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This month we're introducing a brand new promotion for our printed books! Get $25 off of your total when you add $100 worth of books to your cart! Simply apply "B3FREE" to the discount code block during checkout!

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After finishing the Testaments of the Patriarchs and Prophets, we have now transitioned into the Book of the Order of the Ancients. Join us Saturday at 7pm est at youtube.com/zengarcia or in our Discord server to start off the study with us! To find out how you can join the Digital Readers Club click here.

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New Releases

Part 2 of the Hidden Hand of Camelot series!

2 Kings 9:22 tells us that Queen Jezebel ruled her kingdom by magic. Centuries later and nothing has changed. The MK-Ultra program is intended for all of humanity. There can be no shalom, so long as the world is ruled by psychodrama. (234 pages)

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Paradise Found

William Warren wrote this tome to propose a polar Eden, in some primeval ice-free epoch. He systematically employs data from contemporary geology, ethnology, zoology, botany, and paleontology to bolster this argument. In the 19th century, polar explorers had yet to fill in the blanks on the maps at the poles, and geologists had yet to discover plate tectonics or create detailed maps of paleogeography. We now know that the last time that the poles were ice-free was long before humans walked the earth. In addition, there is no northern polar continent, and probably never has been. The argument of this book is obviously moot, and much of the hard scientific data is either misinterpreted or obsolete. However, Warren's review of the literature of the

 folklore of the world mountain, the tree of life, and the earthly paradise is of continuing value, and worth reading if you have any interest in the mysteries of our past. 
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As the second part of the Prophecy for Children series, The Divine Order of Creation brings the book of Enoch chapters two through five to life. Continuing from book one, Enoch is visited by a neighbor named Elia who has just heard of the vision of the future judgment. The young boy is eager to know exactly how he can escape that judgment, so Enoch takes him on a journey to observe creation: the luminaries, seasons, earth, and water. Enoch expresses the importance of creation to obey its Creator before stressing the importance of mankind to do the same. The journey ends as Elia is shown that the path to Salvation is followed by loving The Creator and loving one another.

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Emf Blockers - Thyrion are handmade by the George family and have proven to block harmful radioactive rays from hurting the body with a force field around the wearer using magnetic tech. They are light and easy to wear on your wrist, neck, or other areas, and include a suede material strap in a color of your choice of eight.

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The First Earth Age

By Zen Garcia

This month in one of our book reviews, Joy and I highlighted the two books I released last year, The Pre-Adamites and The Antediluvian World and The Dragon Lords: Antediluvian Kings. These two books form a series based on the biblical concept of their having once existed a prior earth age. Called the first world age, it is spoken about as having been a golden age, when the angels having first been cast down to this time space dimensionality, ruled here upon the earth. In mythology this is referred to as the prior times or Zep Tepi - the first times. It is also known as the age of Atlantis.

Many of you are familiar with the story of how the Atlantean’s abusing their power and authority, involved themselves in black magic and sinister ritual; opened a portal to other dimension which resulted in the invasion of malevolent forces into this world. It was because of their involvement with these evil spirits that the Most High God brought judgment upon their culture and civilization. It is also said in the mythology that their civilization was 

destroyed from heaven by meteor shower and from below by earthquake. The shifting landmass also resulted in massive upheaval which caused colossal tidal waves and tsunami. Overtaking the land, these giant waves were said to have swallowed up the island nation, so that in a single night - Atlantis and its people were said to have been swallowed up by the seas to be seen no more.

The Bible refers to this in Genesis 1:2 as the earth having become without form and void. The phrase without form and void in the Hebrew is tohu va bohu. In the English, this phrase translates as the primeval earth became a deserted wasteland and indistinguishable ruin. The words wasteland and ruin infer that something happened which consequentially led to the destruction of that prior world and age. This concept of the prior earth having been destroyed, is preserved in 2 Peter 3. It is in that chapter that the indication that the ‘world that then was’ came to be utterly annihilated. This annihilation led to the necessity that the earth would have to be reformed, refashioned, and re-inhabited by newly created creatures and people. It is for this reason that we see in Genesis 1:6 and onward that the earth was in the rest of chapter 1, being reestablished and filled with a new round of animals and hominids. The first world age had been so utterly devastated that it was necessary for the most high God to create a new round of creatures to fill the earth in population.

Understanding the concept of what is called the gap theory, one will better be able to make sense of why there exists everywhere upon the face of the earth, a wide array of destroyed megalithic structure. For how else can one explain, the cyclopean architecture of what was an advanced race of beings, aligning their metropolises to the stars and also the sun’s annual solstice and equinox. It is clear that some form of supernatural judgment took place during that time which wrecked even these massive stone Colossus’ to ruin which even they were unable to bear.

Baalbek, Lebanon
This knowledge will also help one to better make sense of how it is that in science and also in common sense reasoning, one can see according to the geological, archaeological, and anthropological evidence that the earth is very much older than the 6000 years mainstream churchianity declares for the lifetime of the universe. And that there indeed had existed prior to the contemporary age we live in now, a former era which had been mostly lost to modern consideration. If this is a subject matter which you are interested and would like further elaboration, please check out my two latest books and series on the antediluvian age. Here is a link to the book review that we did as well as discount for purchase of the two books set. Yahuah bless you in your studies and examination into the story of lost paradise.

