We're on the same journey.

Like you, we are a work in progress, forever learning and discovering the little nuggets of wisdom along the way.

The Saint Belford blog features a collection of lessons learned, personal revelations and golden nuggets (that are better shared) to help you live a better day and become the best, most vibrant version of yourself. 

It all begins with small, yet powerful changes. Check out our most loved resources and posts for some inspiration!

Pledge to Stay Well eBook

150+ Self-Care Ideas & Resources

We understand that putting yourself first isn’t easy—there are many obstacles in the way of you and your best intentions. That’s why we created the Pledge to Stay Well eBook. 

With 150+ self-care ideas and resources divided into three sections: Mind, Body and Soul and subdivided into three categories 10 minutes or less, 30 minutes and 60 minutes or more, there is something to fit every schedule, mood and location.

Now, you can spend less time in rabbit holes and more time self-caring and feeling like your best self. 


7 Proven Ways to Spend Less Time on Social Media and More Time in the Real World

Feeling like a moth to a flame when it comes to social media? You're not alone. Over half of surveyed Curation users reported “staying on track” and “not being distracted” as being the biggest things getting in the way of pursuing their goals. Curb your social media enthusiasm with these seven proven ways brought to you by Co-Founder Tom. 


5 Meaningful Mindfulness Techniques You Can Use When You're Feeling Stressed

Stress can easily become overwhelming. It can pull you out of the present moment and interfere with your health and wellbeing. That’s why we asked Rachael Kable, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher to share five practical ways you can stay more mindful and keep your stress levels at bay. 


5 Mainstream Nutrition Myths BUSTED!

We asked Clinical Nutritionist, Nadia Felsch to bust five of the biggest nutrition myths currently doing the rounds. Which ones do you need to stop believing? 


4 Mindful Coping Strategies for Riding Out Tough Days

The next time you’re feeling all the feelings, sobbing inconsolably and your self-talk has taken a turn for the worse, just remember that you’re not alone. Bad days, tough days, sad days—it’s all part and parcel of the human experience. What truly matters is how we care for ourselves on those days. Here are four mindful coping strategies for getting through those stormy days. 


Stay well,

Alex and Tom

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