Ever wanted to know what it’s like to vape with a winner? Well now you can
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February 2020

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Hi Ignas, ever wanted to know what it’s like to vape with a winner? Well now you can. We take a look at one of our favourites — and as it turns out, the nations too — the XEO VOID, and also a newcomer to the scene, the RipStick by RipTide. This month we also explore the latest developments from the ASH and CRUK annual tobacco control report along with updating our ’shipping to the US’ policy. Until next time, have a great month.

Trending News

XEO VOID Voted Best Vaporiser of the Decade

Having enjoyed a positive reputation since hurtling onto the market in late 2016, the award-winning XEO VOID vaporiser has become a mainstay device in the UK and European markets.

The VOID combines German design with a dual-purpose functionality, making it the highest quality, sub-Ohm device for a reason.

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ASH & Cancer Research Tobacco Control Report

From budget cuts to recommendations by ASH and CRUK - let's take a look at the talking points of the report and find out what your local government is doing to encourage a smoke-free community and what it means for vapers.

Riptide Ripstick

Revolutionary Vaping with RipTide

RipTide products have steadily taken the marketplace by storm. Offering a quality vaping experience that combines performance with a stunning form factor, the RipStick Device has proven immensely popular in the US and we now welcome RipTide in the UK.

Can You Ship E-Liquid from the UK to the US?

Here at V2 Cigs UK, we’ve happily served customers in the United States for many years. Recently, though, there’s been an influx of new visitors who want to know if we can ship e-liquid from the UK to the US. So, why the sudden cause for asking?

Do You Think We Ship to the US?

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