In today's KeratoScoop: Journal roundup. MGD devices. Lots of surveys! Update on ointments and gels. Several specials in the shop. Update on PROSE cases and Unique. Many thank-yous due. Ally's and Rebecca's favorite stuff. And more.


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February 24, 2019   Newsletter  -    Volume 11 - Issue 4

Dry Eye Shop
Dry Eye Zone
Dry Eye Stories

In this issue:

Dry eye

  • Journal roundup: Eye surgery
  • New meibomian gland devices
  • MGD Survey
  • Ointment & gel shortage updates
  • New products, specials, and coming soon (incl. a generic for Refresh PM)

Scleral Lenses

  • Survey: Cost of using sclerals
  • Purilens MINIS - Bonus pack!
  • PROSE case update
  • Unique pH is back... briefly... 

General topics

  • THANK YOU for those who pitched to sponsor saline for a PROSE patient!
  • Ally's and Rebecca's favorite stuff
  • Shipping rate display updates
  • Diary of a Dry Eye Shop
  • Note from Rebecca about... all these backorders!


  • 15th anniversary of The Dry Eye Zone and The Dry Eye Shop
  • My 50th :) 

Journal Roundup

The aftermath of eye surgery: Recent studies about the post-operative eye include...

  • Dry eye after cataract surgery: signs versus symptoms.
  • Can surgery on one eye affect the other?
  • And yes, post LASIK ectasia still going on.

What's new in the MGD device world?

The sheer numbers of new treatments for meibomian gland dysfunction (a common form of dry eye, for those who don't know) are starting to feel like the trouble with tribbles lately. I wouldn't mind so much if the technological developments were more focused on things we can use at home, rather than expensive things we can do once in awhile at a doctor's office and that usually require us to pay out of pocket.

I guess I shouldn't complain too loudly. Being targeted for all kinds of revenue-generating devices is better than being ignored altogether.

First, check out TearCare from SightScience, expected to be available later this year - a wearable warm compress you can use with your eyes open. Sounds compelling, and it's a cool technology. Bummer that we can't use it at home where the convenience aspect actually matters.

Then we have iLux from TearFilm Innovations. This is basically "heat & squeeze" plus a magnifier. And, yes, it's for in-office treatments too. This was introduced a year or two ago but is not well known. Alcon recently acquired it and debuted it at a conference.

Last (well, not really, I mean, there's always more stuff to talk about, but I'll save some for another day) we have NuLids, which is basically a fancy toothbrush for your eyelids. I am just starting to try this myself. This one caught my fancy because, while it's not cheap (like $350, plus replacement tips) at least it's something people can do at home. Having been asked by a highly respected doctor friend, I'm actually considering stocking them at the shop. But first, I would really like to get some feedback about it if you don't mind taking a moment! This is way off the beaten track for us at the shop, but at the link below I explain why I am seriously considering it.


VERY quick NuLids Survey

Survey: MGD treatment options

  • Which treatments have you tried?
  • Which were helpful?
  • How long do you think is a fair trial?
  • How do you decide when to stop?

Please take our quick survey, and see how your experience compares with others!

MGD Treatment Survey

Ointment and Gel Shortages - Update

  • Refresh PM and Refresh Lacrilube - no news. Still out of production, still expected back in late 2019.
  • Retaine PM is the latest to bite the dust. Production of the 3.5g version has stopped; they are expecting to resume the 5g version but it will not be available for awhile.
  • Genteal and Systane ointments and gels: Alcon are still giving me a new date just about every week that I call. Currently the story is "early March" for Genteal brand and "sometime in April" for Systane brand. The only other change I've noticed is that the salespeople seem distinctly more aware of there being a problem than they used to, although they have no answers.
  • Note: We're bringing in a generic for Refresh PM - it's the same as the Walmart one, i.e. not perfect but probably pretty much the best one going, and at least it's cheap, plus we have an introductory special. Scroll down for details.

Anecdotally, it feels like the shortage is getting worse again right now. Seems like it eased up for a few months, but we are once again hearing from people all over the country who cannot get gels and are having a hard time finding most ointments.


Image of Eyeseals 4.0 with Soothing Eye Mist

Eyeseals 4.0 with Soothing Eye Mist


Buy Now
Image of Contact Lens Drain Strainer

Contact Lens Drain Strainer


Buy Now
Image of Eyesaline Eyewash

Eyesaline Eyewash

$2.75 (reg. $3.95)

Buy Now


Image of Systane Lid Wipes

Systane Lid Wipes

$11.00 (Reg. $15.00)

Buy Now
Image of Boston One Step Liquid Enzymatic Cleaner

Boston One Step Liquid Enzymatic Cleaner

$9.75 (reg. $12.50)

Buy Now

Almost here

(Expected Monday, 2/25)

Image of ActivEyes Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment (generic for Refresh PM)

ActivEyes Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment (generic for Refresh PM)

$8.50 (reg. $9.95)


Survey: Scleral lens costs

  • How much did your lenses cost?
  • How much was covered by insurance?
  • How much do you spend each year on supplies?

