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December Newsletter

Due to what has been seen as targeted attacks at two recent conferences we have made the difficult decision to postpone indefinitely the Sacred Word Revealed conference. Conviction met with a sense of responsibility, and this is the result. We will continue to provide weekly Digital Readers Club meetings and other weekly livestreams for this wonderful community to come together, but a physical gathering seems at this point to be irresponsible. 

Mission Month

This month we have stepped up our normal pledge of 10% to 20% of all proceeds that will go to the Endeavor Freedom Orphanages! Also be on the lookout for a mission-minded theme as we remember the call to go to the ends of the earth with The Gospel of Salvation!

Monthly Verse

How great is The Grace our Savior has purchased for us with His Own Blood? AlleluYah~!

Endeavor Freedom Orphanage

By Naogang Jacob

Greetings to all beloved families of the Endeavour Freedom Orphanage Home, Lahe Myanmar. We thank God for His constant love and protection of the orphanage despite hard and tough times in Myanmar. 
We also deeply appreciate and thank all donors for constantly sending help to keep the Orphanage running. 

While, the situation in Myanmar is always going from bad to worse, with the convid pandemic restrictions and civil war happening across the country the World Bank estimates an 18 percent contraction in Myanmar’s economy in the 2021 fiscal year. In 2022, the poverty rate is likely to more than double compared to pre convid levels in 2019.
WFP’s latest market monitoring in June showed a continued increase in the price of fuel (48 percent), cooking oil (37 percent), and rice (13 percent) compared to pre-1 February. Overall, the cost of a basic food basket has increased by 16 percent . These are likely to have significantly worsened the precarious situation faced by many poor and food-insecure households.

Also a recent report by the UN Human Rights Office stated that Myanmar is facing an economy in freefall. The sharp depreciation of Myanmar currency (kyat) has caused the rise in commodity prices such as essential foods, medicines and fuel which is severely impacting people’s daily lives
an estimated 1.2 million jobs have been lost in Myanmar when compared to the final quarter of 2020, representing a six percent drop in employment. All these are happening in reality with our day to day life. 
With all this situation all over Myanmar we are foreseeing tougher days ahead in Naga areas in Myanmar as well. 

The staff of Endeavour Orphanage and myself are really worried about what is going to happen soon after some few months in Myanmar. We need to really get stock of all necessary commodities and work to complete our housing work project in our new side of the orphanage before any worse days come.

We are therefore working hard to get the girls dormitory completed before December ends and prayerfully we hope the boys and girls and all the staff of Endeavour Orphanage Home can be put together on the new plot of the orphanage. Besides, the children are learning to harvest and do all the preparation for building our dormitory they're good at what they're doing, they're learning life skills though they're aren't attending school as vaccines are being enforced for all children to sit in class. For now  we are also facing difficulties as the girls are still in our old home whereas boys are in the new Orphanage plot. Outside of town we are burdened with extra expenditures in two ways. 

Therefore, our prayers and requests to you all, to kindly keep us in your prayers and send as much help as possible this November and December, so that we could prepare and get ready for any worse situation that may come anytime soon. 

May Yah bless all who have been joining us from the start to this day for the orphans in Naga hills of Myanmar. Praise God we are progressing and improving as each day passes despite the country's tense situations. 

With much love and regards. 
Naogang Jacob 
Endeavour freedom Orphanage, Lahe Myanmar.

We kindly request for your continued prayers over the orphanage home, and if you've been moved to help fund the growth of this Tree planted for The Kingdom, please consider donating at the link below. Also please know that 10% of all proceeds from Sacred Word Publishing goes to support the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. Blessings

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A New Venture in Crypto

By Zen Garcia

Hello, everyone. Just wanted to touch base once more before Thanksgiving and to especially give gratitude to the highest for the abundance and bounty He has poured out upon all of our lives. This will be a really quick and precise note about ALT season and how the exponential move upward has already begun to happen especially in meta-verse tokens like those that I will mention below. I’m going to simply take snapshots of the new watchlist that I’ve made for these play to earn gaming tokens. Many of them are still only projects in development but the investment side of people getting into them is already happening.

Please do your own research and remember I am not a financial advisor and that the information I am providing here is for entertainment purposes only. However because I have been promising to provide you some information on this shift from blue-chip block chain projects like BTC, ETH, DOT, ADA, FTM, SOL, EGLD, MATIC, BNB, LINK, UNI, SUSHI, and others to new gaming meta-verse projects; I wanted to get this information into your hands sooner rather than later.

As I said many of them are very new and some of them are still pennies on the dollar and many below a dollar. If you add tokens to a CoinMarketCap watchlist and observe them over time; you will see that they are increasing exponentially in value. Life-changing money is being made within these projects and it is still very early for most of these projects. Even if you are not a gaming enthusiast which I have not been until recently, it is undeniable that even huge Wall Street financial institutions and even Facebook recognizes the potential of the meta-verse which is being developed now for ad revenue and interactive social media. I hope that this list will help those of you new to the concept of metaverse as a platform for social interaction, to at least have an idea as to what you might want to be looking at for potential investment.

And because many of these tokens have very small market caps usually less than $10 million, it only takes a few million dollars of investment from even a single crypto whale (someone with lots of money in crypto) to move the price 30-40% or more at a time. These kinds of price fluctuations are daily happening to the price of these tokens and so one must be very careful as the shifts are volatile and very rapid. However, it is my opinion that as a whole, the sentiment for this group is very bullish and that the trajectory will be upwards. So buy when it is in the red and at least take some profits when you have 30 to 40% gains in a day or week. God bless you in your life and being

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