This week in KeratoScoop: Seattle support group? BostonSight update. Peer-to-peer scleral lens user guide! Save on subscriptions and shipping. PROSE cases on the way! Two new surveys. Beware of scalpers. PURILENS SPECIAL... buy 2 packs of Minis, get 2 free! And so much more.

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March 14, 2019   Newsletter  -    Volume 11 - Issue 6



Happy PI Day!

Read blog post: A day in the life at the Dry Eye Shop

In this issue...

Dry Eye

  • Specials on all new subscriptions
  • Beware of the scalpers.
  • New survey: Red eye experiences
  • New products in lids and optical sections
  • Update from BostonSight: Back to Basics on PROSE
  • Seattle support group meeting?

Scleral Lenses

  • New survey: Cleaning & disinfection solutions
  • New! Peer-to-peer scleral lens user guide
  • Beware of the scalpers.
  • Purilens Minis - Buy 2, get 2 free! 
  • Specials on all new subscriptions! 
  • PROSE cases are coming at last!
  • NKCF Family Symposium coming up a variety of DryEyeShop updates and suchlike. Too much stuff to list! Don't forget to consider giving back. We work hard for you, and need your help to keep our services going!
Dry Eye Stories

Dry eye survey: Got red eyes?

Is red eyes one of your symptoms? Maybe even the worst one? How does it affect you? Share your experience, and learn what others are experiencing.

Survey about red eyes


Houston, 3/23 - NKCF Family Symposium

Make sure to register soon if you haven't already! Would love to see you there!

Seattle, 3/30 - Support group

We're talking in the Seattle dry eye group about a coffee meet-up, maybe late morning or midday, somewhere central like downtown, capital hill or Queen Anne. If you'd like to join, let me know, or join our Facebook Seattle-area group.

Did you know?

Do you know what the top risk factors for dry eye are? 

Test your knowledge against medical expert consensus.

Top risk factors for dry eye

Scleral lens survey: Cleaning and disinfection

This week's survey asks about which solutions you are using for cleaning and disinfection of your lenses. Post your routine and learn what others are doing at the end!

Scleral lens cleaning and disinfection survey

Have you "been there"?

"There" is a place of hopelessness and depression during your eye journey. It's a bad place. A place that may last longer than you thought you could bear, a place that you need to have in your rear view mirror just as quickly as possible, not to be revisited. 

But the fact that you, in whatever unique circumstances you have been through, ever were "there", and aren't now, means that you know something many other people do not know:

That there is hope.

Please read more about this, and about why I want so much for people to share stories about their journey, however, brief, on so that others who are "there" will know that one day, it will be in their rear view mirror too. It's not a lot of work, and Aidan is happy to help you. Please consider it.

Need scleral lens tips?

I recently dusted off an old project that I never finished, and started wrapping it up. It's not all online yet, but most of it is... 8 out of 10 articles on all aspects of living with scleral lenses.

Over the next several weeks, I'll be filling in portions with a variety of videos as well. So, stay tuned!

Peer-to-peer scleral lens user guide

Examples of new sections available:

Traveling with scleral lenses

Cleaning & Disinfection

Prep & Setup

NOTE: We host items from BostonSight from time to time. This one was a little too long for the newsletter, so I'm posting an excerpt here and a link to the entire piece on my blog in the shop.

Back to the Basics of PROSE

With so much information floating around about scleral lenses, it’s timely to offer some clarity to help you understand more about BostonSight PROSE treatment.

What is a Scleral Lens?

BostonSight’s patient treatment process uses scleral lens technology.  A scleral lens is an oversized “contact” lens that rests on the sclera (the white of the eye) and vaults (does not touch) the cornea.  Scleral lenses are designed to treat a variety of eye conditions that impact the function of the cornea. 

What is PROSE treatment?

BostonSight PROSE® (Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem) is a medical treatment model developed by BostonSight which restores visual function to patients with complex corneal disease.  The treatment process makes use of our FDA-approved, custom-designed and fabricated large diameter prosthetic device technology... Read complete article


A video

It's so lame, I can hardly bring myself to post a link... I think I did everything wrong including recording it in the wrong aspect ratio so the top and bottom got too much cut off by the time I had someone edit it. However, for what it's worth, here is a longwinded explanation and demo of my evening routines from taking out my lenses to a compress, lid scrub and moisture goggles.

Voice/text 877-693-7939

Subscribe & Save: Bonus!

Did you know we offer subscriptions on pretty much anything liquid that we sell?

Now we have special savings on your first order too!

  • 20% off your first shipment of any eyedrops or lid hygiene products (5% on subsequent shipments
  • 10% off your first shipment of saline (5% on subsequent shipments)

For even more savings, get a DryEyeShop PF annual free shipping membership.

Shopping on Amazon? A word of caution about the shortages:

Please be wary of scalpers. I'm talking about the third party sellers on Amazon and Ebay who have driven up the price for questionable tubes of ointments and gels, as well as LacriPure saline, to dizzying heights. A lot of them are unscrupulous and are selling expired products. Pricing, of course, is up to individual sellers and what the market will bear, but it's a particular concern that Amazon is failing to police rampant sales of expired products, exploiting vulnerable consumers during acute product shortages.