Share your experience and see how it compares with others!


FREE 6-pack of Purilens Minis with purchase of regular size 12-pack.

Have you tried the 2oz size of Purilens? They are super handy for travel! Nice little squatty bottles. For a limited time, get a FREE 6-pack of Purilens Minis when you purchase a 12pack of the 4oz size. This cannot be combined with other offers.

How to get this $24.95 bonus pack for free:

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to add both items to the cart when you order. We cannot add it for you afterwards, because shipping charges are based on weight. 

PROSE cases

Yes, they are still on backorder, and no, we still do not have a firm date.

BostonSight has provided the following suggested interim cleaning and disinfection protocol that can be done with hydrogen peroxide solution or ClearCare but without a PROSE case:

Interim Cleaning Protocol for PROSE devices

Unique pH update

Menicon have some again (4oz size only, not 2oz). But they are only selling limited quantities to doctors and distributors, and the 5 cases we were able to get are nearly sold out. 

However, at least as of this writing, it's still available directly from Menicon though it's going pretty fast. Call them at 1-800-MENICON.

Saline sponsors... THANK YOU for your generosity!

In my February 5 KeratoScoop, I asked if anyone was willing to sponsor some saline for a PROSE user. We were overwhelmed at the generosity of the responses, and I always feel so honored that people trust us this way. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You know who you are... I just really, really appreciate you. We've got this patient's needs covered for some time to come!

We're waiting now on the 501c3 approval for the foundation - when that comes, as I mentioned, we're hoping to establish a slightly more organized fund for these situations where we could use the donations to source product for struggling patients from the most cost-effective sources. Another thing that will allow us to do is hit up manufacturers for product donations! Can't wait!

Ally's favorites

Starting with Drama, of course!

Ally's favorite things
Rebecca's favorite things

Rebecca's favorites

Things I find myself using more of lately

Shipping rate display

A long procrastinated project is finally almost done. Ever since we switched to the new shop software a year ago January, our shop has not been able to display days in transit. We're almost there. It won't be perfect, but it'll be a lot better!

If you're shopping this week and notice anything amiss, please give us a call or email us and we'll check it out. We may be doing a teensy bit of troubleshooting after it goes live. Hopefully this will make everyone's lives easier!

DryEyeShop Diary

Just got into the mood to do a "fly on the wall" type blog post again this week.

Here are some highlights of the week.


Celebrated my 50th on Wednesday :) I love getting older. I might not love it as much when my body starts giving me more reminders about it but for now, we're good.

2019 marks 15 years for The Dry Eye Zone, DryEyeTalk and The Dry Eye Shop! We'll be finding some fun ways in the course of the year to look back and celebrate anything good we can think of that has happened in the course of these 15 years in the dry eye world.

If you'd like to share any personal dry eye triumphs, big or small, and add them to our reasons to celebrate, we'd be honored to be able to highlight your story!

A final note -


The impact from our recent "Seattle Snowmaggedon" over here on the Peninsula is STILL being felt. 

We receive weekly shipments of many of our products. However, UPS' local center got hugely backed up due to the storms. The snow came a week and a half ago, everyone there has been working overtime ever since, and they still have unprocessed trailers. We are hoping everything on its way to us will not be held up much longer.

Between the snow impact, and a ton of industry shortages plaguing both scleral lens supplies and dry eye products, on top of our ordinary February cashflow blues, it's a mess, and I just hate that it's impacted our customers so much. At times I have felt as though anything you click on in the shop has a 50/50 change of saying "Sorry, backordered, orders placed now will ship on or about..." Arghhhhhh!

We've been tossing $5 coupons in the box for customers affected by backorders - if you didn't get one, please let us know! And we'll continue devising new ways to thank you for sticking with us through the hiccups.

Meantime, it's all about using the links to be sent an email when we get something in stock (or just ask us) or placing your backorder so that you're first in line when it comes in stock. And, THANK YOU for your support :) 

The lighter end of the tunnel is near at hand, as always. Many of these industry shortages are on their way to recovery. And we are too. Sometime down the road when we have a patients' dry eye conference in Seattle and we're all huddled around an open bar some evening, ask me to tell the story of Camel Spit Lending and my personal hero, the LASIK dry eye patient that stepped in at a critical moment. And if you feel like pitching in, every dollar helps.

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend, everyone!


Care to give back?

Kick in $25 to our DryEyeShop working capital campaign?

Or $5 a month to my Patreon account?

p.s. Apologies to those to whom thank you notes are overdue. I'm so bad at that, it just slips from one to-do list to another, but the less I write back, the more I think about you and appreciate you! 

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