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December Newsletter

SWR2023 is getting closer by the day, and we're so excited to fellowship with you all! To reserve your early-bird tickets please check the button below!

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Monthly Verse

A New Bible Translation

By Naogang Jacob

You might be surprised, but the Bible has never been translated into the local Burmese dialect of our Myanmar family in the local villages surrounding the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. So, this month we have embarked upon a new endeavor with the local church in Myanmar to complete this translation. It's currently estimated that the project will take 12 years to complete due to the strict standard and small population of scholars in the local area, but it is an effort that is so important. With 30,000 individuals now unable to receive the Gospel in their own language, this translation will help the missionaries reach the literate population and grow the number of harvest workers in their local tribes. We thank you for your support of all the efforts we endeavor to fulfill at Endeavor Freedom.

With much love and many blessings,

Justin James Garcia

We kindly request for your continued prayers over the orphanage home, and if you've been moved to help fund the growth of this Tree planted for The Kingdom, please consider donating at the link below. Also please know that 10% of all proceeds from Sacred Word Publishing goes to support the Endeavor Freedom Orphanage Home. Blessings

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New Year Blessings

By Zen Garcia

Just a quick reminder that in the next few weeks I will be focused on completing the 2023 Enochian Lunisolar Calendar and also the second book of Wisdom -The Feminine Aspect of the Triune Godhead. As we move into a new year, I pray that things continue to settle out in peace and harmony in that everyone in the world is able to enjoy the serenity that Yahuah established for us originally when creating the world in immortal aspect. Though we find ourselves in a fallen world and in a fallen way of being, our situation is temporary and there will be a time when all things will be restored by Yahushua into its former glory. The promise of the cross is that we can be with Our Maker forevermore in a world where duality no longer exists and suffering will at that time be nothing more than a former memory.

 The challenge of evil and the influence of Legion upon this world, will also be nothing more than a figment of past imagination. Christ has already rectified our fall into mortality and the authority of death upon our progeny and race. Being tempted in innocence, and lead astray into the sinful nature of this world, our ancestors have been for the last 6000 years caught up in the matrix of duality which Elohim warned us about in the time before the fall. Fortunately for us, the Savior Messiah took upon Himself the sentence of death and overcoming its effect and burden, He paid off our debt our requisite to succumb to the angel of death. Humanity is now free from that sentence.

And not only are we freed from burdens of this world, we are extended an invitation to join him in his kingdom and live eternally in a life of peace and blessing. We will in the millennial reign learn what it could’ve been like should the Angels not of rebelled against His authority. In this time of festivity in celebration let us always remember that it was the birth of Messiah that frees us from the bondage of this world. And even though we know Christmas to be pagan in origin, let us always remember and praise the memory of Emmanuelle “God with us” as we shared time and space with our families. We love and appreciate all of you and thank you for your continued support of our family and ministry. Know that we include you in our prayers daily and that we do the work of the kingdom on behalf of us all. Shalom and Elohim’s blessings upon you

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