This week in KeratoScoop: ASCRS dry eye updates! Why you should use the OSDI symptom survey regularly. Office Drama. Love your lids with a 15% discount on lid care. Small Ziena dry eye glasses are available! So's Tangible Clean! Sadly, PROSE cases won't be available till June. And other updates.

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May 10, 2019   Newsletter  -    Volume 11 - Issue 11

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ASCRS notes

(1st installment)

I had a terrific time at ASCRS... both in the scientific sessions and meeting with companies. I actually got a lot more out of it than I expected to, even. I did not manage to keep up with blogging while I was there, and got predictably clobbered with way too much to do as soon as I got back to the office, so I hope/expect to finish turning my notes into blog posts this weekend.

Meantime, I've covered some highlights, such as the items below, in an initial blog post:

  • Vampire on the vanity: There was a fabulous session about cosmetics, eyelash enhancements and all kinds of other beauty products and procedures, discussing how they affect our ocular surface health and how to avoid some of the worst of the risks.
  • MGD: I met with several of the companies making MGD devices, and there were lots of studies in the scientific sessions comparing the various increasingly-popular in-office MGD treatments. Oh, and hypochlorous acid products are being churned out under every conceivable brand at this point.
  • Corneal pain: There was an encouraging amount of discussion and studies about corneal pain and pain remedies. 
  • Misc interesting points in the dry eye realm: I am seeing and hearing more about dry eye symptoms and symptom scores, with the occasional study looking solely at symptoms. Like. Also lots of debates about exactly what it is that's working, when a treatment being studied has more than one part - for example, IPL with lid expression, or new drug ALG-1007 in a hyaluronic acid vehicle. Also saw one presentation about using an artificial tear before or after Restasis to make it more comfortable, which is a common trick but I don't recall seeing actual data about it before.
  • Pipeline drug updates: Lots of folks who recently completed studies were there to present the results. There's really quite a strong lineup of things in, or soon to begin, Phase 3 clinical trials.
  • Drops: On the Rx side, CEQUA should be available in just a couple of months. On the OTC side, there's not a lot of new stuff being launched, but Allergan is launching a preservative-free version of Refresh Repair shortly, and TheraTears has recently launched a version of their tear containing trehalose (only one of its kind in the US).

There's tons more to share, of course, but these are some highlights for the moment and hopefully I'll have all the rest up before long.


How do you score?

Take the OSDI dry eye symptom survey and see how you score. You can use the PDF at this link, but better get, get the smartphone app. Why? OSDI is a scientifically validated symptom survey (it is commonly used in dry eye drug clinical trials) and can help you communicate the severity of your symptoms to your eye doctor (ever felt like you weren't getting through?). We recommend completing this before EVERY eye doctor appointment and emailing it or taking a hard copy with you so that it is put in your chart. Converting your symptoms to a number, as OSDI does, is especially important for those whose "clinical signs" of dry eye don't seem to explain how badly their eyes feel.

A symptom survey score is all about a conversation starting point. So, when I said every eye doctor appointment, I meant it. This isn't just for the optometrist or the cornea specialist or whoever is treating your dry eye. It's also valuable for the glaucoma specialist who may be doing a great job at controlling your glaucoma but may not be considering the extent to which the preservative in your specific glaucoma med may be causing or worsening dry eye symptoms for you. 

For the fastidious amongst us who prefer SPEED or one of the other symptom questionnaires, fyi, the reason I recommend OSDI is simply that it is the only one available on smartphones (so far as I know). Convenience matters. People can email their scores direct from the app to their dr's office.

Did you miss my ARVO updates?

Here's my blog posts from ARVO, the eye research conference I attended in Vancouver recently:

One last THANK YOU

To everyone who contributed to my GoFundMe travel fund:

THANK YOU so much. I really, really, really appreciate you. I think these are my last travels till the fall. I'm so grateful to have been able to get to three really good conferences already this year and I could not have done it without you.

Call/Text 877-693-7939

Every office needs a little drama

Naturally, we think our office Drama is bigger and better. 

Office Drama
Eyelid care
LoveYourLids discount code for 15% off lid care products

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15% discount on products to baby your eyelids!
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Dry Eye Glasses

The new small Ziena frame (Marina) has been released, and I hear another one even smaller (Kai) is on its way. 

We don't sell Ziena glasses anymore but I want to spread the word because SO many women with small faces have been needing smaller dry eye glasses than anything on the market. And hey, they really look cute in the pictures online. I do not have any here, and I haven't talked to anyone who has them, so I can't give any first or secondhand feedback, but these are most definitely worth trying. If you do, please let me know what you think! They seem to be available in black and tortoise.

Ziena Marina dry eye glasses with silicone shields

Ziena Marina dry eye glasses (small)
Night dry eye protection

Dry eye night protection... minus the claustrophobia?

No problem, we have transparent moisture shields for all budgets!

Image of Quartz silicone shield

Quartz silicone shield


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Image of Post LASIK goggle

Post LASIK goggle


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Image of Post LASIK Shield

Post LASIK Shield


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PROSE & Scleral lens supplies

PROSE disinfection cases

We just got an update - it looks like we will not have these cases until the last week in June. So very sorry for the inconvenience. Talk with your provider about alternatives, and reach out to us if we can help! 

  • We are now accepting pre-orders for those who want to get in line for the first shipment. 
  • Or, to get an email notification when we have stock, click on this link and select the "email me when available" option.
  • If you already have a backorder in place, you can cancel and receive a refund at any time.

Tangible Clean

I keep forgetting to post about this... finally remembered this time. The company that makes HydraPeg coating for lenses has released their own HydraPeg-friendly multipurpose solution. At the moment it is only available directly from the manufacturer. Here's a link. We would love to get feedback on your experience if you try it!

Drops, gels and ointments

Coming soon: Refresh Repair PF

Allegan's Refresh Repair (with sodium hyaluronate) is being released in a preservative-free version at last, preservative-free multi-dose bottle in fact. Should be available in early summer. We're committed to being completely preservative-free here, so we are waiting for the PF version.

Retail therapy?

20% discount on your first order if you are signing up for an auto-shipment!

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Look out for BAK

BAK is a toxic preservative that causes and exacerbates dry eye. If you are using any eye drops with BAK (benzalkonium chloride) talk with your eye doctor about whether there are BAK-free alternatives available for you to try.

Did you know?

Recurring orders at the Dry Eye Shop can be ANY interval you want, up to every 3 months! Do you need your saline or drops every 5 weeks? Every 17 days? No problem. Call, text or email and we can tweak it for you!

Are you connected?

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p.s. Speaking of groups...

I'm considering starting a group specifically about the intersection of dry eye with glaucoma and/or cataract surgery. So many people are in "that place". Anybody interested?

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The Dry Eye Foundation... gearing up for Dry Eye Awareness Month in July. (Sorry we haven't been very communicative about it yet!) If you're interested in contributing to the efforts, there is now a PayPal donation button on the Foundation site where you can use major credit cards or your PayPal account. The Foundation is also coming to Amazon Smile very soon!

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