In today's KeratoScoop: Surgeries, drops and drugs that cause dry eye. Month in review. Rebecca's dry eye story; share yours! Chaidie and poetry are inseparable. Dry Eye Cache is history. Eyeseals on sale. Rice baggies buy one get one half off. Lacripure on backorder and, of course, Refresh PM. Oh, and a new drop from Allergan... but preserved (boo!)

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July 17, 2018   Newsletter  -    Volume 10 - Issue  22


Raising awareness of medically induced dry eye

We're wrapping up a series about medical causes of dry eye! See links below. 

But... this is not about endless lists of things to worry about or shun! Remember, prevention is about a little more of this, and a little less of that.

  • It's about using medical care a little more thoughtfully.
  • It's about reading drug labels a little more more carefully.
  • It's about taking warnings a little more seriously.
  • It's about engaging with your doctors a little more intentionally.
  • It's about exercising a little more caution in elective medicine.
  • It's about thinking of elective medicine a little more as a consumer, and a little less as a patient.
  • It's about relying a little less exclusively on trust - in professionals, companies and regulatory authorities - to prevent harm.
Drying Eye Drops
Drugs & dry eye

Dry Eye Awareness Month In Review

For those who have missed 'episodes', here are all the others so far:

Series Introduction: Demystifying dry eye prevention

Red Alert: No, Lumify is not your new BFF, and here's why.

Safe eye drop shoppping: Tips for the canny consumer

How and why to pamper your eyes more

Drink up. Lube up. Cover up.

Series introduction: Medical causes of dry eye

We're looking for people to submit their dry eye stories. The idea is to build a collection of stories that can help articulate the life impact and the wide range of experiences of people with dry eye. 

Rebecca Petris

Dry Eye Story Spotlight

July 20 marks 17 years since I had LASIK, which was the beginning of some major life changes for me. Between this anniversary coming up, and blogging this week about surgeries that cause dry eye, it felt like a good time to add my own story to the mix. 

Rebecca's dry eye story

Share your dry eye story now!

Staff corner: Chaidie

Guess whose name got picked out of the mug for a blog contribution this week... Chaidie's! Today, she expatiates on the kind of week we had last week. (This week, we've wised up and are using sugar preventively rather than reactively. I would have said donuts because I went to Sluys, but then Susan brought Central Market cookies. We are well supplied.)

The time has come, the Walrus said,

To talk of many things;

Of staff - and blips - and sewage pipes -

Of product names - meetings - 

And how the gas leak was repaired

And Mondays tormenting....

A resounding “Nooooo!” reverberated in the office. The cry bounded from product shelf to product shelf, springing from sleep masks, to glasses, to heaps of unsuspecting ultra removers. The vials of preservative-free drops clung to one another; even a safely tubed Tranquileyes shuddered until it had inched its way to the back of the shelf. An excited buzz commenced.... Read Chaidie's complete post here.

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Rebecca's Rice Baggy Special

Organic Rice Baggy Special!

Buy one, get one 50% off!

Treat yourself to a luxurious dye-free, fragrance-free, all-organic microwavable compress... and get an extra for a friend, at half off!

Dry eye cache is history! Instead, coupons.

I reached out last week to ask how people feel about the loyalty point thing. And one thing that is perfectly clear from both the responses and the lack of responses... is that no one actually seems to care. Great news for me, as it was both expensive and annoying. I went ahead and shut it down BUT I have a complete record of everyone's points and over the coming months will be sending everyone with active point accounts coupons for what they had earned. If you have points you want to use before you receive a coupon, just let us know and we'll take care of it!




$10 off Eyeseals

Eyeseals 4.0

New drop from Allergan - Refresh Repair

I'm not stocking it in the shop, because it's preserved, but they put out a press release last week so I thought I'd at least mention it. Refresh Repair is a CMC + glycerin based drop that also has sodium hyaluronate. It's preserved with Purite. It's either bowing to the need to do something for dry eye awareness month (ha!) or perhaps just in response to seeing Oasis' market share creep up here in the US and seeing the popularity of sodium hyaluronate drops in Canada and Europe, where eyedrop regulations are more friendly to this particular ingredient. It's a good trend. Now they just need to make it preservative free. 

Backorder Updates

Lacripure is backordered at the manufacturer until early August. More preservative free salines here. 

Refresh PM is unchanged - backordered at the manufacturer until at least January. Suggestions for alternatives here.

Dry Eye Zone
The Dry Eye Zone is your resource for information about dry eye itself. Give yourself a crash course in dry eye by reading Dry Eye 101! Subscribe to Rebecca's dry eye blog. Look up unfamiliar terms in our dry eye glossary. Browse past newsletters.  Explore TFOS' scientific reports on dry eye if you're more technically-minded. Or read introductory articles to help you get oriented if you are newly diagnosed.

How you can make a difference

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2. Share your story!

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