Montblanc writers edition 2021 , Sailor 1911 Ebonite , Colorverse USA ink and more..
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Dear Pen Family,
Another week of summer vacation has passed, and  I'm trying my best to spend time with my kids before they go back to school. My son is planning to try out for his school's golf team, and practices start on Aug 11th. He's been eagerly preparing, regularly attending golf tournaments, and spending time at the driving range!

I would like to thank one of my regular customers from Florida who arranged for my daughter who just recently finished her Eagle Scout to get the book "O Chapelao" autographed by the author - Antonio Boulanger, a scoutmaster in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. They also sent a beautiful neckerchief and unit patch from their troop in Brazil!  Shriya was super excited to receive the book and she is planning to add the patch to her collection.
Hope you are having a good summer!

thank you and KEEP WRITING!


Shriya got this in the mail from Brazil as a beautiful gesture for her Eagle Scout award!

Just Arrived:

The Montblanc Writers Edition Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Limited Edition, is dedicated to one of the most renowned crime novelists and originator of the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.

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The Monteverde Engage writing instrument toned in racing green resin contrasted with black accents exhibits the characteristics of a fountain pen but with the convenience of rollerball pen. It can be filled from an ink bottle by using the converter and drawing ink up through the point. 

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The painting depicts the terrace of the café on the Place du Forum in Arles, France and is the first painting in which Van Gogh used starry backgrounds; he went on to paint star-filled skies in ‘Starry Night Over the Rhône’ and the ‘The Starry Night’ a year later.

The Visconti ‘Café Terrace at night’ collection is made from natural resin, brought to life by blue, orange, yellow and green hues to recreate Van Gogh’s technique, emotion and mood portrayed in this remarkable painting. The meticulous selection of resins and their color mix is one of the major innovations introduced by Visconti and makes each and every Visconti Van Gogh pen unique.

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Timeless takes time. And so it is with the coveted coastal treasures that wash ashore during low tides all over the world, known as sea glass. Shaped over many sunrises and sunsets, these bits of colored glass drift for as many as two hundred years, weathering storms in the salt water, tossing and turning, Mother Nature’s own polishing that gives them their characteristically smooth, frosted texture.

Prominent in the Northeastern United States, beaches along the shores of New Jersey and New York can be found teeming with these heirlooms and artifacts of whiskey and spirits, trinkets, medicine bottles, dinnerware, jam jars, old taillights and if fortune finds you, a piece of an antique ink bottle.

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Buy 10 and get 20% off !

Pair with your favorite fountain pen and enjoy bringing new hues to your color of writing.

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The Line D pen signs 145 years of pride and family story of S.T. Dupont and stands as the corporate seal.

For the Derby collection, S.T. Dupont creates the New Line D pens which will be declined with 2 marvellous lacquer work :

- the Atelier decor in Large size, popoté brown with yellow gold finishes
- the Catalogue decor in Medium size, black lacquer with palladium finishes

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Curl your hands around a fragrant mug of coffee and get lost in a good story, while the dust of yesterday is washed away. Raindrops glimmer on every surface, bringing the seasons to life around you as the clouds move away and the sun shines through.

Sailor’s The Sound of Rain series evokes the peace and grace of rain with the gentle matte colors of every season. This series is available in the Professional Gear Slim size, each with a 21K gold bi-color nib for a flawlessly smooth writing experience.

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Coming Soon:

The Sailor 1911 King of Pen Black Ebonite is now available with Naginata Togi nibs for the first time ever. 

The Sailor 1911 King of Pen Ebonite Naginata Togi Cap, Barrel and Grip Section are made of Black Ebonite. A hard rubber material with a rich luster appearance. KOP size 21K Bi-Color Naginata Togi nib designed with a larger tip that provides broader stroke on horizontal lines and finer stroke on vertical lines. Available in three nib sizes: Medium Fine, Medium and Broad.

Available as a fountain pen only, featuring Visconti's buttery smooth, in-house, 18kt gold nib in black to match the color of the pen's trims, available in EF, F, M, B, and Stub.

As with the original Homo Sapiens, the Dark Crystal is made from volcanic lava rock making the pen virtually unbreakable, naturally hygroscopic and very comfortable to write with. All trims are made from steel with ruthenium plating and the cap closes with Visconti's patented 'hook safe lock'.

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