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New Beginning Ranch

What’s New in 2020 at New Beginning Ranch

From Crisis to Recovery

Hello Bernie,

New Beginning Ranch is on a mission to support men in early recovery from sexual addiction. From our ranch home in the rocky mountains, we provide hope and safety to our clients through equine, group, and EMDR therapy; yoga and wellness training; daily 12 step groups; and outdoor adventure therapy.  

It has been a blessed year in 2019. We were able again to help more men struggling with their sexual addiction. It has been four years now that we’ve been open to help men move from shame to grace and lead lives of integrity and joy. We have had more than 125 men who have gone through New Beginning Ranch since we opened in November 2015. 
Aleta Sisson, MA, LCPC came into our vision this past year, like an angel. She lives 10 minutes from the ranch and is sought out throughout the state as a trauma specialist using EMDR. Since all the men are trauma survivors, she has been a tremendous resource for healing and relief. Each man will see her once a week during their residency here after thirty days. Read more...
Conquer Series
Conquer Series is a curriculum-driven workshop with study guides, journal and a follow-up “Seven Pillars of Freedom” workbook. Dr. Ted Roberts is the host, a former Vietnam Marine fighter pilot who instantly connects with the men. We are always amazed at the production quality as they interweave medical specialists on porn and brain science, psychology and the absolute need for a spiritual connection to beat sex addiction. While it is Christian based, we have had a black Muslim MD and a young orthodox Jewish man from NYC watch it and love it.
Find out more about how we use the Conquer Series in our program  here 
Ryan Knowles - New Beginning Ranch


Say hello to our newest team member! Ryan Knowles has joined our staff as House Manager. He struggled with sobriety until he found New Beginning Ranch. Now, he’s elated to be able to carry the gift of sobriety to our clients. Read more ...

We recently brought in Ann B. Martin to facilitate a Relapse Prevention Workshop that she has done throughout the country for the past 20 years. Each man developed customized, specific relapse stages that he goes through prior to actual relapse and how he can stop the slide at any point.

We have spoken to Ken Adams, PhD several times to put together an onsite workshop for our clients addressing “Men Enmeshed with Mom”. Mother-son enmeshment is a very common blind spot with the men and strongly influences their relational struggles and eroticized rage. We look forward to adding this workshop to our program soon.





Kathi McConnell continues to direct the equine program at NBR. This is a favorite staple of the program from day one and Kathi arranged a new barn for foul weather this winter; it is beautiful and insulated! Read more...

The guys love it!



New Beginning Ranch stands ready to help Sex Addicts who need a recovery immersion experience. Please reach out if we can be of help!


Tom Martin

Owner and Founder

(406) 381-7006

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