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“That luminous part of you that exists beyond personality–your soul, if you will–is as bright and shining as any that has ever been....Clear away everything that keeps you separate from this secret luminous place. Believe it exists, come to know it better, nurture it, share its fruits tirelessly.” - George Saunders


A New Year 💫


As we approach the close of 2020 we are taking a moment to reflect and look towards a brighter year ahead. Thank you for sticking with us this year and all the years before. We are so grateful for our community, our team and all of our vendor partners.

Starting today through Monday January 4th at 12pm EST take 21% off the Fall collection! Use code "HELLO2021" at checkout. Get yourself something cozy for the winter months ahead and help us make a little room for our next capsule collection!

Happy New Year!

Kordal Team

*Please note: Offer is eligible for exchange or store credit only - no refunds. Not valid toward previous purchases and cannot be combined with other discounts. All orders will ship out Monday January 4th.



Five Weeks of Giving: Total Donations $5,377!!

Thanks to you, we were able to donate a total of $5,377 to Fig Food Relief, First Nations Covid Relief Fund, Fair Fight, Flint Water Fund and National Network for Youth. And it's all thanks to your support! Scroll down to learn more about each non-profit and see a breakdown of our donations. Thank you for making it possible for us to share the love! <3


 Donation Calendar 
Nov. 18 ~ 24FIG Food Relief  Total Donated: $730!
Launched in response to COVID-19, FIG’s food relief program has served folks in need across New York City since March 2020. This initiative aims to (1) identify need for food relief in underserved communities (2) source, prepare, and distribute meals and groceries to those communities (3) and provide support to independent food businesses who can be the engines of that effort — who themselves require funding to survive this crisis and re-emerge as pillars of the more equitable food system we need. They match businesses in their network with grassroots and membership-based organizations in New York’s hardest hit communities and neighborhoods — namely, those serving LGBTQ+ youths, immigrant food workers, domestic workers, people experiencing housing insecurity, and unemployed food workers in their restaurant families Donate here →


Nov. 25 ~ Dec. 1First Nations COVID-19 Relief Fund - Total Donated $1,483!
Native communities (both urban and rural) are often invisible in “normal” times. This is exacerbated in times of crisis. First Nations Development Institute is responding to American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian community emergency needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic to minimize the risk of Native communities becoming collateral damage. The COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund is designed to distribute funds efficiently and swiftly to Native nonprofit organizations and tribal programs that need it most. Initially, funds are being prioritized in high-concentration areas – California, New Mexico, the Pacific Northwest, New York, Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe and COVID-19 hotspots. ​Donate here →

Dec. 2 ~ 8 — Fair Fight Total Donated $1,411!
Fair Fight promotes fair elections in Georgia and around the country, encourages voter participation in elections, and educates voters about elections and their voting rights. They bring awareness to the public on election reform, advocate for election reform at all levels, and engage in other voter education programs and communications. ​Donate here →


Dec. 9 ~ 15Flint Water FundTotal Donated $849!
On April 7, 2018, following the MDEQ release of water quality data, the State of Michigan announced the discontinued resource of bottled water for Flint residents. The United Way of Genesee County (UWGC) believes everyone has a right to clean safe drinking water. The most sustainable and long-lasting source for Flint residents to access clean safe water, until all the pipes are replaced, is sink filter usage. While UWGC encourages the use of filters, it also recognizes many residents rely on bottled water as their clean water source. The United Way of Genesee County will use all funds raised through its Flint Water Fund for the purchase and distribution of bottled water; filtration devices not supplied by the State of Michigan; and health access for children affected by lead. ​Donate here →

Dec. 16 ~ 22National Network for Youth - Total Donated $904!
The National Network for Youth (NN4Y) has been a public education and policy advocacy organization dedicated to the prevention and eradication of youth homelessness in America for over 40 years. As the largest and most diverse network of its kind, NN4Y mobilizes over 300 members and affiliates –organizations that work on the front lines every day to provide prevention services and respond to runaways and youth experiencing homelessness and human trafficking. ​Donate here →

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