In today's KeratoScoop: Studies... patient priorities in dry eye research. Xiidra. Pay attention to dry eye in children. EBMD and RCE. Anaesthetic? Type 2 diabetes. - Dry Eye Company emails are headed for some change. SF Bay Area scleral lens study recruiting. BostonSight reminders about lens cleaning & disinfection. Shop: Scheduled calls. Where did glasses go. Eyelocc. LacriPure. Refresh PM status. Coupons & shopping. Staff cornea - Aidan. 

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August 18, 2018   Newsletter  -    Volume 10 - Issue  25

Patient priorities in dry eye research

Do you remember participating in a lengthy survey I posted last fall, organized by a research team at Johns Hopkins? This led to a research paper which was published just a couple of days ago. There's even an editorial about it. Lead author Ian Saldanha is now at Brown University and is continuing to lead groundbreaking work in establishing core outcome sets for eye diseases including dry eye. The paper just published plays a key role in that by elucidating what dry eye patients themselves (the key stakeholders, after all!) feel that dry eye research priorities should be. My initial blog post about this is the beginning of a series discussing why this is so important at this particular time.

Other recent studies

Lifitegrast 5% (Xiidra): Study of 2464 participants, reporting on what side effects they're getting. In the context of Restasis, it doesn't seem that bad at all. Biggest issues are eye irritation and a bad taste. By the way, we haven't heard anything for about a year since Shire filed for approval in Europe.

Sjogrens: Men vs women: This was not specifically about dry eye but it did highlight differences in clinical testing results for men vs women with Sjogrens and I thought it was interesting.

Meibomian gland dysfunction: Kind of an interesting study on measuring it non-invasively.

"Pay attention to the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye in children.": That is the actual title of a Chinese study. I love it, and yes, please do!

Depression and dry eye: Authors' findings were that dry eye is the ONLY ocular disease specifically associated with depression. Plugs, depression and anxiety is not fancy but I am so pleased to see any coverage at all of anxiety in dry eye because I see it every single day as a barrier to accessing medical care and a barrier to treatment compliance among other things.

Epithelial corneal dystrophies in RCE: Can't possibly overdo the reminders about this... it is still very much an under-diagnosed condition. 

Research on long-acting corneal anaesthetic: Terrifying and fascinating at the same time. We need hope of better pain management tools for corneal pain patients.

Type 2 diabetes and dry eye: Just a reminder about correlations... this doesn't come up all that often.

Last, custom meibographer for use in developing countries: I love that people are innovating on behalf of those with less access to effective care.


I've been getting a lot of questions lately about TrueTear and I'll be covering it in more depth soon over on However, in the meantime, I want to mention that I'm much more hopeful about the usefulness of this device than I expected to be when I first heard about it. I've heard from quite a number of 'early adopters' who have definitely found it helpful.

For those not familiar with TrueTeear, it's the new neurostimulator device from Allergan. Click here for Allergan's TrueTear site.

Emails are going to be changing!

I think this will be a welcome change to a lot of you...I always seem to have far too much content for these newsletters, and they end up feeling like everything but the kitchen sink, and they get harder and harder to read. I'm working on some changes where KeratoScoop switches to monthly but with updates in between that are much more compact, easier to read and focused on specific topics.

We're also going to be rolling out email preferences so you can tell us if you want emails about dry eye, scleral lenses, or both, as well as the type of emails (news, research, etc? shopping and product usage tips, etc?). 

Since the current emails are already a mishmash of everything, we're going to assume all existing subscribers want that, but as soon as the prefs are up and running, you can change your settings by using the manage prefs link (don't bother scrolling down for it, it's not here yet...) or just emailing or texting or calling us.

Dry Eye 101

Scleral lens study (SF Bay Area)

A study is being conducted on a new-ish type of scleral lens in the Bay area. They are seeking participants who have significant corneal disease, such as keratoconus or severe dry eye. It involves a significant time commitment, but if you are interested, you would end up with a pair of lenses at no charge as well as a bit of cash compensation. Please call or reply to this email if you would like more information or to be put in touch with the study organizers.

Boston Sight

This month's update from, makers of PROSE and BostonSightScleral. The issue they are highlighting is equally pertinent to scleral lens users so I encourage everyone to read it. Like BostonSight, I too am concerned at patients following tips they pick up in social media - especially since I host groups where this is happening! - without consulting their own lens provider.

