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October Newsletter

The trees are beginning their travels to dormancy as the winter approaches. Cool breezes disperse the summer heat, and we're in the beautiful grasp of autumn's wonderful artwork. To celebrate our Creator's amazing handiwork, we're offering 15% off all books this month!

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New Releases

It’s Only Murder If They’re Dead

It's Only Murder If They're Dead is a direct follow-up and third act to The Hidden Hand of Camelot. As the 1960's comes to a close, the psycho-dramatic episodes which began with the JFK Assassination hoax and the Intel communities creation of the rock n' roll and hippie counterculture culminates in Woodstock and the Charles Manson family. More scripts. More bad acting. The world is a stage and it's all an illusion. (214 pages)

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YHWH's Unique Time-Piece II

So much scripture points to the Calendar and Timepiece established by YHWH that a definite conclusion can be ascertained by those who study the research compiled within this text. To ignore all the evidence is to deny The Creator's Hand in all aspects of our life right down to how we are to walk out each day He has set before us. This can only be done by recognizing and following His Signs, which make up His Calendar and Timepiece. Within this book, I uncover more Truth that has been hidden from YHWH's people about His Calendar and Timepiece. The language used in scripture has been obscured; therefore, we have not seen it in plain sight. Together, we will walk through the perpetual week belief and go into the position that the constellations hold with the sun in the duration of His 

yearly cycle. Also included is Zen's journey through the writings of Enoch pertaining to the heavenly bodies. YHWH has placed His Appointed Times in the heavens on His Calendar for us to follow, keep watch for His Conclusions of this earthly existence, and enter His Eternal Kingdom in due season. (163 pages)
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The Firmament Coloring Book

This book is meant for both children and adults as an educational resource and a means of relaxation through coloring.  It is a visually stimulating tool, designed to help in teaching your children the true creation of the earth as outlined in scripture. A short narrative in the back provides a thorough word study of the 'firmament' in Biblical Hebrew, with a breakdown of the variations used in Genesis chapter one. Perforated pages allow for easy display and sharing with others our true cosmology. As a former curriculum writer for Hawaii public schools, school administrator, and psychologist, Lisa George is happy to present her first published work for the glory of the Most High God. 

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Save the Date!

Please join us in praying over our next conference and stay tuned for updates!

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It's official! We've begun our journey through the Kebra Nagast aka the Glory of the Kings. Join us Saturday at 7pm est at youtube.com/zengarcia or in our Discord server to start off the study with us! To find out how you can join the Digital Readers Club click here.

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Endeavor Freedom Orphanage

By Justin Garcia

A lifechanging upgrade has been made to the orphanage this month. This change is one that we in the west have taken for granted our entire lives, but one that is not guaranteed for anyone: running water. In partnership with Exodus 14:14 ministries and the Austin family, a huge project was completed to tap into a local water source, bringing fresh water straight to the children instead of them having to traverse the dangerous terrain in the mountains.

Not only did the children have to walk long distances to attain fresh water, but they had to carry heavy containers back through the muddy trails which often overlooked steep cliffs. Last month we made huge progress in securing a 4x4 vehicle to shorten the walking distance, but the change that has taken place this month will forever change the lives of the children who have taken refuge at the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. The clean water now flows through the jungles directly to the children to ensure their health and hygiene will be taken care of like never before. We're so grateful for everyone who has contributed to this amazing project through thick and thin.

From neighbors reporting us for breaking c19 protocol to military coup to internet shutdown to bank shutdown, the children have endured a great deal of hardship through the past two years. However, the children have never felt abandoned nor forgotten by their Father in Heaven as they see each of you working His Will on the earth, taking care of their needs no matter the cost and no matter how far we have to go to provide. These precious souls have been so greatly blessed by your love and support, and I extend a loud AlleluYah for The Provision The Most High has sustained them with. We have been so blessed, and we are continuing to share those blessings with the local villages. After securing the water project Brother Naogang has been visiting local villages to share resources and Love. The vision we had of planting a great fruit-producing tree in the midst of this forgotten and abandoned land is fulfilling every day, and we pray these fruits will scatter fruit-bearing seeds into the hearts of those who hear the message of The Love of our Creator. Thank you again for your great support and ceaseless charity in these times of tribulation.

