This week in KeratoScoop: Recent abstracts. DryEyeTalk registration fixed. Lacripep trials. Events. Lindy's leaving - wish her well!!! 15% off Ziena eyewear. Tips for traveling with scleral lens solutions. BostonSight news. Other stuff too.

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April 25, 2018   Newsletter  -    Volume 10 - Issue 12


Recent interest abstracts

Lid wiper epitheliopathy

Amniotic membrane for pediatric SJS

The age factor in dry eye

Dry eye and corneal nerves

Cyclosporine with and without sodium hyaluronate (for MGD)

Autologous serum for keratitis from UV exposure


We were having some issues with the registration process on DryEyeTalk (talking about the forum, not the Facebook group). It's all fixed now! Join us there!

Doctors, you are welcome to register and participate on DryEyeTalk too!

Upcoming events

April 28-29 - BMT Infonet's Survivorship Symposium (Denver, CO). Click here for details and registration.

April 28 - National Patient Conference, Sjogrens Society of Canada (Mississauga, ON). Click here for details and registration.

Nov 9-11 Dry Eye Retreat, Not a Dry Eye Foundation (Williston, FL). Click here for details and registration.

Know of an event that should be listed here? Please send details!

Clinical Trials

From TearSolutions:

"TearSolutions is currently studying Lacripep(TM) in a Phase 2 clinical trial as a replacement therapy for the treatment of dry eye in patients diagnosed with primary Sjogren's Syndrome.  Lacripep(TM) contains a 19 amino acid peptide found in normal tear, which is deficient in all forms of dry eye, but more severely deficient in primary Sjogren's sufferers.  Experimental studies prior to the current clinical trial demonstrated that Lacripep(TM) restored the health of the ocular surface to normal (homeostasis) and improved basal tearing.  The restoration of the ocular surface health is measured in the Phase 2 study as a decrease in fluorescein corneal staining and basal tearing is monitored by the Schirmer Tear Test.  If successful in this intiial Phase 2 study, TearSolutions could file for approval by the FDA in 2020.  More information including a description of the clinical trial and 30 clinical sites where subjects can enroll can be found at  If you are within 150 miles of one of the clinical sites, a Google search of Sjogren's Syndrome or severe dry eye on your smartphone can connect you to that site."

Want to connect with other dry eye patients or scleral lens users? Join a group!

Dry Eye Talk (Forum)
DryEyeTalk (Facebook)
My Big Fat Scleral Lens (Facebook)

Lindy's moving on.... Wish her well!

Wow, that sounded uncharacteristically conventional of me, because what I really want to say is OH NO OMG IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?

Self-control. I will be calm. Everything is really OK. But Lindy really is moving on to new adventures, after two very full, very incredible years here. Read here about what she's meant to me, and better yet, post a note in the blog comments section, good wishes or a memory of something special she did for you.

Lindy is thoroughly, utterly, and completely amazing, and has taken care of our customers so kindly for so long. She will be sorely missed every day.

Product news and tips

Dry Eye Glasses

SPECIAL! 15% off Ziena dry eye glasses.

Use coupon code KeratoScoop1012

Valid through the end of April.

Night dry eye protection

Navigating night products

Struggling with how to choose some kind of goggle, mask or shield to help your dry eyes overnight? Read Night Product Selection Tips , and let us know how we can help.

PROSE & Scleral lens supplies

Traveling with PROSE or sclerals?

If you're traveling domestically in the US, bringing your solutions in your carry-on bag is not a problem, as they should be covered under the TSA's medical exemption

However, if you are traveling internationally, don't forget that TSA rules do not apply. Solutions in your carry-on, such as bottles saline, may be subject to confiscation when you are flying between countries or back to the US. Plan ahead! Put as much as possible in your checked luggage, find out what you can purchase locally, and call us if we can help with more ideas.

Image of LacriPure, box of 98 5mL preservative-free vials

LacriPure, box of 98 5mL preservative-free vials


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Image of PuriLens Plus Saline 4oz (12) [Freebie]

PuriLens Plus Saline 4oz (12) [Freebie]


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Image of ScleralFil 10mL Preservative Free Saline Solution

ScleralFil 10mL Preservative Free Saline Solution


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Allergan backorder updates:

No special news. Refresh Optive MEGA-3 is expected to be back in stock next week. Refresh PM ointment is still expected to maybe be back in stock in July.

Image of Refresh Plus (30 PF vials)

Refresh Plus (30 PF vials)


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Image of Bion Tears (28 PF vials)

Bion Tears (28 PF vials)


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Image of Oasis Tears Plus (30 PF vials)

Oasis Tears Plus (30 PF vials)


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BostonSight News Corner

Note from Rebecca: BostonSight, best known for PROSE and now BostonSightScleral, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation that has been a key resource for many years for people with advanced corneal disease. (BostonSight was founded by the late Dr. Perry Rosenthal.) I offered to provide a spot in my newsletter for any news or announcements BostonSight might want to make.

BostonSight® PROSE:

The clinicians at BostonSight® want to remind patients of the importance of routine eye care.  Patients wearing PROSE devices are required to return (every one-to-two years) for a comprehensive evaluation with their PROSE provider. 

Since we do not provide comprehensive eye care, patients must see their primarily eye care provider (PECP) for routine eye care.  These exams should include dilation.  Dilated eye exams are a critical component of evaluating the health of the eye and can reveal other diseases that can rob patients of their sight, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes.

BostonSight doctors will contact the patient’s PECP or other eye specialists to keep them updated on their patient’s PROSE treatment and for coordination of care regarding active management issues, as needed.  They encourage the patient’s PECP or specialist to reach out to them as well if they have any concerns due to their patient’s PROSE device wear.

BostonSight New Hire - Chief Medical Officer:

In February 2018, BostonSight announced the appointment of Daniel C. Brocks, MD as the full-time Chief Medical Officer.  Dr. Brocks will oversee delivery of BostonSight treatment solutions.  Dr. Brocks is a board- certified ophthalmologist with a specialization in the medical and surgical treatment of the cornea.  He specializes in the treatment of dry eye disease and is the founder of The Dry Eye Center at Hudson Valley Eye Surgeons in Fishkill, NY.  His interest is in the treatment of dry eye related to various autoimmune issues including Sjögren’s syndrome.  He also specializes in the management of corneal disorders with a specific interest in the management of infectious keratitis, corneal ectasia and rheumatologic associated with corneal and anterior segment disorders.

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Long day, long week. I'm all talked and written out! Have a good rest of the week!



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