Shipping estimates for batch 2
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Beeline Moto: Update #11


Hi backers, 


Time for another quick update on the shipping estimates for Batch Two and the Metal Batch!


In our last email, we shared our shipping estimates: that we would receive Batch Two on 28th July, and the Metal Batch on 10th August.


We’ve been getting some super feedback from people who received their Beeline Motos in the first batch. It is brilliant to hear! But, we’ve also had a couple of quality issues pop up that we needed to fix before manufacturing thousands more units. 


We’ve done this, production is now back underway, and we’re now expecting to receive Batch Two at our warehouse next week, and the Metal Batch as scheduled on 10th August


That’s the headline news for this update! We’ll email again as soon as we have received those batches and, as soon as your order ships, you’ll receive a dispatch email with the tracking number. If you would like to find out more about the cause of the delay, or if you would like to get involved in our newest beta testing group…please read on:


What’s with the delay? 


Most of the quality issues could be ironed out pretty quickly and were extremely limited (affecting just one or two units per thousand) but one has turned out to be bigger than we expected: the Universal Elastic Strap Mount bands have not been standing up as well as we need them to. Don’t we test those in the factory? Indeed, we do! And we tested the bands extensively (and several batches of them) - under UV light and in the hot and cold - before pressing ‘go’ on shipping the first batch. 


Despite our best efforts, though, some of the bands have been weakening to the point of breaking. That’s just not good enough and we had to find out why and fix it!


We’ve been working closely with the factory that makes the bands, and our manufacturing providers, to get to the bottom of the issue but that has taken 10 days longer than we imagined. 


Why so long? 


First, our suppliers had to test different compounds and do some small runs on new band options. Then, those bands had to undergo several days’ of testing in different chambers that are designed to emulate over six months’ of sunlight, or cold as extreme as the Polar Vortex. Our production had to pause while we did this and only once our bands had been finalised and tested could we get our Beeline Motos back on the production line. 


Why did everything have to wait for the bands? 


The way that the production line works, they need to assemble absolutely everything for one product in one go. Everything - from screwing the screws to putting the Beeline Motos in their boxes - needs to happen in order, along one uninterrupted line. So the bands held us up! 


The vast majority of our pre-orders (Kickstarter and post-Kickstarter) contain the Universal Elastic Strap Mount so it was really important that we got this right. It’s 2019 and we are acutely aware of our responsibility to be environmentally responsible - producing thousands of pieces of silicone that would very quickly end up in the bin just wasn’t an option. It has been frustrating for us not to charge full steam ahead but we have tested, and tested, and tested again and know that taking time to revise the bands has been the right decision. 


What if I have already received a Universal Elastic Strap Mount? 


Don’t panic! The bands that you have should be fine for several months, but we will be issuing automatic band replacements to everyone in the affected batch. No need for you to do anything - we’ll go ahead and pop them in the post once we have received them from China (in about two weeks’ time). We’ll let you know in an update that they’re in the post and, if you don’t receive them in the week following that, just get in touch. 


ALSO, we’re looking for Android beta testers


As we’ve shared in previous updates, our beta testers are core to the Beeline Moto and help us to test new features before we release them to everyone. Our first amazing beta test group has been focused on iOS, and we’ve kept the Android testing in our office. We’d love to open it up now! 


If you are on Android and would like to be among the first to test out new features, and give us feedback to help us continue to develop a product that Beeline Moto users around the world will love, please apply here


As ever, thanks again for the continued support and patience. You are all brill. 




Tom, Mark and the Beeline team


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