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Cool Spring Hair Accessories

The definition of hair accessory loosens up during Couture Week.

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Stress Makes Your Hair Turn Grey, New Researchers Show 

Scientists believe they have uncovered "new evidence" that shows how acute stress can cause hair to turn white prematurely. 

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Laying Down the Law in 2020

As people across the United States usher in a new decade, a wave of new laws will bring changes big and small. From car seats to natural hair, here are some of the ones going into effect in 2020.

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Good Morning Beauties! I hope all of you had a productive workweek and pushed through those negative thoughts, challenging circumstances and people that can often distract us or throw us off course. No matter what, stay focused on what's ahead. If you need to take a moment to gather yourself and your emotions to come up with your next move; do it.

Just keep going and don't give up! Remove all toxic people and situations that ultimately are not healthy for your spirit or your peace of mind. Have clarity that all good things in life are meant for you and will show up in divine time. - Tiara

The Best Hair and Makeup Looks From the 2020 SAG Awards

Who watched the 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards? For those of you who might of missed it, here were some of the looks of the evening. Check it out....

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Questions & Answers

As most of us know that hair grows in cycles. Each complete cycle has how many phases that are repeated over and over again throughout our entire life?

There are 3 phases. It's the Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phases. The Anagen is considered the growth phase where new hair is produced. The Catagen phase is the transition between growth and resting phases of your hair follicle. The Telogen phase is the resting phase and the final process of the hair cycle that lasts until the fully grown hair is shed. 


Hair Color

All natural hair color is the result of the pigment that is located within the cortex layer of your hair. The melanin are tiny grains of the pigment. What are the 2 different types of melanin?

One is Eumelanin which provides your brown and black color of your hair and Pheomelanin provides colors that range from red, ginger and yellow blonde tones.


Take Care of Your Hair

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Lucky Colors To Wear in 2020 (Based on Feng Shui)

Are you curious about the lucky colors to wear in 2020? Colors of clothing, jewelry, and any other accessories to harmonize with the energy of 2020? Ok then, let’s start. 2020 is the year of the Metal feng shui element Rat, it starts on January 25, 2020. 

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