Yay 🙌, it’s set to be an exciting month in the world of vaping!
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March 2019

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Hello Vaper,

It’s set to be an exciting month in the world of vaping! With more smokers than ever before able to quit thanks to e-cigs, singletons potentially finding love after kicking cigarettes to the kerb (we hope) and discussions around cloud-chasing entering the mainstream media, here’s your March newsletter…

Trending News

E-Cigarette Use Plateaus Due to the Number of Smokers Now Able to Quit

When e-cigarettes first came to the scene as a smoking cessation tool, many doubted their effectiveness, leading many a smoker (and even anti-smokers) to scoff at the idea of making the transition. However, a new report from Public Health England (PHE) has shed light on just how useful they are in getting people to quit.

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A Guide to Finding Your Favourite E-Juice Flavours

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey with e-cigarettes or still finding your vaping feet, it’s important to understand that flavour is fundamental in your endeavour to stay successfully smoke-free.

When was the E-Cigarette Invented?

We salute the inception of e-cigarettes and tip our caps to those who helped steer the course for smokers to rid themselves of their daily addictions and to potentially become smoke-free.

Vaping The Myth

Can Passive Vaping Harm You?

Among the multitude of misinformed myths that surround the subject of e-cigarettes, is that of ‘passive vaping’ and the danger it might pose to passers-by and those in your vicinity. Think the vapour you exhale might be dangerous?


Vaping Can Help You Find Love

Looking for love? We’re not sure it’s completely ethical or entirely within our remit to provide that kind of service here, but if you’re a smoker - we may be able to help improve your chances of being romantically acquainted.


Have Cloud-Chasers Tainted the Vaping Industry?

The image of cloud chasers is one that often comes to mind when you mention vaping to those who aren’t familiar with the smoking cessation tool of e-cigarettes, but the reality is, it’s far from the truth.

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