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June 11, 2019   Newsletter  -    Volume 11 - Issue 14

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Survey results: How long to get fitted?

Scleral lenses: How long to a good fit?

We surveyed scleral lens users about things like how many lenses they had to try, whether they had to change doctors or technologies, and how long the overall process tool. 

Some highlights:

  • It's not a slam dunk process. 38% of successfully fitted participants had to try at least 4 lenses.
  • It can take awhile. 43% required more than two months. 17% took between 4 and 12 months. 3% took more than a year!
  • You might need to switch doctors: 16% had to do that. A persistent 4% tried three or more doctors but got there in the end!
  • Or technologies: 17% had to try at least two different lens types (but that number might be higher, because 25% don't actually know whether more than one technology was tried)

Click here for complete results. The best part? Reading everyone's comments. It's illuminating and fascinating!

Score yourself

Are you tracking your symptom scores?

You may find this very helpful in understanding your symptom patterns, your ups and downs, and in sorting out what is (or isn't) helping. You may discover trends you weren't aware of. Memory is not always the best source of data!

If your eye doctor is not already using a symptom survey to measure your symptoms at every appointment, take the initiative. You'll probably find it helpful in communicating your issues to your doctor! Numbers speak.

Download the OSDI dry eye app and try it out. Send a copy of your score to your doctor!

Click for more information.

OSDI Symptom Scores
Survey results: Preservative awareness

2. Preservative awareness: How savvy are you?

We surveyed dry eye patients about things like how they rate their preservative-awareness, and whether they are using preservative-free over-the-counter and/or prescription eye drops, and what factors determine their choices. 

Of the 462 people who responded, 86% have moderate to severe dry eye, which means they would probably be interested in ways to reduce their risks of making it worse. 38% believe they already know enough to educate their family and friends, which is terrific.

On the other hand, there are clearly some significant knowledge gaps, which are so helpful in identifying ways we can begin to focus in improving awareness. For example:

  • 44% believe preservatives can make dry eye worse, but only 1 in 5 know that some preservatives are worse than others.
  • More than half have never used a preservative-free multi-dose bottle (e.g. Oasis Tears, Clear Eyes Pure Relief, Freshkote) - and these bottles are a great way to combine preservative-free with convenience.
  • Only 1 in 5 users of prescription drops have discussed preservatives with their eye doctor. We need to have more conversations!
  • Nearly 1 in 5 use preserved lubricant drops at least once daily. Which may be fine, but... do you know which preservative is in your drops and how it rates?
  • Nearly 1 in 5 use over-the-counter allergy and/or redness relievers at least once a day... but did you know that almost all of those contain a relatively high concentration of BAK?

Click here for complete results of 462 participating dry eye patients.

MANY people posted a lot of VERY interesting comments and questions, and I have grouped those and responded to as many of the questions as I could - you'll see all these if you go to the results link and scroll down past the survey results.

Had LASIK, have eye pain?

Heads up: An interesting study is getting underway about neuropathic corneal pain. If you have had laser surgery and had pain lasting more than 3 months, you may be eligible. Participation involves submitting a blood sample. Please keep an eye out for an email specifically about this, if you are interested!

Recently published studies

Diabetes: This study looks at the relationship between type 2 diabetes, dry eye and MGD. Another study compares diluted insulin to artificial tears as a tear supplement for diabetics.

All about the blink: This study looks at how incomplete blinking affects tear break-up time, OSDI symptom scores and potential meibomian gland obstruction.

Pain: This study looks at a potential correlation between eye pain and systemic pain.

Fasting and dry eye: This study looks at how daytime fasting affects the tear film. 

Demodex: This study found permethrin cream (5%) effective for demodex blepharitis.

Osmokinetics: For my nerdy dry eye soulmates, this study is the latest in a series on the significance of the variability of tear film osmolarity.

Helpful articles

Do I have dry eye? 

I have dry eye. Now what?

I have severe dry eye. Help!

Dry Eye Glossary to look up unfamiliar terms

Dry Eye 101 to orient yourself to the whole dry eye "thing"

Shared your dry eye story yet?

Please consider submitting a story to Aidan for before Dry Eye Awareness Month. Stories bring hope and connection! Sharing our stories has the power to change our outcomes!

Dry Eye In Perspective


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Eyelid care


Breaking news... If you like this product but not the price, you'll be glad to know that it is now being sold on Amazon, with no prescription! 

Retail therapy: Clean lids are happy lids

If you're looking for something new-to-you for lid hygiene, consider one of the following:

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Retail therapy: Organic relief

Don't want silica beads, synthetics, foams and rubbers as your source of warm or cold therapy on your lids? Try our hand-made, all-organic, grown-in-the-usa, dye-free rice baggies!

Availabe in full size (two eyes) or mini (one eye).

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Night dry eye protection

Don't forget the goggles

Tired of heavy goop in your eyes at night? Never tried a moisture goggle? Consider this option for keeping your eyes moist at night. People with severe dry eye combine this with an effective lubricant drop or gel, but some are able to not use lubricants at all if using a goggle. Goggles are definitely trial-and-error products - we have a 30 day return policy so you can give things a good trial run and compare them before returning. The video comparing the main three products is helpful too.

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Drops, gels and ointments

Know what's in your drops

Add our ingredients reference list to your favorites so you can look up what's in your drops, which ones are available preservative-free, etc anytime!

Lubricant Eye Drops Ingredient Reference

Retail therapy

Try something new-to-you!

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10% coupon

Discount code: JUNE

10% off orders of $25 or more!

Valid through June 18

If you'd like to be supportive...

Small things are really, really helpful to us as a small business trying to do a little good in our little corner of the world!

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Did you know?

Many things contribute to dry eye symptoms, from diet to activities (like computer use) to environment to makeup to medications. Some of these things you can change, some you can't. Preservatives in eye drops are something that many of us can change. For any eye drops that you take daily for very long periods, check to see if they contain BAK and if they do, talk to your eye doctor about better alternatives.

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Dry Eye Awareness Month is coming!

We are just 3 weeks away and I am so excited. We have BIG things planned... for the first time ever, actually, as the Dry Eye Foundation gets off the ground this year. 

If you are interested in HELPING with our awareness efforts and special projects in July, please let us know! 


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