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March 28, 2018   Newsletter  -    Volume 10 - Issue 8



It's unofficial, because there's ever so much work left to do. But... the new DryEyeZone site is live! I am counting on you all (grin) to discover all the bugs and typos and let me know. When my lenses have been in for 18 hours, my vision is absolute toast, so I have pretty much given up the ghost on ensuring things are perfectly edited. It's been SO much fun re-imagining the site, though. Right now it feels more like an empty shell than anything else, but it will get filled out over time. I am so incredibly relieved to finally have this site moved to a contemporary platform that works properly on phone and tablets, and where I can easily add content without having to learn to write code.

Also, visit DryEyeTalk, where you can participate as a guest or registered member.

EyePrintPro: The molded sclerals

A paper on EyePrintPro lenses was published in the Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology last month. Love seeing this in print, after some years now of knowing patients benefiting from this wonderful technology. (I have worn EPP lenses myself for around four years now.) Funnily enough, just when I finished blogging about it I saw a tweet with a nice Scleral Lens Monthly issue on the exact same topic.

When scleral lenses act like armor

A member of our FB scleral lens group posted recently about an accident (warning: bloody photo!) where the edge of a box flap hit and slashed his eye, but because of the scleral lens in place, his cornea escaped any damage. It reminded me of a case study (no photos in the abstract!) published recently about someone whose eye was hit by a flying object, which broke the lens on his eye, but the eye was not harmed. Others mentioned on FB about experiences with lenses breaking while protecting their eyes. - I've never had anything nearly so dramatic happen to mine, but I am very happy to have them when there's anything from smoke to grit in the air.

Survey: Dry eye and Contacts (including sclerals)

I'm sharing the following link for the SCOPE study group. They would be very grateful if you could also share it on any groups you participate in! If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Dr. Ellen Shorter

"Tell us about your experiences with dry eye! The SCOPE study group has designed a study to learn more about your experiences with dry eye. They would like to know about your symptoms related to dry eye, past and current treatments and experiences with contact lenses. Click on the button below to access the survey!"

SCOPE Dry Eye Survey

Did you know?

...TFOS DEWS II snippets from my daily tweets

Among unhappy LASIK patients, dry eye accounts for nearly 20%. Also, long term contact lens use is a risk factor for dry eye after LASIK (interesting when you think of who it's most heavily marketed to). Iatrogenic report,

Cosmetic eye-whitening procedures have very high complications rates, of which dry eye is only the start. Iatrogenic report,

Botox is used to treat blepharospasm and other eye diseases, including dry eye, but it has also been shown to cause dry eye. Helpful to learn the nuances. Iatrogenic report, 4.5.1

Dry eye is up to four times more prevalent in contact lens wearers, and severe dry eye symptoms are more prevalent in contact lens wearers. Epidemiology report, 4.5)

Isotretinoin (aka acne drug Accutane), a known MGD risk factor, is used to cause MGD in lab tests. Four mechanisms have been observed. Pathophysiology report, 7.5.

The traditional "three-layer" concept of the tear film is giving way to a new two-layer model. Tear Film report, section 7.

Clinical trial

I haven't been keeping up on clinical trials as much as I'd like to, but it was mentioned to me today that the LacriPep clinical trials are recruiting and I thought there might be some amongst my readers who would be interested. You have to be 18 or older and diagnosed with Sjogrens, and there is a very long list of things that could exclude you, but if you're interested, click here for all the details.

Upcoming events

April 13-14 - Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation National Patient Conference: Exploring Sjogrens (Denver, CO). Click here for brochure and registration form.

November 9-11 Dry Eye Retreat (Williston, FL). Hosted by the Not a Dry Eye Foundation. Click here for more. (Mentioned by a reader - thank you!)

Know of an event that should be listed here? Please send details!

Want to chat about PROSE or scleral lenses? Join our FB group:

 My Big Fat Scleral Lens

My Big Fat Scleral Lens

Product news

Dry Eye Glasses

ZIENAS: If you have never tried Ziena dry eye glasses... find out why they're so popular amongst people who have really stubborn symptoms! 

Night dry eye protection

So sorry about the Eye Eco product backorders! (Clear Eyeseals, Quartz.) Sometimes when it rains it just pours. We expect to have both products back in stock within the next two weeks at latest. If you have an order outstanding and need to make any changes, just let us know!