Nightly Cleaning and Disinfection

Nat King Cole sang about the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer”.

While you are out enjoying every bit that summer has to offer us, it is crucial to your ocular health not to get lazy about the care of your PROSE devices. BostonSight recommends nightly cleaning and disinfection. 

Allowing your devices to sit in a contact lens case overnight in saline only allows whatever bacteria that is present on the devices the opportunity to grow and multiply overnight.  Eek!!! 

Most PROSE patients would be devastated to hear that you were unable to wear your devices due to an infection or ulcer.

Remember, proper care is the first line of defense!

Please always follow the recommendations of your PROSE provider. We recommend Clear Care for disinfection because we feel that hydrogen peroxide-based disinfection is the best option for killing any harmful microorganisms that may be present on your devices. 

Although there are several online support groups out there and many opinions as to what you should use for the care of your PROSE devices (or scleral lenses in general), your provider knows what is best for your eyes. They know your ocular health history, whether your devices have been treated with a special coating, etc.

If you are unable to find your typical solutions, please contact your provider before trying something new. 

- From the BostonSight team


Dry Eye Shop


Scheduled calls

If you are hard to reach, or if we are hard to reach (at busy times, callers will get voicemail) consider scheduling a call, so that we can talk at the time most convenient for you.

Use our online call scheduler, or if you don't see any convenient time listed there, please reply to this email or text 877-693-7939 to find an alternative time.

A change in where to purchase dry eye glasses

I have sold moisture chamber style glasses/sunglasses including 7Eye, WileyX and Ziena eyewear as well as a number of budget typs for well over ten years. This past week, I made the difficult decision to discontinue glasses altogether, because it's become too difficult to sustain financially. It's a bit frustrating, because dry eye glasses are SUCH important tools for people with severe symptoms - they are an easy, reliable way to get through the day much more comfortably without introducing any side effects. So we'll have to content ourselves with recommending them frequently and referring everyone direct to the manufacturers to purchase. However, I want to be very clear about the fact that we never take money for referring people to other sources for products - if we send you somewhere else to shop, whether by a link or verbally, it's solely because we think that's the best way to serve you.

Please read:

Overview of dry eye glasses and links where you can purchase them

Speaking of which, a clearance sale!

Since we are no longer stocking dry eye glasses here, everything we have, literally, except for some fitting sets for the benefit of local visitors that need a place to try things on, is slashed for clearance. Great way to prepare for fall with the heat coming back on:

Massive clearance sale of dry eye glasses & sunglasses

Eyelocc on the way

This product has been backordered for quite some time (sorry!) while the manufacturer has made some changes. I haven't been allowing pre-purchases because I want to receive them first so we can take photos of the modified ones, but just wanted those who have been waiting to know that it is coming back. Reply to this email or text 877-693-7939 if you want to be notified when they're back.


Lacripure backorder

Sooooooo sorry. I miscalculated, and the shipment I got of Lacripure after the manufacturer backorder ended up being not nearly enough. More is on the way. Those of you with backorders still, we are reaching out, and we can always refer you elsewhere or provide a substitute if you need your saline sooner.

Refresh PM

A lot of you know about this but there are always lots more who don't, so I'm going to continue raising awareness about this: Refresh PM is temporarily out of production altogether for the foreseeable future, and shortages are being reported of other ointments too now including Soothe PM and generics such as CVS and Walgreens. See my blog post about this for updates and a list of ointment types and status. If you would like to be notified when anything changes, please reply to this email or text 877-693-7939.

Did you get your coupon?

We sent out lots and lots of coupons for everyone's accumulated loyalty points since discontinuing that program, but I've noticed from phone calls that many people didn't see them. If you didn't get yours, just ask :) 

By the way, now that we don't have the loyalty points thing, it just means we'll be sending coupons separately more often. This is something you can opt into or out of once we get our new email preferece settings rolled out.

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Staff corner

Aidan was last heard of heading from Stockholm to Hamburg. One of his pictures reminded me that once you've worked at The Dry Eye Company, you never see the world quite the same way again....

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Note from Rebecca


I had said recently that I would be making an audio version of future newsletters. Today was the very first one! I recorded it, in fact, I was mostly ad-libbing and it was SO much fun.

Then, on playback, I discovered that I had not set the mike up right and it never recorded anything! I have used this mike repeatedly with Audicity and never screwed it up before. Alas, no time to re-record, so that project will get punted to next issue too. Sorry.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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