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May 17, 2019  Newsletter  -    Volume 11 - Issue 12

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ASCRS updates

(ASCRS = American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, who had their annual conference recently - the following links are to some of my notes from the event.)


Condensed version of some items of key interest, from pipeline drug updates to new over-the-counter drops, from risks of eyelash enhancements to corneal pain treatments, from IPL to hypochlorous to Omega 3s.


Newsblurbs about mostly over-the-counter products from Scope, Rayner, Allergan (Refresh), and TheraTears; a rant about Bausch & Lomb; Rx drugs from CEQUA; thoughts about HA; a warming device from Digital Heat Corp.

Then there were the scientific sessions - first, a dry eye session where topics ranged from a tear film imager to the DREAM study on Omega 3s to depression/Sjogrens/dry eye to TrueTear, the nasal neurostimulator; then a fabulous session on beauty and dry eye covering a vast range of eyelash and eye enhancements, discussing which are most harmful and how; risks from cosmetics to watch out for and how to be a savvier shopper, and a bit on Botox and fillers.


Trends amongst smaller dry eye companies in lid care and drops. Dextenza, slow release corticosteroid insert. Drive-by conversations with a lot of companies including Vital Tears (autologous serum made easy), Kala Pharmaceuticals (pipeline drug), Bruder (lotsa new stuff), NuLids and a couple of plug manufacturers. Shorter day for me as I was having some eye issues & several unrelated meetings. Disappointed that B&L had no one there from their OTC division that I could hector about their regressive BAK preservative use (they are still using it in two artificial tears, plus the Lumify whitener being touted as "safe"). 


PACKED day with meibomian gland session spanning diagnostics, lipiflow, miboflo, IPL and pipeline drugs; dry eye session spanning serum, PRP, and amniotic membrane, cyclosporine, pipeline drugs, botox, using artificial tears before/after Restasis or Xiidra to stem the burning, and neuropathic pain treatments.

And one final THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to everyone who kicked in something to my GoFundMe travel fund. I am just so grateful to have been able to go to both ARVO and ASCRS. Fantastic time learning and connecting with people.

Know your symptom numbers?

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Dry Eye Glossary

Struggling with unfamiliar terms? Bookmark this dry eye glossary to decipher them!


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When good shipments go wrong

Brent's latest shipping blog post. Learn all about what the daily shipping ups and downs look like from this end of the phone & email :) 

Brent&squot;s shipping blog post - "reliable shiping"
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PROSE & Scleral lens supplies

PROSE cases update

Thank you so much for your patience with the backorder situation! We are hoping to surprise you with having them available sooner than expected... stay tuned!

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No tap water on your lenses!

Did you know that tap water should never be used to rinse your lenses? Click on the picture for more information.


No tap water on your lenses! Article
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Eye drop backorders

FreshKote and Retaine HPMC are both backordered at their respective manufacturers and we do not have a firm availability date from those manufacturers. So sorry!

Know what's in your drops?

For any eye drops that you are using on a daily basis, or multiple times a day, it's time to check the ingredients and see what they are preserved with (if anything). If you see "benzalkonium chloride" on the label of any drops, whether over-the-counter or prescription, please read more about this preservative and talk to your doctor about whether there are options that have a less toxic preservative or - better yet - no preservative.

BAK preservative

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