciting information. Yahuah bless you all

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