Ready for autumn? Blog highlights. SoCal support group this Friday. DryEyeZone Forums. New German dry eye Facebook group. September videos. COUPONS! FreshKote preservative-free is coming! Recap of product shortages/backorders.

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October 2, 2018   Newsletter  -    Volume 10 - Issue 26


Autumn is here. Are you ready?

Many people see an increase in dry eye symptoms this time of year, whether it's the ragweed or the heat turning back on for the first time in months.

Don't let it take you by surprise. Often during the summer we don't have to do quite as much for our eyes and are caught off guard by what seem to be worsening symptoms but are really just signs of increased environmental stress on our dry eyes.

Exercise prevention. Clean out the humidifier and fire it up again. Drink up. Lube up. Cover up. Revisit your night dry eye protection strategy.

Recent DryEyeZone blog highlights

Meibomian glands: Have we lost the plot? Opinion piece on whether the medical emphasis pendulum might be getting stuck in the lipid piece of the dry eye equation, and what this means for some of us patients.

Reflecting on our vision for Dry Eye Stories by Aidan Moore

Abstract: Patient-oriented mobile applications in ophthalmology. We need patient-friendly technology in the dry eye world.

Abstract on tear film osmolarity testing: Argues for more use of osmolarity testing in order to avoid misdiagnosing dry eye when it's really something else.

Case report: PROSE for filamentary keratitis

Case report: Unusual RK problem solved with sclerals: "Spontaneous corneal performation" 30 years after an otherwise successful RK surgery, resolved to 20/20 with scleral lenses.

Abstract: Sclerals for KCS, PMD and post-keratoplasty astigmatism

Abstract: Oral statins and dry eye

Orange County Dry Eye Support Group 10/5/18

The Orange County Dry Eye Support Group meeting is taking place this Friday, October 5 at 10am. Yours truly gets to speak this time, and I am so much looking forward to getting out of town and talking dry eye! I hope to meet some of you there! Click here for contact information and to RSVP.

Dry Eye Zone Forums

Join the conversation 

Dry eye conversations online don't have to be on Facebook! Have you ever visited our DryEyeZone forums? Facebook groups are very handy because of the quick response times, while forums lend themselves to much more in-depth discussions.


But speaking of Facebook groups, German speakers may want to check out the new German dry eye Facebook group.


Recent DryEyeShop blog posts

It's OK to have a bad scleral lens day! Explaining how even those of us who have worn scleral lenses for many years have new issues arise or old issues recur now and then. 

No more baby shampoo. Current science clearly suggests lid hygiene products show superior performance and without the potentially damaging effects of baby shampoo.

Be careful when purchasing scleral lens applicator rings. People are mixing up types and sizes. If your doctor provides you with an applicator ring, make sure you know what type and size before re-ordering, or call so we can guide you.

EyeLocc is back, revised and larger. This is a popular product for sealing lids shut at night. Not perfect, but good. Blog post includes video demo.

Purilens is now available in 2oz bottles for travel! Something many of us have been looking forward to.

Preservative-free saline shopping tips: Questions to ask. What not to buy. Where to buy. 

Photos from Aidan's European travels. Had to throw this one in too :) We miss Aidan, who is spending the first semester of his junior year in France.

September's videos

Current Coupons

10% off lid hygiene products (valid through October 15)

$5 off any order of $35 or more (valid through October 15)

IMPORTANT NOTE: These coupons, when you click on the link, won't show anything special and they won't show in your cart. They show up in the first checkout screen

FreshKote PF is coming!

I have waited many, many years for this and I am SO EXCITED about it. High oncotic pressure drops occupy a unique space in relieving and resolving severe symptoms of dry eye but they have never before been available preservative-free. Stay tuned! 

Product Shortages and Backorders

It's been a rough backorder season. 

LacriPure, the popular saline for scleral lenses in 5mL vials, and Unique pH, the popular multi-purpose solution, have been on backorder off an on for a few months. All the usual patterns ensue (today, for example, I see LacriPure listed on Amazon for $99.99 a box). No firm date yet, but both are expected to be available at some point later this month, and Unique pH will probably be available before LacriPure. 

  • Want to be notified when in stock? Reply to this email with the product name in the subject line.
  • Need tips for temporary substitutes? See blog.

Ointments, ointments, ointments and now gels as well: Many of you by now know at least that there is a shortage of Refresh PM, but not all areas have been affected equally so I'm continuing to try to raise awareness in every email on dry eye. 

Notes from Rebecca

September was my first month experimenting with a new approach to emails! 

The goal was to make this newsletter monthly instead of weekly but start sending much more frequent little emails on individual topics, and let everyone use preference settings to determine how much of all that they want to actually see.

The reality so far has been that I haven't managed to work single-topic emails into my workflow yet... so what I have been sending is mini-newsletters but always dedicated to either dry eye or sclerals, and always focused on either shop-related or purely informational-related. So far I do think it's a step in the right direction. I have made no progress whatsoever in trying to keep anything short and snappy. I think I'm back to embracing my verbosity.

Anyway, if you haven't yet set your email preferences, please do!

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!


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