📬 This month's issue is packed full of the latest vaping news and tips for keeping your device cool in the summer heat.
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July 2019

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Hello Ignas,

Summer is here and so is your July newsletter! In the news this month, we’re looking at all you need to know about the menthol cigarette ban, as well as the latest news from San Francisco. We've also got plenty of tips for keeping your device cool in the summer heat and a handy guide to using dry herb vaporizers. Enjoy!

Trending News

How To Deal With The Ban On Menthol Cigarettes Without Panic Buying

Did you know that menthol cigarettes are going to be banned in Europe by next year? And Brexit isn’t going to change this ban hitting the UK either.

All flavoured cigarettes will be phased out by May 2020. This means if you’re a menthol smoker, you have less than a year left to find an alternative option. You could start stockpiling now, going on shopping sprees and getting your cupboards filled. Or you could give vaping a try.

Much cheaper and easier. And luckily for you, menthol is considered one of the best flavours of vape juice to get you started.

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Everything You Need To Know About San Francisco's E-cigarette Ban

This year in news that shocked the vaping community: San Francisco has become the first US city to ban e-cigarettes, pending further research.

UKVIA: Vaping Is The ‘Gift To Public Health'

UKVIA recently held their annual forum to discuss the future of vaping. With the mission to ensure consistent advice is being offered to smokers looking to become smoke-free across the board, is vaping truly the 'gift to public health'?

More Smoke-Free Zones To Be Enforced

Derbyshire County Council has recently taken the move to launch an open consultation to discuss increasing the number of smoke-free zones across the county. What does this mean for smokers and will vaping fall under the same category as cigarettes?

Top Tips

3 Summer Vaping Tips Every Vaper Should Know

If you vape and love summer, then it’s important to be mindful of a few key factors that may contribute significantly to your vaping experience. Heres what happens when your e-liquid gets too hot, and how to store your e-cig correctly.

How To Reduce Nicotine Levels to Become Vape-Free

Given up smoking with the help of e-cigarettes but worried about becoming addicted to vaping? Here’s how to reduce your nicotine levels and give up vaping without the fear of falling into another addiction.

Handy Guide To Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

With more individuals using herbal supplements than ever before, there has never been a better time to make the switch to vaping. And with the release of the new Torpedo dry herb device, it’s worth seeing what all the fuss is about.

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