This week in KeratoScoop: Journal roundup time! Lots and lots and lots of studies. New podcast, too! Coupons and such in the shop as well - last chance for 15% off lid care, plus a conventional $5 off coupon for other stuff.

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May 28, 2019   Newsletter  -  Volume 11, Issue 13

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Journal roundup time again!

Blurbs from the blog.... use the links for study abstracts and more commentary.

On serum drops

Are you a serum "responder"? According to this study, 68% of people whose dry eye did not respond to other treatments were helped by 20% serum drops. As with so many dry eye treatments, we are slowly learning about who does not benefit and why.

Two types of serum and how they affect corneal nerves A second study looks at allogeneic peripheral blood serum and cord blood serum and what they do to corneal nerves. Something for the diagnosed-or-suspected corneal neuropathy folks to keep an eye on.

On MGD, IPL, and eyelids

Oil, oil, trouble and toil: Minutiae about tear lipid composition based on age and MGD.

Cataract surgery and MGD: Another study highlighting the importance of diagnosing and treating MGD before cataract surgery.

Eyelid pressure, ocular surface disease and dry eye, and the role of an eyelid pressure-measurer-thingy in figuring it out.

Then the IPL updates:

LacrySTIM  IPL device approved in Europe (news not study)

IPL for dry eye, a 25 patient study

And another IPL study, a 40 patient study

Misc: Pregnancy; corneal nerves; and a "lens awareness logger"

Lens Awareness Logger - I found this very interesting and can think of lots of other potential uses!

Dry eye in pregnancy - Nothing dramatic, but I love that they're looking at it. Third trimester worst, everything much better (on average) by 6 weeks post partum.

Life and times of corneal nerves Really nice single-paragraph narrative/explanation of where they fit in and how they can go wrong.

And yet more miscellaneous

Why it's so important to get diagnosed properly - Many roads might lead to SPK, and knowing how it got there matters in successful treatment - as opposed to simply attacking the SPK.

NovaTears helps symptoms (not signs) in GvHD - which is fine, since frankly, we need and will take all the symptom help we can get!

Refractive surgery trends - confirming LASIK on the wane (this is a good thing)

Nanomedicine and why it matters - in case you're curious, as "nano" is kind of popping up left and right in the dry eye world

Ethnicity or environment? Do Asians "really" have more dry eye for other reasons than environmental differences? Hm. 

Off the beaten track

Violet oil ("good")

Green tea ("bad")

Dry Eye in Perspective

New podcast

Dry Eye In Perspective... Yes, I am dabbling in podcasting! Thus far, it is slightly less terrifying than video. I'm doing a little series about the history of the dry eye company, zone, shop, foundation and all that. Walk with me from the earliest days and what led to the beginnings of The Dry Eye Company way back in 2005 (and before), through lots of bumps and twists and turns right up to today!

I had some last minute iTunes Connect troubleshooting issues, so those of you who, unlike me, are actually podcast-literate will probably not be able to reach the podcast where you're expecting it yet. But if you're motivated in the meantime, they're also at the Dry Eye Zone at these links:

1: Pilot

2: History of the Dry Eye Company & Dry Eye Zone

3: History of the Dry Eye Shop

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Backorders schmackorders

The bane of my life! Here's a few updates:

  • PROSE Disinfection Cases which have been in short supply all year... will remain so. We received a small batch last week and we shipped them all out - so those of you with the oldest backorders will be receiving them shortly. Everybody else, I'm afraid the next batch is not expected to arrive until late June. Since there is no other supplier, we will continue to accept pre-orders. 
  • Freshkote has been out of stock for quite some time and we were getting worried when it disappeared even from Amazon but it's finally available at the manufacturer again and we are expecting some *hopefully* by the end of the week.
  • Retaine HPMC (that's another PF drop in a multi-dose bottle) is unvavailable and we don't have a firm date yet.

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Notes from Rebecca

It's going to be a very short week. I'm heading out on Thursday with my mom to Lake Tahoe for my niece's wedding. 

I always have good intentions of doing these newsletters on a schedule. Then this happens, again: I start going through medical studies that have been published since the last time I did this, and, well, twelve hours later I come up for air during the wee hours and pry my lenses off of a rather unhappy pair of eyeballs.

There's so much being published. Hard to keep up. But such a good problem to have.

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!


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