Snow Days $10 coupon. Journal roundup: Depression; plugs. CPA moisture goggle compatibility. Unique is back but don't blink. Two new products. Today's Drama, BrentNet, and picture reviews. Backorders galore, sigh.

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February 12, 2019   Newsletter  -    Volume 11 - Issue 3

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In this issue...

Dry eye

  • Journal roundup: depression, quality of life, and dry eye; plugs
  • Which moisture goggle will work with my CPAP mask?
  • New! Freshkote PF
  • New! HyClear 

Scleral lenses

  • Unique pH is back but don't blink!
  • PROSE case and Lacripure status

Other stuff

  • Today's Drama... in the snow
  • BrentNet, Season 1, Episode 2
  • New! Post pictures with your review
  • New! In-stock notifications
  • Notes from Rebecca
  • Want to give back?

Journal Roundup

Dry eye, depression and quality of life: Some of the most recent studies about this are on the blog now - one, underscoring the importance of paying attention to psychiatric symptoms in dry eye patients (thank you!) and finding appropriate treatment strategies; another, about SSRIs, and another, about the relationship between dry eye, social support and social trust.

Ew, what's that growing on my plug? Honestly not intended as plug scaremongering! I post about almost every plug study I come across, mostly just to encourage thorough discussion of plug risks and complications between patient and professional. Plugs can help a lot, but they should not be tossed in without proper informed consent and discussion of all available plug technologies.

NEW: CPAP moisture goggle reference

HUGE thanks to all who participated in this survey.

It would be great if I could come up with a simple chart. But... it really doesn't work like that. The replies varied so much, in fact, that it did not seem worth attempting to generalize. (Well, that, plus the fact that so many people don't really know the full name of their CPAP.) 

So instead, what I've done is compiled a list of what people have tried and what worked for them and what extra comments they left, where applicable. I am hoping this will help people narrow it down. 

Which moisture goggle will work with my CPAP mask?

And by the way, you can now post reviews at the shop with a picture of your moisture goggle with your CPAP mask:

Add pictures to your product review!

Our Reviews and Q&A section has had a little bit of a facelift! You can add pictures to your review now! One day we hope to upgrade to video reviews, but in the meantime, this is a welcome step up from text-only!

BrentNet, Season 1, Episode 2



Ship File 10-7224

Names of customers and products have been changed to protect the innocent.

I was in the office when the postal carrier arrived.  He had a package with him. More...

Why post a review?

Have a product that has worked for your very special need... but which it took you some time and trouble to find?

Tried something, and it didn't work out as well as expected but you found a different solution later?

Your experiences are such valuable information to others. Please take a moment to share! Just to go, and put the product name in the search box, then scroll down and find the "Write a Review" button.

Backorders... and in-stock notifications

February is absolutely our month from hell as regards backorders. Just a perfect storm of manufacturer shortages, local weather disasters, shipper issues and internal factors including sickness and the usual February financial blues. 

Needless to say, I am SO SORRY about all this, and SO APPRECIATIVE of those who bear with us in the wobbly moments. 

One thing this situation did is finally motivated me to install a conventional "notify me when available" button on our store. Sorry I had not done this before. This is now available on ALL products that are backordered, regardless of whether we are accepting orders or not. 

Today's Drama




He's just so gorgeous.

Ally's Drama has definitely enjoyed the snow more than the rest of us.

New products

Image of FreshKote Preservative Free

FreshKote Preservative Free


Buy Now
Image of HyClear Next Generation Hypochlorous Acid

HyClear Next Generation Hypochlorous Acid


Buy Now

PROSE cases; LacriPure; Unique pH

PROSE cases remain on backorder - we are so sorry.

LacriPure - no change, expected to be available again late April.

However, UNIQUE PH is on its way back. You can get it direct from Menicon right now (but don't blink because EVERYONE is stockpiling and they will run out fast). We have quite a bit of the 4oz on its way here, due to arrive by end of next week, and we will be accepting orders only for as long as that lasts (plus enough to cover subscriptions).

Other product shortages, as always, on our Shortage List.

Image of Unique pH Multi-Purpose Solution

Unique pH Multi-Purpose Solution


Pre-order now

Want to connect with other dry eye patients or scleral lens users? Join a group!

Dry Eye Talk (Forum)
DryEyeTalk (Facebook)
My Big Fat Scleral Lens (Facebook)

Gasping for air here...

February is always hard.

This one is harder.

Gawd. The GSLS conference was such a high... and then my 16yo got the flu (freight train version... poor thing was so miserable) and I missed a ton of work and then I got sick and missed a ton more and then Seattle Snowpocalypse turned out to be for real and we're backordered on everything and EVERYONE needs PROSE cases and Unique pH and a ton of other things that can't be had and and and and and and.... Gaaaaaaaah!

This too shall pass. It always does. Let's just say I am really looking forward to spring, and meantime, working on counting my blessings.

...YOU comprise those blessings, by the way, as do my amazing STAFF. Knowing me and my stress levels as they do (not to mention the status of my desk)... they got me an Alexa personal assistant as a very early 50th birthday!!!

Alexa, can I go back to bed yet?

Care to give back?

Kick in $25 to our DryEyeShop working capital campaign?

Or $5 a month to my Patreon account?

p.s. Apologies to those to whom thank you notes are overdue. I do, do, do appreciate you deeply!

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