In today's KeratoScoop: Refresh PM backorder update. Refresh Repair, and other preserved (ick!) drops. Survey. A new dry eye story! Job opening at the dry eye shop. Eyeseals user alert. Lacripure is back. International customer alert. FREEBIES! Activate your account. Discounted glasses galore. Staff corner... Brent's delightful shipping logs, Aidan's travels in Turkey and a staff party.

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August 7, 2018   Newsletter  -    Volume 10 - Issue  24


Whew, as always, July - Dry Eye Awareness Month - went by WAY too fast! I got through about half of the dry eye prevention topics I wanted to cover, but that leaves me lots to continue to cover in the coming months. Thanks everybody for helping to spread the word!

THIS WEEK, almost all my KeratoScoop news will be product and shop related - backorders and such. I want to get all that out of the way so that NEXT WEEK I can focus entirely on dry eye research and industry news... so much going on there, in drugs and MGD stuff and I also want to talk about TruTear, the neurostimulator device as well as scleral lens news. Plus, in the middle of next week we'll have an extra special issue related to an exciting new study coming out, so don't miss the next couple of issues!

Refresh PM Backorder Update

We have more news, again, and I'm afraid it's not good. Refresh PM will come back eventually but you need to be prepared for a very long wait. It's important that everyone find suitable alternatives. 

Please read my blog post, which has been updated and includes a table comparing ingredients of all ointments. And please, please pass it along to your doctor.

Doctors, please find another ointment to recommend to your patients. You have no idea how much these seemingly small details matter to us dry eye patients. 

Refresh Repair

Are you wondering about Allergan's new drop? Here's the bottom line: Refresh Repair is the preserved version of Refresh Optive, with some sodium hyaluronate.

I really had to admire the wordsmithing required to play up the hyaluronate in the press release without the appearance of advertising an inactive ingredient. (Now if the FDA would just modernize their OTC monograph, nobody would have to do this dance.) But Allergan: Come on. You really think we need another preserved dry eye drop on the market? Sigh.

Refresh Repair

Speaking of preservatives

Pardon me while I mount my hobby horse and briefly beat up two other companies that are continuing to go the preservative route in defiance of what patients need and want:

Alcon, take a bow for marketing Systane Complete, i.e. yet another preserved drop that's nothing more than warmed over Systane Balance with fresh marketing drizzled over the top...

But Bausch & Lomb, you take the prize for pushing a new OTC get the red out drop with the most toxic preservative of them all and in a high concentration. Lumify, I could have borne with your marketing excesses a lot better had you been preservative free. Double sigh.

New to dry eye?

Need a bit of orientation?

Try our slightly whimsical but in-depth Dry Eye 101.

Best of all, you don't have to read it. It's all recorded as an audio file, so you can put some drops in, close your eyes and just listen.

dry eye 101

Last chance for the SCOPE survey

Promised I'd pass this along again for anyone who chooses to participate but didn't the last time, but I didn't manage to send a newsletter last week (sorry!). Anyway, here it is:

SCOPE survey
dry eye stories


New dry eye story:  Sara shares her struggle with dry eye from facial nerve damage during surgery.

"Ten years have passed since I awoke from surgery to facial paralysis and dry eye...It is expensive and requires planning, but does not keep me from doing just about anything I want. I have been zip-lining and white water rafting in Costa Rica, hiking in England, and am going on safari in Tanzania next February."


Visit to share your story. Family members are encouraged to contribute as well!

-- Aidan

Dry Eye Shop

Job opening!

Just thought I'd sneak this in here for any locals (or their kids or grandkids) who might be interested. Customer service position open. Click here for more.

Eyeseals 4.0 user alert

Did you know that this product is covered under a 1-year warranty? If it tears within that time you can get a free replacement from the manufacturer. Contact us for details. We don't like to see people having to overspend on this just for want of information. It's an important product and it has good manufacturer support.

LacriPure is back (almost!)

Very happy to say that the - thankfully brief - manufacturer backorder is over. We're expecting all our backorders to go out the door Friday. Most of the UPS Ground shipments will be upgraded to Priority Mail to get them to you more quickly. LacriPure... we missed you!

International customers alert

Eye Eco (makers of Tranquileyes, Onyix/Quartz and EyeSeals) have more international dealers! Some of you are used to getting your products from us, but we now need to refer you back to the manufacturer so that they can put you in touch with local distributors. Their email is and they have great customer service! But we'll always be here for you too for any questions & advice, regardless of where you buy. It's my hope that the international distributors can get you your products faster and more conveniently, as well as providing more accessible warranty support.


Freebies are back. They are listed differently than before, as we had to find a way that wasn't quite so difficult to maintain, but if you get confused just call and ask.

We're committed to repurposing unused returns and sharing donated products (some gently used). Anything that hasn't already been matched with a customer whose needs we already met, will be listed here. Enjoy. Take what you need, leave what you can afford to buy, and donate sometime if you can afford to. (But please don't send us prescription drugs or drops/gels/ointments/solutions that have been opened... only things that can be safely and legally shared. Thank you!!)

Activated your account yet?

We've still got a ton of people who have not activated their account since we switched software in January. You're continuing to order but you can't log in to access past records without a password. If that's you, please reach out so we can send you an activation link!

Discounted glasses galore...

dry eye glasses clearance

Staff corner

You absolutely must read Brent's latest blog installment on shipping - "Adventures in Shipping from The Dry Eye Shop 101 - or, How Your Order Gets Out The Door". He's hilarious. Excerpt: "...As much as I would like to think of myself as the white knight of our little shipping world I am often besieged by the vile specter of the human condition, last minute changes, manufacturer backorders and of course, Mondays.  Roughly translated, even I make mistakes from time to time for which customer service will apologize...."


Aidan, meantime, is basking at the beach in 100 degree temps in Izmir, Turkey after a few lovely days in Istanbul. We'll hear more from him in due course I'm sure.


With Aidan's gone, Chaidie has stepped in to pick up a lot of your calls as well as emails and chats, on top of a lot of administrative support she's giving me. (Chaidie's my daughter, by the way, and it's so fun to have her at the office!)

We had our summer staff party at Dancing Brush recently. Aidan, Brent, David, Susan, Susan's daughter Sarah, Chaidie, and me, in no particular order. Not a prodigy amongst us, but we have fun.

pamper your eyes....

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I think...

...that's about all I can cram into one issue. See you next week! Oh - and I hope to have an exciting new video project launched by then.


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