Inside: An update from UA Run, stepping to fight coronavirus, returning to running, and Natasha Hastings
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Welcome to the UA Run Newsletter!
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Through This Together
A letter from UA Running

To our friends in the running community:

We’d like to start by sending thoughts to everyone personally impacted by the spread of COVID-19, and thank those working on the front lines to keep our communities safe.

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to take this seriously, follow CDC guidelines, and wash your hands (we should all be taking these precautions by now), so beyond that, this newsletter will share what UA has done–and still plans to do–to play a part in preventing the spread. You’ll also hear firsthand how this has impacted two-time Olympic gold-medalist sprinter Natasha Hastings, and how she’s shifting her perspective moving forward.

These are challenging times for the running community. With no races on the calendar for now, we encourage you to use this time to safely explore the local routes in your own communities, enjoy running solo, and focus on recovery and at-home strength work that often gets neglected during busier times. Now is a time to reflect on why we run, and appreciate the sport for what it means to all of us.

Stay safe, and continue to make healthy choices for yourself and your community.


–UA Run Team

UA Steps Up

On March 31, UA announced that the brand has begun to manufacture and assemble face masks, face shields, and specially equipped fanny packs, and is also exploring fabricating hospital gowns for the statewide medical system. Under Armour also has donated $1 million to Feeding America to support hunger relief efforts as a result of current school closures and quarantines. Check out the UA Newsroom to learn the latest on how we’re supporting the fight against COVID-19.

Healthy At Home

Healthy at Home Challenge

For the time span of March 23-April 22 Under Armour encouraged people to come together–virtually–and stay active no matter where they live, with a 'Healthy at Home Challenge' on MyFitnessPal. In the spirit of this challenge, Under Armour is donating up to $1 million in combination of monetary donation and product to support Good Sports' efforts in ensuring youth sport leagues have the necessary equipment, footwear, and apparel when team play resumes. 

Stay tuned for more to come this summer, as Under Armour celebrates Global Running Day with an opportunity for runners to get involved and show support for those on the front lines. 

Additionally, many of our athletes, including Natasha Hastings, Rachel Schneider, Aisha Praught Leer, and Georgia Ellenwood have been posting on the @UnderArmour Instagram channel, sharing their at-home workouts, recipes, and ways they’re staying on track. See the full collection of RUN videos here!

Keep up with the latest from Under Armour regarding COVID-19 on the UA Newsroom here.

Return to running

With social distancing in effect, solo runs have replaced group runs and club track workouts. Despite this change in routine, there are more people running now than ever. 

This surge in running recently led to MapMyRun’s biggest single day of workouts in the app’s history on Tuesday, April 7, with this year’s runs tracked in the app up +144% over last year’s number.

MapMy also posted it's biggest day ever in terms of new users on April 14, with new users up 428% year-over-year, driven by strength in the United Kingdom, where as of April 15, MapMyRun was the #5 ranked app in the App Store.

Data from UA MapMyRun™ suggests a massive ‘return to running’ among more recreational users, with more new users logging workouts than in the past.

Real-time Form Coaching

Those logging both indoor or outdoor miles with connected UA HOVR™ footwear have access to real-time Form Coaching and a wealth of other data, including distance, pace, stride length, and more, via the UA MapMyRun™ app. UA MapMyRun™ users also have access to personal training plans for distances ranging from the 5k all the way up to the marathon, which adapt to your fitness level as you improve and guide you with audio coaching.

Those with access to a treadmill can connect their UA HOVR™ footwear to Zwift, a virtual platform that creates structured workouts and lets you compete with others around the world. Every Friday at 12pmEST, UA athletes will be leading live workouts with Zwift!

To learn more about how Under Armour’s app offerings are helping runners stick to their goals and routines, check out the UA Newsroom article here: Staying Active at Home.

Natasha Hastings

Two-time Olympic gold-medalist sprinter and UA Athlete writes about shifting her perspective in 2020.

During this global crisis, my renewed quest toward Tokyo continues with a profound sense of gratitude for my health, my body, my sport, my family, and my entire support system. I realized I'm blessed to be where I am.

With that, I also send my appreciation to those on the frontlines working to keep us safe, and to the workers who were always "essential" but are only now just getting their just due.

For now, I do my part to stay home, keep my son safe, and get creative with my training–out of my garage and driveway.

Alongside the mysteries lies a new frontier. Just like when I had to adjust to the new me, Natasha 2.0, I'll grow and improve again. We'll call it, Natasha 2.5, as I continue to push toward my goals and Tokyo 2021. Even if it means another cycle of adapting and learning along the way, I'll continue to push.

We all will, together. We have to. It's the only way we make it.

Through This Together.

Read Natasha's full letter on the UA Newsroom here: My Way Through



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