This week in KeratoScoop: TFOS DEWS II did-you-knows incl. EFAs, oral contraceptives. Abstracts, serum, and cord serum. Lots of cheap dry eye glasses. A new product, a couple of sales. Refresh PM is still on backorder. Try a rice baggy. And like us somewhere please :) 

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April 4, 2018   Newsletter  -    Volume 10 - Issue 9


Did you know?

...TFOS DEWS II snippets from my daily tweets

Essential fatty acids truly matter to dry eye, but... the quality of evidence supporting supplements (as opposed to dietary change) is just really unimpressive. Management and Therapy report, 6.

Anecdotal evidence and case reports suggest possible relevance of oral contraceptives to dry eye, meaning we really could do with more research in this area, because, well, that's a pretty big demographic. Sex, Gender, Hormone report, 3.1, 3.2, 4.2.

Dry eye can mimic allergic conjunctivitis. It can also induce it. And... oral allergy medications can induce dry eye too. We're looking at some complicated chicken versus egg questions here. Diagnostic Methodology, 9.1.1. 

"Patients with dry eye disease have been shown to have increased prevalence of sleep and mood disorders". Diagnostic Methodology, 9.12.

"The ocular surface is the most environmentally exposed mucosal surface of the body". Hence - vulnerable to conditions like low humidity, wind, temperature extremes, irritants, pollutants, smoke, etc. Also, the protection against environmental stress that moisture chamber glasses can provide to people with dry eye. Management and Therapy, 2.2.2, 7.4.

A few recent studies

Autologous serum (French study): Thought our readers on the continent might enjoy this - serum studies tend to be so heavily dominated by Japan and the US. 

Umbilical cord blood serum drops: This abstract seems to be from last August, but somehow it showed up in my PubMed feed this week (?!) and since I hadn't seen it before and it looked interested, I went ahead an included it. There are many different biological eyedrops being used now, from autologous serum to platelet rich plasma to allogeneic serum to cord blood serum. 

Cyclosporine A delivered by contact lens: Abstract in a Russian journal. The idea isn't new, but it also doesn't come up very often so I thought I'd post it. There are also links to some earlier studies.


Upcoming events

April 13-14 - SSF National Patient Conference: Exploring Sjogrens (Denver, CO). Click here for brochure and registration form. Hope to see you there!!

April 28 - National Patient Conference, Sjogrens Society of Canada (Mississauga, ON). Click here for details and registration.

Nov 9-11 Dry Eye Retreat, Not a Dry Eye Foundation (Williston, FL). Click here for details and registration.

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Product news

Dry Eye Glasses

Did you know the 7Eye Ventus AirShield frame has bendable temples? If you're one of those hard-to-fit people, it's a terrific product to try, because you can customize the fit more so than any other frame. 

DISCOUNTED GLASSES! I just finished spring cleaning... including sorting out a collection of frames that were returned or exchanged due to fit. This means we have masses of discounted frames - great deals to be had! Warning, they have a way of disappearing very quickly once this email is sent. Grab a spare pair of something while they last.

Night dry eye protection
Thank you all so much for your patience with the Quartz and clear EyeSeals backorders! All of the backordered Quartz got shipped today - we're about out again but we will have more in a few days. We're still waiting on clear EyeSeals but should have them by very early next week. Thanks everyone for your understanding!
PROSE & Scleral lens supplies
NEW! Contact lens organizer ($7.95). Includes contact lens case (but not the drops pictured). This is obviously designed just for a case and some wetting drops, but I thought some of you might find it handy as a little on-the-go scleral lens supply kit by adding your favorite plungers and a saline vial or two. The drops slot holds a 10mL vial of ScleralFil perfectly (or 2 of whatever 5mL brand you use). It's pretty tall, so you can easily fit plungers (both removal and insertion) although there aren't any elegantly shaped slots specifically for them. 
Contact lens organizer
Drops, gels and ointments
Yes, Refresh PM is still on backorder at Allergan. Click here for advice on alternatives.
Eyelid care

HypoChlor is still on special - $18 (regular price $23).

Tired of too many chemicals, plastics and petroleum products? Try an all-natural, all-organic, super comfy rice baggy compress ($20)

Rebecca's Rice Baggy

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Ramblings from Rebecca

So I had my first full class in Seattle the other day... that SBA Emerging Business Leaders thing I mentioned last time. I will readily confess to feeling hopelessly outclassed by my 19 "classmates", all of whom seem to be running considerably larger and certainly far more successful businesses than me. I'm also more puzzled than ever at how I was accepted into the program at all, but more importantly, very excited-slash-apprehensive about everything I get to learn and do....

The instructor, who's been a CEO coach as well as an entrepreneur for many years, is dreamy... so much experience, brains and savvy packed into one woman. We've now divided into little "CEO mentor groups" and mine has its first meeting next Monday. Apparently this is expected to become entrepreneurial group therapy on steroids, among many other things. There are two men and two women in my group besides me. One of the women is clearly a very successful CFO and I haven't yet figured out why she's attending, as opposed to teaching, a class like this. Who me, intimidated? Naw.... this will be fun. Right?

The hardest part really is having to focus on thinking about a retail business at all. - My perennial problem, because I'd really just rather, well, not. I want to do the fun stuff... reading, writing, researching, blogging. Business? Planning? Setting goals? Profitability? Solvency even? Really? It's just so... not... me... hence needing the class. I can do this. I really can. I guess. 

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!



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