In today's KeratoScoop: Medical causes of dry eye. Drugs and dry eye. Month in review. Odette's dry eye story; share yours! Susan-in-the-stockroom. Need feedback on Dry Eye Cache. New regional scleral lens groups. Lacripure backorder. Colored eyeseals. 

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July 12, 2018   Newsletter  -    Volume 10 - Issue  21


WEEK 2 of Dry Eye Awareness Month

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Medical causes of dry eye
Drugs & dry eye

Dry Eye Awareness Month In Review

For those who have missed 'episodes', I'm going to keep a running tally here in the newsletter for awhile that you can use to refer back to previous posts. 

Demystifying dry eye prevention

Red Alert: No, Lumify is not your new BFF, and here's why.

Safe eye drop shoppping: Tips for the canny consumer

How and why to pamper your eyes more

Drink up. Lube up. Cover up.

Medical causes of dry eye

Drying Drugs

We're looking for people to submit their dry eye stories. The idea is to build a collection of stories that can help articulate the life impact and the wide range of experiences of people with dry eye. 

Here's an example of a great dry eye story written by Odette.

Dry Eye Story Spotlight

Your Eyes are the Window to Your Story”

“My dry eyes have been the biggest issue that I felt embarrassment about…I felt shame around this for years. I only just started wearing sunglasses with shields to protect against wind, and now I don't care what people think!” 

Share your dry eye story now!

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Staff corner


My name is Susan, I’ve been working at the Dry Eye Company for two years. My job is Receiving/Inventory management. I help Brent with the shipping on Mondays and on a “as needed" basis.” Sometimes I help out with some other administrative tasks, and then I don’t have to do them but then I end up being tasked with them again! Right now I’m NOT doing these administrative tasks, at least for the moment, so it makes for an interesting day… until I’m asked to do them again!  

I have this annoying habit of remembering things that I should have done at the most inconvenient times, usually in the middle of the night. This makes me distracted from the tasks I have at hand. The other day when I was making my oatmeal for breakfast, I suddenly realized that I had sprinkled black pepper on my oatmeal instead of cinnamon. Thank god I noticed before I ate it.

I was speaking to Brent about it and asked him, “Why do I find myself doing all this?” His reply was, “Because you care.” It’s true, I really do care about this place. It’s such a fun and interesting place to work, yeah, we all have our moments but at the end of the day I feel we are one small happy family!  

*Editor's note:  I'm the one perenially guilty of yo-yoing Susan on the administrative stuff! She is very patient and tolerant of the frequent changes! Also, she didn't give her post a title, but she's English, so this one suggested itself.

Feedback please?

Dry Eye Cache (loyalty points)

When we moved to our new shop software in January, I was pretty excited about our new points program. Our old software was an 'all-in-one', which had its benefits, like automatically being able to access and use your points in the checkout screen. But it had a lot of bugs too so we were getting pretty frustrated.

Now, we've had six months' experience with it and I am reconsidering. I like that we get to award points for social media likes and shares, and birthdays and such. But... it's horribly expensive, and I think a lot of people are finding it too complicated.

Any thoughts about Dry Eye Cache?

  1. What do you like / dislike?
  2. Do you CARE about loyalty points? I mean, if we just awarded everyone a coupon for their current points, and ditched the whole thing, would you miss it?
  3. If we were to get a different one, what would you want to be different?

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback!

Connect with others!

Dry eye is isolating. Make sure you're connected with people who can actually understand your experiences and needs!
DryEyeTalk FB
My Big Fat Scleral Lens
PROSE users (FB)

New! Regional scleral lens groups

This was a weekend whim, that I *think* may actually have been a really good idea. I created the groups last weekend and haven't had a lot of time to follow up, but they are ready and waiting for anyone who wants to put them to use. Don't worry, My Big Fat Scleral Lens group is not going away and is the best place for usage questions and questions from new users and so on. But regional groups may be very, very useful for those who want to scout out who's good locally, and maybe even find other people to connect with "real time". Scleral lenses are a unique experience, and it's so helpful to talk to people who actually "get it"!


Montana, Idaho, Wyoming

California, Nevada, Hawaii

Washington, Oregon, Alaska

Michigan, Indiana

Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin

Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia

Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas

Minnesota & The Dakotas



Missing your region? Need a new group? Let me know!

Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma

North & South Carolina, Tennessee

Florida, Georgia, Alabama

Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC

New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire

Arizona, Colorado, Utah

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island



Dry Eye Shop

Lacripure backorder

Lacripure is currently subject to a manufacturer backorder until some time in August. So sorry! We are contacting everyone with subscription orders about product substitutions.

Colored Eyeseals

If we have to deal with all this dry eye crap, why not at least make it colorful?

Baby your dry eyes overnight...

...with a moisture-sealing colored eyeseals. Available in soft pink, sage green, sky blue, platinum, pearl, hot pink and lavendar.

colored eyeseals
Dry Eye Zone
The Dry Eye Zone is your resource for information about dry eye itself. Give yourself a crash course in dry eye by reading Dry Eye 101! Subscribe to Rebecca's dry eye blog. Look up unfamiliar terms in our dry eye glossary. Browse past newsletters.  Explore TFOS' scientific reports on dry eye if you're more technically-minded. Or read introductory articles to help you get oriented if you are newly diagnosed.

Note from Rebecca

Ew. What a week.

Eyes tanking, hurting, vision lousy. Very. Grumpy.

Wednesday was a little too Monday-esque. On top of all the construction noise (sewer line going in directly behind us), we had to cancel our staff barbecue because they were digging up our summer picnic spot next to the office. Then, on a warm day, we had to shut all doors and windows due to a propane leak. Guess they didn't "know what's below" - oops!

Monday was more Monday than any Monday. It started with a bank error to the tune of $5k and it all went rapidly downhill from there on almost every front. It just seemed like everything that could have gone wrong with shipping operations did go wrong. Slight recovery on Tuesday before the latest setback, which we tried hard to just view as a Monday From Hell hangover.

In short, it's been a slightly demoralizing week for the whole team at the DryEyeShop and I have been scrambling to try to reframe Life as We Know it because I want us all so much to be able to move forward with more laughter and less OMG-did-I-really-screw-that-up? inward cringing. 

On those hard, hard days, we just all have to go back to fundamentals and remind ourselves of what we know to be true. About ourselves, about our work, about the meaning of what we do and who we do it for. Most of all, just knowing that we are all doing our best and whatever's feeling rough right now will get better.

Then everything settles into place, and the rough days quietly dissipate into distant memories :) 

Happy Thursday everyone. I wish you all moist, comfortable eyes and a summer punctuated with many moments of pleasure.


How you can make a difference

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6. Do you have another idea? Let us know!

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