Curb angry outbursts while modeling self-control
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So, we’re talking ANGER! You know the kind that makes your head feel like it’s about to explode?

But, before we tear into the topic of temper and how to tamp it down—

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Ever feel like your temper has gotten the best of you some days? As a parent, have you experienced the kind of anger that fires you up and makes you burn with impatience, the anger that turns you into a shouting, red-faced, negative mom/dad who startles your own children, the kind that makes you really grateful there’s no “nanny cam” set up in the house because you wouldn’t even recognize yourself… (just asking for a friend.)

Anger usually happens when parents feel as if they’re outta control. And here’s the reality, we all lose our patience occasionally, but that's not a valid reason to surrender to it! There are ways to bolster the character strength of self-control and in turn model to our children a healthy response to anger.

The key is—concentrating on the things we can control! Check out our latest blog post for the top 10 things you can control as a responsible, loving parent (plus a sure-fire way for reclaiming calm). This list is a game-changer to help cool the fire and put a halt to the terrible cycle of angry outbursts followed by self-loathing. Make this your new mantra to tap into more peace in your family life. 


"Spring is nature's way of saying, "let's party!"

What a great time of the year to get in touch with nature. Outdoor time, and activities spent admiring nature help calm everyone’s nerves. Take advantage of the lovely weather and check out  50 fun spring activities from “My Kids Time.”

Now there’s no need to hear, “Mom, I’m bored!” Pull from this super long list of possibilities—we’ve got you covered. Get out together and experience all the beauty around us as the first daffodils push through the earth.

May April showers bring May flowers to all of you! 

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