This week in KeratoScoop: New dry eye stories. LSCD Facebook support group. Survey results. New blog. PROSE cases shipped! Purilens mini special. And more. 

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March 28, 2019   Newsletter  -    Volume 11 - Issue 6


In this issue...

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  • New dry eye stories
  • LSCD Facebook group
  • MGD survey results
  • Red eye survey results
  • NKCF family symposium
  • New bite-sized blog

  • "Also bought"
  • New single-eye heat packs
  • Evaders, Outfitters & Onion Goggles
  • End of the PROSE case saga (mosty)
  • LacriPure and Unique pH update
  • Purilens Minis - B1G1 special
  • Genteal & Systane ointments & gels
The Dry Eye Zone
Dry Eye Stories
Dry Eye Talk Forums

New dry eye stories

Find connection and inspiration on, edited by Aidan Moore.

Living with Dry Eye; No Cure

Meet JAH1973. "I am by no means healed, but things are manageable.  After years of pain, misery, depression and potentially losing everything professionally and mentally, somehow I made it."

Her telegraph-format story of what works, what she does and what she doesn't will resonate with many of you.

Living with dry eye; no cure
Adapting to a new life
Adapting to a new life

Adapting to a New Life

Read Jewell's account of how her eye situation escalated from minor symptoms to recurrent corneal erosions, then severe and constant burning. How that turned her life upside down and took her to a dark place. And how she began the path to solutions.

Jewell has some terrifically practical take-home messages. Outdoor-loving folks with dry eye will be especially appreciative of her powerfully written story.

LSCD group

Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency

New! LSCD Facebook group

Do you have LSCD? Would you like to connect with others who understand the unique dry eye issues faced by LSCD patients? Join the new group!

Survey center

Recent scleral lens survey results

Check 'em out!

Scleral lens cleaning & disinfection - What is everyone using for overnight disinfection? How many are doing "rub" cleaning as well? How about enzyme cleaners?

Scleral lens costs - How much is everyone paying for their lenses (be prepared to be wowed - it's a huge range)? How many are getting them covered by insurance? What are they spending on supplies?

New blog

TFOS DEWS II Distilled Down for You

Dry eye survey results

Here's our latest!

MGD treatments - what has everyone tried, and what do they feel is working the best?

Eye redness - how do people feel about this and how does it affect their lives?

Help us?
Call/Text 877-693-7939

The Amazon-esque "also bought" feature

You know the ubiquitous "Customers who bought this item also bought..." type displays?

Well, we used to have a product suggestions thing on our site and I hated it. It was hard to make it work, I didn't like how it looked, I never had time to update it and I always felt it was kind of pointless. So I was looking for something easier to maintain and I found this one. We tried it and and I'm now hooked! I find it really fascinating to see which things people "also bought". (Shows you how much sales analysis I don't do, I suppose.) For example, I had no idea so many people buy at least two different types of lid scrubs. Anyway, I found it educational, and I hope you like it too. Just scroll down on any product page to find what purchasers of that product have "also bought"

Eyelid care

Single-eye heat packs

Have you ever wanted to apply a warm compress on just one eye at a time, so you could keep reading... but didn't have a convenient way to do it?

Try Eye Eco's Stye Kits. They're basically half of a Tranquileyes. The basic Stye Kits have been around a long time (well-kept secret!) but now they are offering them with their popular tea tree cleansing foam *and* you can get the stye kits in extra large, for better coverage.

Image of Stye Kit (Heat Only)

Stye Kit (Heat Only)


Buy Now
Image of Stye Kit (Heat & Clean) -  Standard size

Stye Kit (Heat & Clean) - Standard size


Buy Now
Image of Stye Kit (Heat & Clean) - XL Size

Stye Kit (Heat & Clean) - XL Size


Buy Now
PROSE & Scleral lens supplies

LacriPure and Unique pH

LacriPure and Unique pH 4oz size are both available now direct from Menicon. They're only selling to patients so far, so we can't get any, but we are hoping and expecting to be able to get fully stocked on both products by the end of April. 

PROSE cases: The last mile

We know it was intensely frustrating for everyone waiting on PROSE cases all this time without knowing when they might be available again.

Read my blog if you're interested in hearing what it was like from our side of this saga.

PROSE last mile

SPECIAL! Purilens Plus Minis: Buy 1, get 1 free!

Don't forget to add the extra one to the cart! Discount code "PurilensMini" or just click on the picture. Discount will show during checkout.

Purilens Mini
Dry Eye Glasses

They're back

We've started adding popular dry eye glasses & goggles back to the shop! And don't look now, but I've done fresh videos for some of these!

They may look funny and feel clunky, but if you're in pain, protection helps.

Image of Outfitter Over-Rx

Outfitter Over-Rx


Buy Now
Image of Guard-Dogs Evader 2 FogStopper

Guard-Dogs Evader 2 FogStopper


Buy Now
Image of Guard-Dogs Evader 1

Guard-Dogs Evader 1


Buy Now
Image of Guard-Dogs Commander 1

Guard-Dogs Commander 1


Buy Now
Image of Onion Goggles

Onion Goggles


Buy Now
Night dry eye protection
Did you know there are many considerations when selecting a moisture goggle for night time use? Read all about them in our Dry Eye Help Desk! And call with questions.
Drops, gels and ointments
GOOD NEWS - Genteal and Systane ointments and gels are finally back in circulation! We don't have any at the shop yet, but we'll eventually bring back the ointments. But at least they're showing in in stores now!

Did you know?

Did you know... you can get product discounts with Subscribe & Save, at any shipment frequency from two weeks to three months apart?

Are you connected?

Join a group!

Dry Eye Talk (Facebook)
My Big Fat Scleral Lens (Facebook)

DryEyeTalk (Forum)

Want to support our work?

We are dedicated to making life better for people with corneal diseases such as dry eye! If you have found our information and services helpful, please consider helping us to continue helping others!


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Notes from Rebecca

Trying to rush this newsletter out today... my CEO support group is showing up in just a little while and I have to go pick up the pizzas. But if you still have appetite for more reading, there's always the latest installment of:

Diary of a dry eye shop

...including the NKCF event on Saturday in Houston which I greatly enjoyed!

Have a restful weekend everyone!


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