Find out if vaping affects male fertility, what last year's bestselling devices are and the latest on vaping in schools.
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January 2020

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Hello Ignas, we’re coming in hot with your first Vaping Good News of 2020. As you leave your bad habits behind, you can find a host of topical news stories covered by our experts this month including an inside look at the teen vaping craze, the UK’s ban on menthol cigarettes and how to combat it, along with honest approaches to common vape leaks and the effects vaping has on fertility. If you are just starting out on your #StopSmoking journey, we’d love to hear from you and see how you’re getting on.

Trending News

Vaping in Schools: the Reality Behind Teen Vaping

A concern for any parent, recent reports of vaping in schools have dominated the headlines. These stories have massively raised concerns about the access teenagers have to vaping products and the potential danger they pose to underage users.

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Upcoming Menthol Cigarettes Ban

A popular alternative to conventional tobacco, menthol cigarettes are set to be banned outright throughout the UK from 20th May. There's an increasing concern about the potential risks involved...

Are You Ready for the Menthol Ban?

Does Vaping Affect Male Fertility?

It's common knowledge that smoking tobacco cigarettes harm the fertility of both men and women, but how does vaping affect male fertility and is there cause for concern among those who vape and wish to procreate?


End of Year Round-Up

Filled with innovation and crisis, politics, culture, and technology brought sweeping and significant change to a number of sectors – and the world of vaping was not immune.

Vape Epidemic 

It’s impossible to start this list without taking a look at the event that overshadowed most of the year - the tragic vaping issues that swept the United States. 

Release of Long-Awaited Research

One of the most positive events to come out of 2019 was the culmination of several research projects and initiatives that were launched near the start of the decade.

Positive Change and Progress 

On a more positive and personal side for 2019, we were proud to be part of what has now become an annual event in the health calendar: Stoptober.

Bestselling Products of 2019

Image of XEO VOID Vaporizer

XEO VOID Vaporizer


Image of Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Vaporizer

Vapour2 PRO Series 3X Vaporizer


Image of Smok Nord Pod Vape Kit 1100mAh

Smok Nord Pod Vape Kit 1100mAh


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Top Tips

How to fix a vape leak

Vape Leaking? Fix it with These 10 Simple Steps

When you really think about it, it’s quite remarkable that vape tanks work as well as they do. Somehow, these metal or plastic objects that are full of holes manage to hold several millilitres of e-liquid without leaking...

What Are Nicotine Salts? Your Comprehensive Guide

If you keep tabs on the vaping industry, you’ve been reading for the past couple of years that nicotine salt e-liquid is the industry’s next big trend.

Previously Featured

What Happened to US Vapers?

Many vapers in the US have lost their lives, with thousands affected by lung conditions.

2020 Vaping Predictions

Here are all the crazy things we learned during Europe’s biggest vaping convention in Birmingham.

Will You Get Popcorn Lung from Vaping?

A nickname for bronchiolitis obliterans, which damages your lungs’ smallest airways.

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