Last call to boost open rates and engagement by sending updates and drip campaigns with Botletter
Lifetime Access to Botletter
Lifetime Access to Botletter

Botletter has one foot out the door

Last call to boost open rates and engagement with Botletter

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Aside from Mickey D’s employees telling you the ice cream machine is broken, there's nothing more frustrating than seeing your email go unopened.

Fortunately, Sumo-lings can MacGyver their away around this by sending campaigns directly through Messenger with Botletter.

But you need to grab your access to Botletter soon — we are almost out of codes!

Lifetime Access to Botletter

Why you need this

With Botletter, you can send product updates and content via Messenger to an unlimited number of people.

Through customizable newsletters, automated drip campaigns, filtered subscriber lists, and detailed analytics, Botletter is increasing retention and activation rates as well as improving marketing efficiency.

Maximize Your Engagement Now

Included in this deal

-Lifetime Access to the Botletter Pro Plan
-Up to 50K messages/month 
-Unlimited number of Facebook pages
-Unlimited number of team members
-The ability to remove the Botletter branding in Messenger menu

How much you're saving

You can get lifetime access to Botletter for just $49 — which means you're saving over $770 in the first year alone!
Lifetime Access to Botletter
Get More Opens Now

From bloggers to agencies, to freelancers and consultants, anyone can use Botletter to push out content and grow their audience.

However, if you wait too long, you'll risk missing out on this amazing marketing tool. (#FOMO alert!)

So do yourself a solid and get lifetime access for just $49 before we run out of codes!

And, Sumo-lings, don't forget: stacking is unlimited so you can stack this deal until you just can't stack no mo'.

Lifetime Access to Botletter
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