Join us Thursday, March 31st for a demonstration on getting your garden beds ready for transplanting and direct sowing
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Get Your Soil Ready for Gardening Season

Experienced gardeners know that great soil results in great success.

Learn how to give your plants the best chance to thrive this spring season. Join West Coast Seeds' gardening professional Mandy Moon and the founder of Mind & Soil Jordan Mara this Thursday, March 31st at 10:00PM EST / 7:00pm PST, for a fun-filled happy hour on all things soil prep.

What You'll learn

How to fill containers and build new beds
How to rejuvenate existing beds
How to prepare for unexpected early season heat waves and cold snaps

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West Coast Seeds

Mandy Moon

Mandy is passionate gardener and a key member of the farm team at West Coast Seeds, helping prepare the soil on our organic farm, sow seeds, and nurture plants in the trial gardens and for our annual seedling sale.

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Jordan Mara

Jordan is an advocate for gardening and the benefits it provides for mental health. As the founder of Mind & Soil, his passion for experimentation with soil structures and organic matter offers valuable insights for gardeners of any experience level.

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Thank You for Your Support

We are so grateful to our outstanding community of gardeners, who have helped us raise over $50,000 for the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

Order sunflower seeds before midnight on March 31st and 100% proceeds will be donated to support ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

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