This week in KeratoScoop: Countdown to Dry Eye Awareness Month! Eye pain after LASIK study. Lacripep clinical trial recruiting (Sjogrens). Brent's blog. Aidan's dog. 10% discount code for the shop. Miscellaneous other stuff.

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June 20, 2019  Newsletter  -    Volume 11 - Issue 15

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Countdown to dry eye awareness month

Ten days to go!

The Dry Eye Foundation is hatching some really, really exciting plans for the month and we're working round the clock to be ready. Here's a few clues:

  • We need some volunteers to help us in the final stretch between now and June 30. Reply to this email if you're interested!
  • Three steps: When we 'go live', we will have three steps we ask everyone to take some time during July. They're very well defined and we think everyone can do at least one of the three, if not all three, but if you can't, you can still help by sharing them on social media to reach more people who are struggling with dry eye disease. All three steps we are going to ask are things that will help you and help others at the same time.
  • When do we announce? We will announce our theme and scheme for Dry Eye Awareness month next week!

Opportunities to participate in studies

1. Eye pain after LASIK?

Eye pain after lasik

Learn more about this research study

Do you have eye pain after LASIK, or a similar vision correction procedure, that has lasted longer than 3 months?

You may be eligible to participate in a research study on corneal neuralgia, being carried out by Yale Medical School and Harvard Medical School researchers. The investigators have unique expertise in research on neuropathic pain, and now want to solve the mystery of corneal neuralgia.

This research will use DNA analysis to understand how pain develops after LASIK. A major goal is to pinpoint molecules that might be useful in developing new treatments. 

  • Eligible subjects will be asked to submit a sample of blood.

  • No travel required.

  • The cost of blood draw and shipping will be covered by the study.

  • At this time, participation is limited to United States residents. (We hope to include Canadian residents at a later date.)

Contact if you are interested in participating in this research. 

2. Lacripep (primary Sjogrens only)

The Lacripep clinical trials are still recruiting. Detailed information about the trial, study locations, and contact information is all available at

OSDI dry eye symptom questionnaire

Got dry eye numbers?

Numbers matter. Do you know yours? If not, why not?

Only, I'm not talking about TBUT, osmolarity, Schirmer or meibography scores. If you want those you'll need to ask your doctor.

I'm talking about numbers for your SYMPTOMS - that is, how dry eye makes your eyes feel and how it affects what you can do. Scoring yourself on OSDI regularly can also help you understand your symptom patterns better. 

There is a smartphone app for it (search on Dry Eye OSDI) and you can even email the information from the app straight to your doctor. More information

Call/Text 877-693-7939
Dry Eye Shop

Riddle of the Returns

In BrentNet's latest cliffhanger, our shipping guru tries to solve a truly baffling mystery involving real or fictitious returns from Agatha, Margarette and/or Statler. What really happened, and whose fault was it? 

Startling revelations in the full story here.

Riddle of the Return
June 10% coupon

Discount code "June"

10% off orders of $25 or more

Cannot be combined with other offers (like subscribe & save discounts). Let us know if you have any trouble, and remember, discount codes don't show in the cart, they show during checkout. Oh by the way, a lot of subscribe & save products have a 20% discount on the first order, so depending what you're getting, if you need it regularly, that might be a better deal.

Eyelid care
WeLoveEyes has jumped on the same hypochlorous bandwagon as everyone else now, and in the interests of providing multiple options we've added their brand of it to the hypochlorous lineup. Here's all of the hypochlorous products we are currently stocking:
Image of WeLoveEyes Hypochlorous Eyelid Cleansing Spray

WeLoveEyes Hypochlorous Eyelid Cleansing Spray


Buy Now
Image of Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser

Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser


Buy Now
Image of OCuSOFT HypoChlor Spray

OCuSOFT HypoChlor Spray


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Image of OCuSOFT HypoChlor Gel

OCuSOFT HypoChlor Gel


Buy Now

Did you know?

There is no such thing as a preservative-free gel. There are "gel drops" and "liquigels", available both preserved (in a bottle) and unpreserved (in single use vials). But true gels - i.e. that come in a tube (but not to be confused with ointments, which also come in tubes!) always have a "preservative-free in the eye" or "dissipating" type preservative.

Are you connected?

Join a group!

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How to help!

We are dedicated to making life better for people with corneal diseases such as dry eye! If you have found our information and services helpful, please consider helping us to continue helping others!


Donations to The Dry Eye Foundation (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit) given anytime in the next 6 weeks will go towards the Foundation's 2019 Dry Eye Awareness Month campaign!

Give to The Dry Eye Foundation

Spread the word

Tell your eye doctor something you learned from us!

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P.S. In case you're ever wondering, we are rigorous about 'separation of church and state' here, so to speak. The Foundation is completely unrelated to the Dry Eye Company and the Shop and will never do anything to promote it or even mention it. And donations to the Foundation will never find their way to the Shop's coffers. On the other hand, the shop (which is a sort of closet nonprofit itself) has every right to promote the Foundation or the Foundation's work anytime and anyplace it chooses :) Hence, you may read about the Foundation in this newsletter or on the shop's website, but you'll never read about the shop on the Foundation's site or emails. That is, when the Foundation starts sending emails, which it hasn't done yet but hopefully will get to soon :).

Drama and friends

Meet Harley, Aidan's family's pup.

I guess we'll find out tomorrow just how well Drama deals with competition in the workplace.


Notes from Rebecca


It's a super crazy week. I am working nonstop on our top secret dry eye awareness month projects. Love ya lots and gotta go.


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