In today's KeratoScoop: Demystifying dry eye prevention. Red alert: Lumify is not your BFF! Share your dry eye story. Ways to make a difference. Connect with others - join a group. Follow us on instagram. Enjoy a 4th of July coupon.

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July 3, 2018   Newsletter  -    Volume 10 - Issue 19

Awareness Updates!

Demystifying dry eye prevention

We live in an increasingly drying world.

We live in environments, engage in activities, and constantly interact with things that cause or contribute to dry eye. They are everywhere. In our homes, our diets, our workplaces. The a/c in our car, the medications on our nightstand, the medically necessary and the elective surgeries we undergo. The HVAC. The contact lenses we've been wearing for 30 years. The eyedrops we use most days. Our computers, tablets, and phones.

Every day, maybe all day, and for some, even all night, we are interacting with and embracing things that are drying out our eyes.

What does this mean for us?

How do we care well for our eyes in an increasingly drying world?

This is the theme for the next week or so of Dry Eye Awareness. Click here for more.

Red Alert

No, Lumify is NOT your new BFF. 

Click here to read why.

The marketeers are out in force for this new, fast-acting, instant gratification redness reliever. Their pitch to your doctor is persuasive and rumor has it they're lavishing free samples.

As a savvy dry eye consumer, read up on this, and become the truly savvy dry eye resource for your friends, family, and, if need be, even your eye doctor. A little reversal of roles education-wise wouldn't be the end of the world, and I know a lot of you dry eye veterans are accustomed to bringing your doctors the latest and greatest anyway. Get ahead of the information curve on this one. Slip in a word to your PCP as well and I'll be eternally grateful.

Help us raise awareness by sharing your story!

Our Dry Eye Stories is a project that staffer Aidan Moore is taking the lead on - he will be your point of contact when you share your story. We are terribly excited about this: everything from the process of collecting stories to the impact we can have on the standard of care and the industry as we aggregate our stories and bring the lived experiences of real life dry eye patients into focus. 

Don't worry - you can maintain complete anonymity! We just need you to prepare your story, choose a screen name and answer a few questions. None of your personal information will ever be shared with anyone. We will use the stories to raise awareness and to make a difference, and we will use your brief questionnaire answers to communicate our needs to dry eye industry stakeholders.

Support DryEyeZone on Patreon

How you can make a difference

1. Support us on Patreon

2. Share your story!

3. Post comments on others' stories!

4. Tell your eye doctor about!

5. Share Dry Eye Awareness posts on social media. When you see a message that resonates with you personally, please pass it along.

6. Do you have another idea? Let us know!

Connect with others!

Dry eye is isolating. Make sure you're connected with people who can actually understand your experiences and needs!
Dry Eye Talk
Dry Eye Talk
My Big Fat Scleral Lens
And while you're at it, let's get that #dryeyeawareness hashtag going!
Dry Eye Shop

Happy 4th!

...from all of us here at the Dry Eye Shop!

Stay safe! Protect your peepers! And enjoy a coupon....

Obligatory July 4 coupon
Dry Eye Zone
The Dry Eye Zone is your resource for information about dry eye itself. Give yourself a crash course in dry eye by reading Dry Eye 101! Subscribe to Rebecca's dry eye blog. Look up unfamiliar terms in our dry eye glossary. Browse past newsletters.  Explore TFOS' scientific reports on dry eye if you're more technically-minded. Or read introductory articles to help you get oriented if you are newly diagnosed.

A really quick note from Rebecca

July is a whirlwind. I am so excited... I just got word about a study that's going to be published next month that you are going to love.... I can't wait to share, but it won't be until August 16th. But the time will fly, because it's Dry Eye Awareness Month and crazy busy. Meantime on the home front, I feel at times that I'm holding the dry eye shop together with scotch tape and baling wire. It is however slowly but surely righting itself, so I'm trying to devote as much time as possible to awareness efforts... after all, July comes but once a year, and there's just so much to talk about!

Enjoy the posts and emails, and please, help us spread the word. Like and share as much as possible please if you're on social media. Get the word out, especially about prevention topiocs. Most of all, please share your story. Together we can have huge impact.

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