This week in KeratoScoop: Scleral lens filler solution poll. TFOS DEWS II Did-you-knows. FREE SHIPPING (just 4 days). Sjogrens conference this week. Join a group. International customer tips. Chamber of Commerce. Of rams and lambs.

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April 12, 2018   Newsletter  -    Volume 10 - Issue 10


KeratoScoop In Brief

Hi everyone! Today's KeratoScoop will be (relatively) compact. Busy week and I'm headed to Denver today for the Sjogrens patient conference. Hope to see some of you there! Scroll down for a free shipping coupon, if you're in a shopping mode. 

Poll for PROSE & scleral lens users

QUESTION: What do you fill your scleral lenses with?

I know there's a wide variety of usage patterns out there - not just the various preservative free salines but also autologous serum drops and cocktails of saline plus artificial tears. I would love to hear from as many people as possible!

Where to answer:

I'll be leaving the poll on the forum up indefinitely. I think this could prove quite interestingly. Please add your 2 cents! Thanks in advance!

Did you know?

Snippets from my daily (well, not quite daily this week!) tweets

Dry eye diagnosis: TFOS DEWS II's Definition and Classification report tells us that dry eye diagnosis can get surprisingly confusing and complex amidst all the things that mimic it, masquerade as it, and are "co-morbid" with it (i.e. other eye conditions you also have at the same time).  Read more

Symptoms vs signs: Again from the same report, some insights on a topic I never get tired of talking about: the difference between signs and symptoms, what it means, and why you should care. Read more

Upcoming events

April 13-14 - SSF National Patient Conference: Exploring Sjogrens (Denver, CO). Click here for brochure and registration form. Hope to see you there! I'll be hanging out at the 7Eye table in the exhibit hall when I have spare time - come say hi!

April 28 - National Patient Conference, Sjogrens Society of Canada (Mississauga, ON). Click here for details and registration.

Nov 9-11 Dry Eye Retreat, Not a Dry Eye Foundation (Williston, FL). Click here for details and registration.

Know of an event that should be listed here? Please send details!

Want to connect with other dry eye patients or scleral lens users? Join a group!

Dry Eye Talk (Forum)
DryEyeTalk (Facebook)
PROSE & Sclerals (Forum)
My Big Fat Scleral Lens (Facebook)

Tips for international customers

  • DO: Your homework, including using our International FAQ. In some cases you may be able to purchase items you need online in your country, or in a country nearer to you than we are.
  • DO: Be prepared to pay customs duties. They are a fact of life in international shopping.
  • DO: Put notes, questions, etc on your order - we'll be happy to respond before shipping.
  • DON'T: Purchase from us if you are not willing to pay customs duties. Please :) 
  • DON'T: Expect us to mark your package as a gift, so that you can avoid paying duties. Your order will have an invoice.
  • DO: Use First Class International, if you want cheap shipping.
  • DON'T: Use First Class International, if you want it fast.


It's almost 1am and I'm out of time for product news. I feel a coupon coming on.

Enjoy! Valid through Sunday, April 15 only!

Free shipping on orders $75+

If you'd like to be supportive...

Small things are really, really helpful to us as a small business trying to do a little good in our little corner of the world! If you can do any of the following for us, we'd be so grateful! And thank you so much to those who have!

  • Like DryEyeShop and DryEyeZone on Facebook
  • Follow DryEyeShop and DryEyeZone on Twitter
  • Purchase something once in awhile at that you might have gotten somewhere else a little cheaper.
  • Show your doctor a product you're using that you got from us. Share your doctor's name with us so that we can ask them if they would like some literature for their office.

Notes from Rebecca

Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce event

I spent all the middle part of the day at another Chamber event. My dear friend Roz has to very gently twist my arm to get me anywhere near those places. My inner introvert hates large social events (as I've talked about before), especially when their stated purpose is something like (shudder) "networking".

But the truth is, once I'm forced into a situation with that many people around, sooner or later I will come into contact with people I can actually talk to. Most people look a little blank and only mildly curious when they hear the company name. But once we get into conversation, there will be some angle that some of them can actually relate to. Some examples from today's visitors to my Dry Eye Company table:

  • Someone who told me they have exactly the opposite problem: their eyes are always dripping. I got to talk to them about how overtearing can actually be a symptom of dry eye, and why.
  • Several people with dry eye and/or ocular allergies, who tend to use all the wrong eyedrops (vasoconstrictors, and preserved stuff in general). We got to have conversations about the difficulty of sorting out allergy from dry eye, how to choose eye drops safely and why to find a good eye doctor to see about it.
  • Someone whose husband recently had a corneal injury and, as best I could gather, has been warned to keep an eye out for if/when erosions start happening in the aftermath. We got to have a good conversation about dry eye vs RCE, what RCE is like and what warning signs to watch for.
  • Someone whose father lost his sight in one eye as a child (bb gun); much later in life he developed so much pain that (this is how she described it) they did something to deaden the nerves, since he had no sight in the eye anyway but didn't want a prosthesis; he now apparently wears a scleral lens or something like it? (didn't know the name, but was familiar with all the telltale signs - plungers, saline, etc) and is constantly having to go all the way to Seattle, but she thought he might be able to come to us for some things instead
  • Someone whose friend has had a transplant and is struggling with dryness.

Those are the conversations I can really get into. As opposed to... y'know... "networking" (ugh).

The tinyhome and the lambs... for those who remember!

I was thinking today about the fact that I used to always reserve the bottom part of my bulletin to talk about things like my sheep and lambs and the tinyhome we were building. The craziness of the last 2+ years left me no time for those things - we got rid of our ram and have had no lambs for two springs in a row.

But I really miss them. This time of year, Facebook is constantly reminding me of adorable lamb photos I've posted over the years. Sigh. We don't even have chickens anymore! But this too shall pass. Once I'm done with the SBA Emerging Leaders program this fall hopefully some time will free up in time to start a new project or two. And get a new-to-us ram.

Below is a pic from a few years ago of Amos the Amiable, face down in the chow, with one of the little badgerface lambs.

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!



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