Above you can see many helpers joining together to complete the water project with large coils of tubes being used to bring water to the orphanage and locals nearby. 

We kindly request for your continued prayers over the orphanage home, and if you've been moved to help fund the growth of this Tree planted for The Kingdom, please consider donating at the link below. Also please know that 10% of all proceeds from Sacred Word Publishing goes to support the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. Blessings

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A Family of Truth Seekers

By Zen Garcia

Many of you have discovered my work while investigating and listening to the many broadcasts that we have done on our YouTube channels which cover the myriad array of extra-biblical manuscripts available for modern examination. Those of you that are familiar with the shows that I have done over the years which number in the thousands now; know that I have a very keen interest in studying and reading the ancient manuscripts available to modern scrutiny. Over the decades since the inception of my radio shows in 2006, I have shared many of these texts in live broadcast, reading them verbatim while also sharing commentary on their content and origin.

Years ago when my son, Justin, and my daughter-in-law, Joy, joined me full-time in working for Sacred Word Publishing Justin had a dream to commence the Digital Readers Club. Ever since the dream we have been weekly gathering to read from the many compilations which we have put together in book form, so that seekers of truth like yourself can readily investigate them without difficulty. It has been some years now and in that time we have perused many of the collections that we offer at our website www.sacredwordpublishing.com.

The reason I mention this now is to inform you that all of those weeks of reading and sharing this material, all of that information can be found on our YouTube channel in playlists. For those of you that have newly discovered our work and ministry, I invite you to examine the many broadcasts which capture the reading of these many ancient manuscripts. We also have spent much time reading through the various book compilations available at our website which share in collection dozens of ancient manuscripts bound together in singular form. These readings can also be found on those channels. 

It’s with such thought that I invite you to join us every Saturday night for our weekly Sabbath broadcast. Even though we know that Sabbath is determined by the quarterly phases of the moon, we do try to share a weekly time for gathering and fellowship with those of you that appreciate what we do; where you as the listening audience can actually join together with us in live stream to read and study these ancient manuscripts together.

What is not included in the YouTube live streams, is the time that we stay together after live broadcast to pray for and encourage one another as we weather the strangeness of these times. In doing these gatherings over the months and years, we have become a close knit family of brothers and sisters in Christ, who believing in the power of prayer, utilize it in hopes of benefiting and influence each other and world. 

We pray that you will take the time to join us, and in that manner also reap the benefit of spending at least 90 minutes weekly learning about the wealth of information that is available to us as modern seekers. Likewise especially for those of you that do not have time to read or study this material for yourselves, you can listen to the many older podcasts and catch up with a particular manuscript which you may have had interest in and which you may not have had chance previously to investigate. Some of the ancient manuscripts we have spent a great time in reading and studying, you can find playlists for are the Aramaic and Palestinian Targum, the Infancy Gospels of Yahushua Christ, the Forgotten Edenic Books of Adam and Eve, The Book of the Order of the Ancients, The Writings of Abraham, The Testaments of the Patriarchs and Prophets, and so many others available at Sacred Word Publishing.

In finality, we just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your patronage, fellowship, and also monthly support. It is amazing to share such love with others out there also enamored so completely by the loving kindness of our Messiah in giving His life for ours and dying on the cross extended to all of us a complete forgiveness of our past sins and opportunity for eternal life through Him. I pray that you accept the grace of that price that was paid at Calvary on the cross. As promised to Adam, He descended from the throne to take on mortal form just so that He born of a virgin could in defeating death deliver us back to our former estate and restore us to our previous bright natures. May Yahuah bless you and your family in the strange times that are before us and may keep us protected from the evils of this world. May the grace of the Messiah forever be upon you 

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