Newbies, if you're struggling to figure out what to try, check out our product charts comparing benefits and drawbacks. 

Eyelid Care

HypoChlor is on special - $18 (regular price $23).

PROSE & Scleral Lens Care

PROSE cases: I'm very sorry to say I have had to raise the price to $17.50. I kept it as low as I could as long as I could, but our cost is high and I just can't afford to subsidize anymore. If you are gentle on these cases they can last a long time. (And we will replace cases that break within 3 months, at no charge.)

Drops, gels and ointments

Refresh PM is, of course, still on backorder.

Oasis Tears preservative free multi-dose (in a bottle) is back! This was a really popular product that disappeared for a couple of years and we're very happy to see it's returned.

Bookmark this handy ingredient reference list to be able to compare drops easily.

Image of Oasis Tears Plus - A favorite for severe symptoms

Oasis Tears Plus - A favorite for severe symptoms


Buy Now
Image of Oasis Tears PF - Preservative free multi-dose bottle is back!

Oasis Tears PF - Preservative free multi-dose bottle is back!


Buy Now
Image of FreshKote (15mL bottle) From the original Dr Holly's Drops

FreshKote (15mL bottle) From the original Dr Holly's Drops


Buy Now

Staffing & office hour changes

Fridays have fallen victim to budget cuts. So sorry! Our current office hours are Monday through Thursday, 7am to 3pm Pacific time. (We opt for early hours because so many of you are on Eastern time.) I am monitoring emails on Fridays for any emergencies, so if you have an urgent shipping or other need, email is the best channel.

Ally, the ophthalmic tech who's been an integral part of customer service since last May, is moving on... sigh!!!! We'll miss her awfully, she has been great fun to work with and a great contributor here. Lindy, who's rapidly closing in on her two-year anniversary so most of you know her well, will be picking up the slack on customer service while I fill in gaps too. We have to be little leaner this year but always working hard to provide the best possible service :)

If you'd like to be supportive...

Small things are really, really helpful to us as a small business trying to do a little good in our little corner of the world! If you can do any of the following for us, we'd be so grateful! And thank you so much to those who have!

  • Like DryEyeShop and DryEyeZone on Facebook
  • Follow DryEyeShop and DryEyeZone on Twitter
  • Purchase something once in awhile at that you might have gotten somewhere else a little cheaper.
  • Show your doctor a product you're using that you got from us. Share your doctor's name with us so that we can ask them if they would like some literature for their office.

Back to school

I've had an unexpected opportunity to participate in an SBA "Emerging Business Leaders" program over in Seattle, and I jumped at it. It's a six month course, sort of a condensed-but-not-sweetened MBA, for 20 entrepreneurs (selected from 100 applicants), with CEO-mentored small groups. I attended the kickoff class this past Monday, with 19 other business owners from all over the Puget Sound area. The course providers, the alumni who presented, and all the current participants are absolutely amazing. I learned so much and thought so hard just in those introductory two hours. I'm eagerly looking forward to everything I'll gain from this. I never really intended to be an entrepreneur... it was just one of those things that I drifted into. Having an opportunity to go learn some of the skills I've been perhaps conspicuously missing for the last 13+ years is more than I ever expected.

Funnily enough though, one of the unintended consequences of getting started with it was that it is forcing me to sit back and ask myself a lot of hard questions that I've been avoiding. I know I'll be mulling over the answers for quite some time to come. The fact is, I don't really like running a retail business, and never have. (Mind, there are aspects I like - I have always loved all the people interactions, and I love using product descriptions to educate about real life practical matters of dry eye. And I like working with product manufacturers to help them design more and better products for us.) I'm just not crazy about having my life dominated by business administration & operations.

My heart is in education, advocacy, research and on and on in that direction. I want to do the things I care about. I've always run the dry eye shop as a means to an end - a way to stay independent so I can do the other things I want. But the truth is, while the shop itself has always been an amazing experience for me - I've learned so much just from talking to people for so many years! - yet, it never really provided either enough money or enough time to do enough of those "other things". So, after all these years I'm finally circling back to what I asked myself before I started it all: should I bite the bullet and start a 501(c)(3) nonprofit instead? That has features I wasn't crazy about when I first considered it, but it's a possibility I'm finally starting to look at seriously again. Much scratching of head and wringing of hands to come, no doubt, and we'll see where 2018 leads!

Have a good rest of the week, everyone!


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