Endeavor Freedom Orphanage

By Justin Garcia

The boy's dorm is completed! We're so excited to share how you've helped us continue along the roadmap at our new home! After securing the plot of land, we have slowly been building, and with the donations successfully transferred to brother Naogang last month, there has been so much progress to catch you up on!

Above, brother Noagang is setting up a solar panel that will feed electricity for the necessities required in the boy's dorm. The dorm is now furnished with beds and desks, as well! This is the type of home that was only a dream for the children until now.

For our next update, we want to bring a huge praise report! A special AlleluYah and thanks for the Austin family who've donated the full amount for the water project! Right now, the children have to walk over three football fields away, up and down the mountains, to get to a water source. The boys always enjoy the trips together, but we want to ensure there is ample water accessibility located at the base camp to meet the growing needs. Thankfully we now have the funding for to run piping to the water supply, which, Yah-Willing, will not run dry, just like His Fountain of Living Water. AlleluYah~!

Lastly, I'd like to share with you a special testimony from the newest members to join us at the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. The following message was written by brother Naogang Jacob to describe the message of Thenlih and her younger brother Pangwang. She describes her struggles in raising her younger brother without any parents to help them. Her amazing testimony will shock you. 

Hi all beloved families. 

Today I took time to sit together with our newly admitted Child Pangwang and his sister Thenlih to listen to their past stories, and journeys of how they've come to date without a mom and a daddy to care for them. It's really so sad to know how these two siblings had undergone without  loving parents. Their late mom Mrs Toiman  passed away in 2009 when Pangwang was just a baby on mother's breastfeed and Thenlih just 4 years old. Both of them never remember their mother's face. Then not long after, unfortunately their late father Chaokhun passed away in 2013, when Pangwang was just a struggling baby without a mother. Pangwang never got anybody in his life to call as mama and daddy.

Thenlih shared their testimonies and stories of how they've come this long way without their Mom and Dad. I cried in my heart listening to their stories and couldn't imagine how they've come as a child under hard labour in other people's homes. They both had a history of sickness where Thenlih thought, as orphans, both of them may not make it to life, but God was always there for them. When Pangwang was about 5 years old he was bitten by a snake and was in a serious condition with all his hands and body swollen and helpless; there was no healthcare or hospital in the village nor parents to care for the poor child. Thenlih was a young girl then; she had no other options but to only trust God with prayers. She didn't have the strength to carry Pangwang but somehow she put her efforts and brought Pangwang to the pastors and Church elders to pray for her poor brother. Then slowly after a few months of struggle Pangwang was okay and healed by the Holy Spirit without any treatments. Few years later Pangwang was sent to Lahe to stay with his Aunty's family (Late Father's sister) while Thenlih, a just a young girl, continued to stay in the village under hard labour; she shared in tears that she never had any peaceful sleep nor any happy days until she was also transferred to her Aunty's place few months ago.  But she's a child of God, and she always prays and believes that God will find her brother and her a beautiful home someday.. that was her prayers and dream. 

After she reached Lahe to her Aunt's place, Thenlih wanted to earn something to help her younger brother and herself, so she went to Khamti, a bigger town, to work as a waiter in a hotel with her friends. Khamti is a majority Buddhist town; the hotel she worked at happened to be a Buddhist owner. 

In the hotel and everywhere including their bed rooms they had pictures and statues of the Buddhist idols. She finds that very uncomfortable. She never found any happiness nor appetite there in a new town from a village life. She started to miss the Church in the village and the prayers and songs they used to have. Due to weak health there she was hospitalized for 8 days, and she had a history of stomach problems. Somehow she was treated at Khamti hospital; thank God for Saving her life there. Then she returned back to her aunt's place in Lahe.

There she still had stomach problems every night. Then she was very happy when she heard the news that I was coming to see her and her brother. Today the two siblings stayed with us for two nights. Thenlih expressed and thanked God. She believes that Endeavour Home was prepared by God for her and her younger brother she believes this is a Home of God. She finds happiness and joy, ate well and also had peaceful sleeps for the last two nights and no stomach pains. After she and her younger brother was warmly welcomed to Endeavour Home she expressed and praised God with a heavy heart. Praise Yahuah I encouraged the two siblings and assured them that they are now safe under the care of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And the many families that are always praying for us and sending money to give us a home, food and our daily needs. I also told the two siblings that from now on they both shall call me as brother, and call my mom and dad as their mom and dad. Praise God I still have my both parents alive and Pangwang and Thenlih now will have my parents as their parents. 

I also assured them that we will soon get the two siblings medical check up once the covid situation is better in the town. 
Three of us prayed together, I prayed for the two siblings and thank God For all the lives these two siblings had undergone to finally find a hope and home. I gave little money to Thenlih to meet her immediate needs (girl's thing), and we concluded our short fellowship time with prayers.

Dear supporters and prayer partners of the Endeavour Freedom Orphanage, Lahe. I share this joy and happiness together with you all. Please continue to pour in your help as we continue to add up more lost souls and orphans into our family, a home of hope, Endeavour Orphanage. 

Partner in Christ 
Naogang Jacob.

We kindly request for your continued prayers over the orphanage home, and if you've been moved to help fund the growth of this Tree planted for The Kingdom, please consider donating at the link below. Also please know that 10% of all proceeds from Sacred Word Publishing goes to support the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. Blessings

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