The difference between Container Blend and Premium Blend
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April's News: Herb Gardens (They're a Big Dill!)

Image of Herb Garden

We all want to know: what new trends and lifestyles can we expect for Spring and Summer 2022? One prediction is to expect more people to grow herbs gardens this year. That’s according to the 2022 Landscape Trend Forecast from landscape design firm Tilly. Herb gardens take the firm’s top spot in the design trends to expect for this year.

The reasoning makes a whole lot of sense. Veggie gardening may have exploded in 2020-2021, but many new gardeners hadn’t realized how much of a time commitment it would be—and comparatively how little they’d harvest for all that work. Herb gardens, on the other hand, need much less space and upkeep. And the resulting yields are both plentiful and preservable.

So, expect more herb buying this year, and suggest Organic Mechanics’ Worm Castings as the soil amendment of choice for those gardens. Why? For the high microbial levels that they encourage, better moisture retention, and the wonderful soil structure they help create. And it’s a knockout when applied as a worm casting tea, the recipe for which you can find HERE.

Production Programming: Creating Custom Blends

Image of Person with Shovel

Did you know we offer custom blends with just the right ratios for your production style or for your customers’ native soils? Try a professional Wholesale Blend mixed with our BioChar Blend and see how it works for you. Maybe your slightly compacted local soils need a bit more compost than our off-the-shelf blends. We can consult with you and create a blend that matches your specific needs.

Contact Eric at to find out about the blending possibilities and the MOQs (that’s minimum order quantities).

We’re moving into super-high gear at this point in the season, friends. Get your orders in pronto and follow up with those reorders not too long after that. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Customer Spotlight: Primex Garden Center

We’re super-proud to be the favorite soils supplier to local, independently owned garden centers and nurseries. Up the road a pace in Glenside, Pennsylvania, is one of our favorite retail customers, Primex Garden Center. Here’s why the nearly 80-year-old family business chose to offer the Organic Mechanics line of organic potting soils and amendments:

Image of Cactus Blend
“Primex has been a family-owned, independent, all-seasons garden center, nursery and greenhouse since 1943. As a small business located in the heart of Glenside, Pennsylvania, we are the primary resource for many in the local gardening and landscape communities who rely on us for our exceptional quality and range of hard goods. Primex is a proud supplier of Organic Mechanics products!
Image of Container Blend

Not only is Organic Mechanics also local, helping to reduce our environmental impact, but each potting medium is derived from sustainable, organic material. This kind of quality is unmatched and is what we strive to provide to our customer base day in and day out here at Primex Garden Center.”


That’s the type of testimonial that keeps us striving to do more and be better. Thank you, Primex—we appreciate you!
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Sustainably Yours: Save Your Soil

Compost Blend

You’ll sell more Container Blend Potting Soil this season if you explain to your customers how to use less of it. Wait, what’s that? Here’s why: Gardeners can safely use the blend twice because it lasts longer than peat-based soils. Just explain that they can dig into their containers filled with previously used Container Blend, remove the roots

and remnants of the old plants, and fluff up the soil for use a second time. That’s a great value for your customer. So, how will you sell more of it? Because customers will now use it for all of their plantings due to the amazing results they experience with the Organic Mechanic products.
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Product Deep Dive: Can't Contain the Container Blend

Image of Seedlings
Image of Container Blend

Some of you have asked about when to recommend using our Organic Mechanics Container Blend and when to recommend our Premium Blend. Great question! We have your answer: Our Container Blend is a well-draining, all-purpose mix and is just what the soil doctor ordered for use in outdoor containers.

Our Premium Blend, on the other hand, is formulated to hold more moisture and is thus better suited for indoor plants, or really anywhere you need help retaining a bit more moisture. If you had these questions, it’s more than likely that your customers are wondering about the difference. Make sure your staff know the different applications as customers come in for potting soils. And of course, say it with signage!
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Industry Intel: Cause Marketing

We at Organic Mechanics believe in supporting organizations with similar mindsets as our own: To leave the Earth a better place than when we got here, and to lay a foundation for its betterment for future caretakers of the land. Our partnership with the Rodale Institute helps us to actualize that conviction.
Image of Rodale Insititue Logo

The Rodale Institute is partnering with select brands to create products that support regenerative organic agriculture, and we are proud to carry the “Proud Supporter of Rodale Institute” seal, which assures users that the product is grown and produced in such a way that supports healthy soils, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

A portion of the proceeds of the products in the program support Rodale Institute regenerative organic agriculture research and farmer to farmer training programs.

We encourage you to learn more about the Rodale Institute and its mission and do consider the impact you could make by purchasing products with the Proud Supporter seal.

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