Overwhelm in life and in creativity
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pink Nani Iro double gauze lying atop aubergine organic mammoth flannerl

This feeling...

I am hearing from all of you, and I am feeling it myself, that people are overwhelmed.

We are overwhelmed in life.  The transition "back to some semblance of normal", back to school, back to offices, back to activities did not go as smoothly as we all hoped.  Did not give us the easy, routine schedules we had expected.  Did not leave us more time for ease, more time to breathe, more time to create like we had hopes.  And all this routine and structure and activity is leaving us drained. 

And at the same time, we are overwhelmed with the physical existence of all our creative inspiration, over the past months.  We all have piles, mountains, of fabric around us we had big dreams for.  We have lists, lists, lists of all the patterns we can not wait to put on our bodies, to have as part of our handmade wardrobe. 

And friends, I do not want to add to this overwhelm.  This feeling of panic and guilt, this feeling of too much and not enough. 

Yes, I have shelves and tables and chairs and corners full of fabric that is beautiful and soft and made with high quality materials.  And of course I want it to go home with you and bring you joy.

But only if it will truly bring you joy.  And I get the feeling that that might not be entirely true right at this second.

So yes, the shop is open, fabric is there and ready for you.  There are presales still open in the Facebook group until I get caught up with photos and list them online, and there is another one coming tomorrow. 

An exquisite one, with some European French Terry and matching rib knits (and a matching twill tape)!

But, here we are in this feeling, so many of us overwhelmed.

I have two solutions for us.  I don't even really know how I feel about that term "solutions" right now, but two plans that I hope will help at least a bit. 

sewing self care surprise kits

The first solution

The first is that we are going to take a small break from the Sewing Self Care Surprise Kits and change up their schedule a bit.  

The October/November kit is going to be skipped entirely while we all catch up and take some breathes.  

The next preorder release will be open the first weekend in December and the kits will ship out 6 weeks after that in Mid January.  With the way shipping and supply chains are going, I need those extra two weeks to ensure I can get thread and notions (and honestly, fabric even) here on time.  

This timing also means this is the perfect holiday gift to get yourself, or to ask for from those you love.  I ill even give a "this is a gift" option at checkout and if checked, I will email the giver a card they can print out to give to the receiver. 

And the kit will show up on your doorstep after the very full time of life that is the holiday season, when you will be in need of some self care sewing, and really ready to sit down and make something incredible for yourself.  

The next round of kits after that will open for preorder the first weekend of February, only two weeks after the last kits have shipped, but still two months after the December presale.  This keeps us on our every 8 weeks schedule for subscribers.  Every 8 weeks for another opportunity to preorder and every 8 weeks for a new surprise project to show up at your home.  You just will have to wait a bit longer between ordering and delivery.  Thank you so much for your understanding with this change, I think it will make it a more predictable and reliable schedule for us all.  

And my great hope with skipping the December box is that we all can get a bit more caught up on our current projects, and a bit more settled in our day to day lives, and when the kits return we will all look forwards to them with nothing but joy, no dread or trepidation!


linen napkin metered corner

And the second one

My other solution to this overwhelm in busy lives and beautiful supplies waiting for us, is a sew along. 

But not a sew along like we usually think of them.  There is no one pattern we all will sew together.  There is no fabric requirement.  I am not teaching you anything.  There are no daily prompts. 

So what on earth is it, Grace?

It's a make something sew along.  A take a step, or maybe a few, sew along. A spend some time with your beautiful materials sew along.  It's a dream beautiful dreams sew along, a find he lost joy sew along. 

For the next two weeks, let's take all the creative pressure off of ourselves and play.  If you draw a picture of a garment you are thinking about, take a picture and share it.  If you cut out a pattern, prewash some fabric, or cut that fabric, take a picture and share it.  If you sew a seam or two or all of them, take a picture and share it.  If you finish a piece, or if you son't, take a picture and share it. 

Little steps, but by bit, all add up, and every one of us, sewing alone at home, all add up, too.  There is power in little steps and power in the friendship and support of our community here. 

So take those steps, take those pictures and share them with us using #SelfCareSewAlong on Instagram or in the Facebook Group. And friends, this will all be a lot more fun if we cheer each other on, so follow that hashtag, like and comment on each other's posts telling everyone how amazing they are.  Let's do this for two weeks and then check back in and see how we feel.  

I have high hopes.  

Mary Oliver quote

And that's it

Those are my big plans for us, friends, my solutions.  I hope that they feel like ease and joy and freedom to you.  I hope in a few weeks we will all be feeling more settled, more inspired, more relaxed in our lives and our creating.  

I am not finding the words to explain why this Mary Oliver line struck me so perfectly this morning, but I feel it is just right for us all in this moment, in this feeling.  Singing may not be our thing, but let's all go be present with our joy.  All of my love to you, friends. 




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