If you know a scalper when you see one, and know your other options, fine, pay whatever you want. But many people, when they see something on Amazon, assume it's the actual Amazon price.

IT'S NOT. If the price looks ridiculous, it IS ridiculous, and probably means there's a product shortage.

We track shortages affecting our customers/readers. If you ever need help with advice on product alternatives, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We have lots of ingredient charts, etc, that can help you find the most comparable product available.

PROSE & Scleral lens supplies

SPECIAL on Purilens Minis!

Buy 2, get 2 FREE!

Great chance to get the travel-friendly 2oz size of Purilens Plus Saline! 

And if the only reason you haven't tried Purilens Plus is that you don't think you can use a 4oz bottle within two weeks, this smaller one may be just your size!

Image of PuriLens Plus "Mini" Saline 2oz (6-pack)

PuriLens Plus "Mini" Saline 2oz (6-pack)

Buy 2, get 2 FREE!

Buy Now

PROSE case update

At last, we're getting a partial shipment - tomorrow! They were stuck in Bremerton... Ally got Fedex to agree to hunt them down and make them available for Brent to pick up early in the morning so that we will be able to package and ship them all back out in one day. Fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong. These cases will only cover orders up through February 12, and we don't have a firm date on the rest yet, but at least this is progress, and we should hear soon about the rest.

Image of Blue vinyl bag for scleral lens supplies

Blue vinyl bag for scleral lens supplies

SPECIAL! Just $8.50

Buy Now
Eyelid care

New to the shop, on request

Some items below that I've recently added because of customers that were looking for them. The mists, by the way, are from Eye Eco and designed for use with Tranquileyes goggles.

Image of Heyedrate Eye Makeup Remover Oil with Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E

Heyedrate Eye Makeup Remover Oil with Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E


Buy Now
Image of Eye Eco Age Defense Formula Facial Mist

Eye Eco Age Defense Formula Facial Mist


Buy Now
Image of Eye Eco Puffy Eye Formula Facial Mist

Eye Eco Puffy Eye Formula Facial Mist


Buy Now
Image of Eye Eco Soothing Eye Mist - Unscented

Eye Eco Soothing Eye Mist - Unscented


Buy Now
Image of Eye Eco Relax Formula Facial Mist

Eye Eco Relax Formula Facial Mist


Buy Now
Dry Eye Glasses

Dry eye glasses/goggles are creeping back in, as I've mentioned... so far, I'm starting with big fat clunky stuff, that are all proven workhorses when it comes to dry eye, though may only want to wear them behind closed doors.

Note, the Evaders are designed to be worn over glasses. They are a decent way to figure at at reasonable cost how much mileage you could get out of moisture chambers without shelling out for prescription "aesthetically appropriate" dry eye glasses.

Image of Onion Goggles

Onion Goggles


Buy Now
Image of Guard-Dogs Evader I FogStopper

Guard-Dogs Evader I FogStopper


Buy Now
Image of Guard-Dogs Evader II FogStopper

Guard-Dogs Evader II FogStopper


Buy Now
Drops, gels and ointments
Image of NanoTears MXP FORTE Preservative Free

NanoTears MXP FORTE Preservative Free


Buy Now
Image of NanoTears TF Preservative Free

NanoTears TF Preservative Free


Buy Now

New shipping calculator

Brent did a great job shifting us to some new software! I've had nothing but headaches from such switches in the past, so I was pleased to see that we had relatively few glitches. But... if you've been affected by a glitch, PLEASE tell us so we can hunt it down and fix it! Thanks everyone!

And speaking of shipping... here's how to save and give at the same time:

Postage free... and preservative-free!

If you want to save on shipping, and you have frequent product needs (like monthly or bimonthly saline for sclerals, or frequent eyedrop shipments), please consider an annual free shipping membership at the Dry Eye Shop! For maximal savings, use our Subscribe & Save along with a PF membership!

$99 annual fee - free shipping year round, AND make a difference.

By patronizing The Dry Eye Shop, you can make a difference to others. All our customers's patronage helps us to help others with our extensive information services, but with this PF membership, you can specifically help us raise awareness of the risks of preservatives in prescription and over-the-counter eyedrops and campaign for more PF options from manufacturers.

Are you connected?

Join a group!

Dry Eye Talk (Facebook)
My Big Fat Scleral Lens (Facebook)

DryEyeTalk (Forum)

A personal note

I re-arranged the furniture again

Well, not really. In fact, my staff are wondering why it's been so long since the last time I did so. 

But I have those urges, and this time I took it out on the shop - completely re-arranging the menus. I'm trying to make things easier to find, and I confess that after running an internet store for a long time, I really don't know how at all. But one of the things that's clear to me is that half our visitors are using their phones. That means I may need to keep trying new things until I can get it to work better. Anyway, check it out! Feedback is always so helpful.

I'm going to wrap it up now. I rarely send emails out in the middle of the night anymore - that is, I almost always write my newsletter late at night but I schedule it to send the next morning. But... but... but... if I don't send it in the next 58 minutes, it won't be PI Day anymore, and then I'll have to re-edit it. So here it goes.

By the way, I'd really, really love to not be writing newsletters at this hour of the night when I've had my lenses in for, hm, 17 hours? You could help change that reality for me! Am I becoming a broken record? 'Fraid so.

Have a good Friday, everyone!


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