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July Newsletter

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Banned Again

During our livestream AMA with Dr Joye Pugh a question came up about the potential relationship between the mark of the beast and the convid vaxxine, and we once again realized how deep the enemy has his hands in social media. The livestream was disconnected with no notice or reasoning, and we were blocked from creating a new livestream link. Later notice appeared that we were spreading "medical misinformation" and would be unable to utilize the platform for one week.

Now more than ever, circumstances call for ministries to be multiplatform. We have no yet received permanent ban, but if that does occur, we will transition to BitChute for video uploads. However, we are unaware of a good livestream platform other than YouTube as of now. As always, you can join in on the discussion on Discord

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New Release

Earth Not a Globe

In proving that the Earth is not a globe, Rev. Henry J. Gourney (1920) presents over 75 arguments and 30 diagrams to support his findings which are "scientifically, geometrically, philosophically demonstrated." The diagrams and illustrations greatly assist the reader in understanding the arguments Gourney makes as he explores gravity, mobility, roundity, curvature, measuring distances, and Biblical evidence. Rather than meekly accepting earlier teachings, the reader is admonished to, "Think for thyself," in critically examining multiple areas.

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Paradise Found Preorder

William Warren wrote this tome to propose a polar Eden, in some primeval ice-free epoch. He systematically employs data from contemporary geology, ethnology, zoology, botany, and paleontology to bolster this argument. In the 19th century, polar explorers had yet to fill in the blanks on the maps at the poles, and geologists had yet to discover plate tectonics or create detailed maps of paleogeography. We now know that the last time that the poles were ice-free was long before humans walked the earth. In addition, there is no northern polar continent, and probably never has been. The argument of this book is obviously moot, and much of the hard scientific data is either misinterpreted or obsolete. However, Warren's review of the literature of the

 folklore of the world mountain, the tree of life, and the earthly paradise is of continuing value, and worth reading if you have any interest in the mysteries of our past. 
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After finishing the Testaments of the Patriarchs and Prophets, we are not transitioning into the book most requested to be covered by the Digital Readers Club, the Book of the Order of the Ancients. Join us Saturday at 7pm est at youtube.com/zengarcia or in our Discord server to start off the study with us! To find out how you can join the Digital Readers Club click here.

The Triune Godhead

By Zen Garcia

This month we highlighted the Ancient Prophecies of Christ, a companion book which together with the Testaments of the Patriarchs and the Prophets, captures the thought and opinion of the elder forbearers of humanity. Having spent several months in our digital readers club reading through the Testaments of the Patriarchs and the Prophets, it became clear that many people are unfamiliar with the ancient beliefs of our predecessors and that what they believed actually aligns with the tenets of what many associate to be modern Christianity.

One of the tenants which I have written extensively about is the fact that the Godhead is triune in aspect and comprised of Yahuah, Yahushua, and the Ruach Ha Kodesh. Most people are more familiar with the generic terms of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit but what a lot of people are less familiar with; is the biblical precedent that the Holy Spirit is feminine in aspect and referenced in the Old Testament and the Apocrypha as being equivalent to the Greek word Sophia, which in the Hebrew is chokma translated in the English - wisdom.

I will be writing a very extensive article about this topic for Noel Hadley’s website. However, I did want to make mention that in the two books mentioned above, there are a few chapters which preserve this information and go into great detail about these issues. I made first mention of this revelation in chapter 2 of the Great Contest: War in Heaven publication.

I believe that as more and more people start to read the ancient manuscripts, this knowledge will continue to come to light. I will quickly here share one other confirmation to this revelation from chapter 1 of the first book of the Legends of the Jews series to elucidate this concept.

"In the beginning, two thousand years before the heaven and the earth, seven things were created: the Torah written with black fire on white fire, and lying in the lap of God; the Divine Throne, erected in the heaven which later was over the heads of the Hayyot; Paradise on the right side of God, Hell on the left side; the Celestial Sanctuary directly in front of God, having a jewel on its altar graven with the Name of the Messiah, and a Voice that cries aloud, "Return, ye children of men."

When God resolved upon the creation of the world, He took counsel with the Torah. Her advice was this: "O Lord, a king without an army and without courtiers and attendants hardly deserves the name of king, for none is nigh to express the homage due to him." The answer pleased God exceedingly. Thus did He teach all earthly kings, by His Divine example, to undertake naught without first consulting advisers.

The advice of the Torah was given with some reservations. She was skeptical about the value of an earthly world, on account of the sinfulness of men, who would be sure to disregard her precepts. But God dispelled her doubts. He told her, that repentance had been created long before, and sinners would have the opportunity of mending their ways. Besides, the Temple service would be invested with atoning power, and Paradise and hell were intended to do duty as reward and punishment. Finally, the Messiah was appointed to bring salvation, which would put an end to all sinfulness." - Legends of the Jews I

Endeavor Freedom Orphanage

By Justin Garcia

The last few months of life in Myanmar have been an absolute roller coaster. From being reported by the neighbors for covid-violations after gathering in our orphanage home in the heart of Lahe, to a military takeover of the country and potential land confiscation, we are continually relying on The Hand of The Most High to provide for the children we've been entrusted with.

As you can see above, we have completed some temporary shelters on the newly secured land on the outskirts of the village, a place where we can gather without fear of reprimand, and a plot where we can cultivate! The first crops on the land comes from the seed banks of poor farmers who've lost their land. God put it in the heart of our staff to offer the land for free use to the poor farmers. They have done a wonderful job sowing seeds and preparing the land, and the children are joyfully learning from the experienced elders. 

The kindheartedness of our family in Myanmar is always warming, as westerners have been so disconnected from what it means to be a community. 

For those who've been following along the journey since the military takeover of Myanmar you will recall the internet being shutdown and the banks being forced to close. Due to the bank closure, we had not been able to successfully transfer funds to brother Naogang to care for the children. However, I have good news!
Naogang was able to successfully cross over the border into India (as thousands of Naga residents have since the military takeover). A kind uncle in India was able to help him get a hold of our donations, and now Naogang is finally back in Lahe! For now, he is in a quarantine in conditions similar to prison, but he is keeping high spirits and is very happy to rejoin his brothers who've been caring so lovingly for the children during his absence. Below is a photo of the facility he has been forced into quarantining in. He reports there are 15 individuals altogether with one bathroom, and no supplies from the government. 

We kindly request for your continued prayers over the orphanage home, and if you've been moved to help fund the growth of this Tree planted for The Kingdom, please consider donating at the link below. Also please know that 10% of all proceeds from Sacred Word Publishing goes to support the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. Blessings

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