Seed spacing, planting depth, and everything you need to get healthy veggies, flowers, and herbs.
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It's the perfect time to start dreaming up your spring garden, summer blooms, and fall harvests.

West Coast Seeds Early Planting Guide

Seeds for a Really Early Start

Some plants are so slow to start that January is actually a prime time to get seedlings planted for the year ahead.

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West Coast Seeds Crop Planning

Give Your Plants Room to Grow

Download our crop planning tool for recommended spacing for different crops, as well as expected harvest sizes.

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Vegetables for an Early Start

Image of Chinook Organic Leeks

Chinook Organic Leeks

Even in cool spring temperatures, this leek grows fast and upright.

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Image of Voltaire Asparagus

Voltaire Asparagus

White asparagus is more tender than green, with a milder, almost nutty flavour

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Image of Kelsae Sweet Onion

Kelsae Sweet Onion

Truly enormous, sweet, mild, white onion of the long day variety.

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Flowers for an Early Start

Image of French Lavender

French Lavender

Uniform and distinctive, 'Sancho Panza' blooms from June to September.

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Image of Foxgloves


Tubular, nodding flowers are often speckled and tumble on husky spires.

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Image of Jasmine Tobacco

Jasmine Tobacco

Sow 6-8 weeks before last frost, the flowers become fragrant after dusk.

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Meet Our Retail Partner

Buckerfield's, West Coast Seeds' Retail Partner

In operation in British Columbia since 1919, Buckerfield's prides themselves on providing the widest and most reliable selection of garden and vegetable seeds, along with everything else that home gardeners need for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers on Vancouver Island, the Abbotsford area and in the Okanagan.

Learn more about Buckerfield's and how they're preparing for a busy season of gardening ahead.

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Bird Feeders: Clean Bi-Weekly to Prevent Transferring Diseases

Clean your bird feeders every two weeks.

Birds Canada has released an important announcement regarding bird safety.

Due to a shortage of conifer seeds this season, Pine Siskins have been seen at feeders in unusually high numbers, and unfortunately, an outbreak of salmonella has been reported.

You can help prevent the transfer of salmonella to sensitive bird species by ensuring your bird feeder is cleaned on a bi-weekly basis. Here are a list of best practices from Birds Canada:

  • Every two weeks, scrub and soak feeders with 10% chlorine bleach solution. Rinse feeders thoroughly and allow to completely dry before refilling. Only use feeders that are easy to clean.
  • Clean the ground under feeders. Regularly rake and discard bird food and droppings under feeders as they can become moldy or spoiled.
  • Move your feeders around. Regularly change your feeder placement to limit the concentration of droppings and seed wastes.
  • Temporarily remove feeders. Take down your feeders for two weeks if a sick bird appears at your feeder or if an outbreak has been reported close to you.
  • Consider using feeders that do not allow the birds to stand in their food. Droppings are more likely to come into contact with food on open trays and platform feeders.
  • Always discard any seed that has become wet. Harmful molds can grow on wet seeds.
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