This week in KeratoScoop: Be an early dry eye story contributor! LASIK article in the New York Times. Dry eye and incomplete blink. NKCF Family Symposium at UNC. Refresh PM is still on backorder, now supposedly October. The good and evil of abandoned cart emails. Dry eye glasses fitting tips. EyeLocc backorder & resizing. Pamper your lids with Tranquileyes.

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June 19, 2018   Newsletter  -  Volume 10 - Issue 16


Will you share your story?

Dry Eye Awareness Month is fast approaching and we're nearing launch time for an exciting new website. I am interested in finding about 12 volunteers to share some information about their dry eye story to help us with the launch. If you are interested in participating, please email Aidan at Thanks in advance!

And, may I say I've been blown away by the kind & generous donations towards this project (even before I've explained what the project is). We will not disappoint you!

NYT article on LASIK

LASIK, the popular laser vision correction procedure, has long since been commoditized. Most people know only that it is a fairly quick and simple procedure that can eliminate the need for glasses or contacts, thanks to twenty years of astute marketing. The darker side of LASIK, including severe dry eye and chronic neuropathic corneal pain, has been successfully obscured all these years. 

The New York Times gave this darker side some rare press coverage last week, spotlighting issues such as reduced vision quality (affecting even people considered technically to have 20/20 vision), dry eye and neuropathic corneal pain. They interviewed many patients and doctors, as well as activists, including long-time advocate Paula Cofer former FDA official and Morris Waxler. Mr. Waxler was instrumental in the original LASIK device approvals, but has been working for years now to persuade the FDA to take action to prevent harm to patients from these seemingly routine surgeries. 

The NYT also referred back to a little-known public hearing held by the FDA ten years ago where many patients and advocates spoke up about safety concerns. That was a bit of a trigger point for me (having been there ard spoken up at the time). Here's my blog post about it in case you're interested in reading more.

Study: Incomplete blink doubles dry eye risk

A recent study published in The Ocular Surface highlighted the impact of an incomplete blink on our tears. They found associations with increased meibomian gland dropout, poorer meiibum quality, decreased lipid layer thickness, and higher OSDI (symptom) scores, as well as increased overall risk of dry eye.

Bottom line? Find out where you stand. Ask your eye doctor to assess your blink. And, blink, not just more, but better! Download a friendly blinker, or drag it to a sticky note to remind you:

NKCF Family Symposium (Chapel Hill)

Saturday, June 23 - Kittner Eye Center, UNC, 8am-2pm

Another terrific event from the National Keratoconus Foundation! I'm really looking forward to speaking at this event and hope to see some of you there!

Know of an event that should be listed here? Please send details!

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Refresh PM: Latest word = October?

Yes, that's right, no sooner had I posted the latest update (last issue) when it changed again. Here's information on alternatives.

HSA/FSA cards?

We changed credit card processors a few days ago and had a temporariy hiccup or two with processing certain card types. We believe it's been resolved, but if you have any problem with your card in our shop, please call or email and we'll do our best! 

Helpful or annoying? Your opinions, please!

You know those "Did you forget something?" or "Come back!" automated emails that you get from places you've browsed online, if you started the checkout process but didn't complete it? Well, I confess I turned that feature on in our store a few weeks ago. 

Did you receive one? If so, did you feel it was helpful? annoying? creepy? - The reasons I was tempted to turn it on is that people really do forget, and think they completed their order - then run out of something they needed. And, in fact, thus far, 16% of people seem to have made use of the links we're sending. However... we really don't want to pelt people with annoying automated emails. Let us know how you feel!

Product news and tips

Dry Eye Glasses

Dry eye glasses fitting woes?

Are you having difficulty getting a pair of dry eye glasses or sunglasses that fits well and gives a good seal? Here's some pointers:

  • Be clear about your goal: symptomatic improvement, or a skin-tight fit? 
  • Make use of straps and ear grips to keep the frame as close to your face as practical.
  • Visit local dealers if possible! Two benefits: (1) You get to try on multiple frames without paying for them first and (2) The local dealer gets to learn more about the needs of dry eye patients! 
  • Foam shields are much more forgiving than silicone shields. Foam shields are wider, so there is a much larger margin for error as regards where the shield meets your orbits.
  • Remember, it's not just about size: It's about shape above all else.
  • Cape and Diablo AirShields both have adjustable temples.
  • Ventus has bendable temples.
  • Frame width reference chart is available on this page.
  • Call 877-693-7939 and schedule an optical consultation if you need help!
Night dry eye protection

EyeLocc fans?

A quick update! We are looking at early August for availability of more of the popular EyeLocc strips. When they come, they're going to be slightly larger than the last stock we had. As soon as we have a firm date I'll let you know. Also, email if you'd like to be notified when they're available again.


Don't need dry eye goggles during the summer, but do need to be able to block fans and air conditioning? Try a sleep mask! Handy for travel, too.

Image of Escape Sleep Mask

Escape Sleep Mask


Buy Now
Image of Snooz Eye Mask

Snooz Eye Mask


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Image of Contour sleep mask

Contour sleep mask


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PROSE & Scleral lens supplies


An oft-repeated tip that always bears more repeating as there are always more users who don't know yet: If you are experiencing fogging in your sclerals, you may be able to get some improvement by (a) switching to buffered preservative free saline (that's Purilens or Scleralfil) or, if that's not enough (b) adding a few drops of Refresh Celluvisc, or another preservative free artificial tear of your doctor's choosing, to the saline in the bowl of your lens. (Note: This is an off-label use, so always consult your lens provider first. But it's a very, very common practice among scleral lens users.)

For more information on preservative free salines click here.

Drops, gels and ointments

What's in my drops?

Savvy consumers, we encourage you to learn about ingredients and to question things you don't understand.

Savvy shoppers, when exploring alternative drops, we encourage you to check which drops are like or unlike what you're currently using by scanning the active ingredients. 

Ingredient reference list

Also, enjoy a couple specials this week!

Image of Systane Balance Lubricant Eye Drops (10mL bottle)

Systane Balance Lubricant Eye Drops (10mL bottle)

$7.95 (reg. $13.25)

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Image of Bion Tears (28 PF vials)

Bion Tears (28 PF vials)

$14.95 (reg. $22)

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Drops, gels and ointments

Eyelid pampering

For sheer luxury,  you simply cannot beat Tranquileyes XL warm and cool lid therapies.

Image of Tranquileyes XL with Beads

Tranquileyes XL with Beads


See me!
Image of Tranquileyes XL with Beads & Instants

Tranquileyes XL with Beads & Instants


See me@
Image of Tranquileyes XL with Instants

Tranquileyes XL with Instants


See me!

If you'd like to be supportive...

Small things are really, really helpful to us as a small business trying to do a little good in our little corner of the world! If you can do any of the following for us, we'd be so grateful! And thank you so much to those who have!

  • Like DryEyeShop and DryEyeZone on Facebook
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  • Purchase something once in awhile at that you might have gotten somewhere else a little cheaper.
  • Show your doctor a product you're using that you got from us. Share your doctor's name with us so that we can ask them if they would like some literature for their office.

Notes from Rebecca

I'm keeping it short this week due to a crazy packed schedule. I'm really excited to see some of you at the NKCF event at UNC this weekend, and after that, Dry Eye Awareness Month will be consuming me night and day for the next six weeks or so. Great things in store!


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