February 2019

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What to Expect in Your First Week of Vaping

If you’ve finally decided to quit smoking and begin to think about vaping then a congratulatory high-five is in order - go you. Now, there may be a few questions you have on your mind and you may well have heard some stories on the grapevine that you need pluck and pull apart. Or perhaps you simply need to know what to expect in your first week of vaping? Let’s find out what you might experience in the first few days of your journey as you stride purposefully toward a potential smoke-free you.

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Buying E-Cigs Online vs Vape Stores

If you’ve ventured along your local high street recently, one sight that can almost be considered a certainty is that of a vape shop furnished with e-cigs, e juices and accessories galore. But which is better - shopping online or in a vape shop?

The Cost of E-Cigarettes in Scottish Prisons

Back in September 2018, we reported that smoking in Scottish prisons was to be banned and that prisoners would be offered free e-cigarettes. With 7,500 e-cig starter kits distributed to inmates, let's take a look at the estimated cost.

Vaping The Myth

Popcorn Lung:
Dispelling the Myth

Of course, e-cigs and vaping have faced their fair share of negative myths; with one of the biggest problems being the problematic rumour pertaining to popcorn lung.


Smoking vs Vaping:
A Visual Guide

Whether you’re smoking blindly and obliviously to the harm you cause to your health every time you smoke or are simply in denial about the damage that’s being done to your body when you light up.

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