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X-Bows Nature V3 Shipping April 15th

Don't miss your chance to pre-order and save 20%

The wait is finally over - X-Bows is back in stock!

All X-Bows Nature V3 pre-orders will be shipping on April 15th and arriving to users a few days later. 

Haven't ordered yet? Don't worry, there's still time to pre-order your X-Bows for 20% OFF.

Read below for more details on Version 3

Pre-Order X-Bows 3.0 (Click Here)

The new X-Bows 3.0 is more customizable, more beautiful, and more accessible than ever before. The sky is the limit when it comes to software customization and, as always, it will make typing more comfortable. 


Here's what we have changed

More Powerful Microchip and QMK Firmware

Overall, our customer reviews are always very positive. Users love our build quality and our easy-to-learn ergonomic layout. The one area that we have consistently lost marks was our firmware. It was clunky and the UI was not intuitive enough. 

Rather than continuing to make small tweaks to the existing firmware, we decided to adopt the best firmware on the market. We have upgraded X-Bows' internal microchip in order to support the industry-leading open-source QMK firmware. 

QMK is web-based, so it can be used on any operating system (music to the ears of our Mac and Linux users). It is fully customizable and has an intuitive visual interface. There is plenty of online documentation and tutorials for everyone to begin to get their feet wet with keyboard customization, and the possibilities to build upon the open-source code are limitless for our more advanced users. We cannot wait to see what software customizations you all come up with!

You can take a look at the X-Bows Nature QMK configurator here.


X-Bows Nature QMK Configurator
A Screenshot of our new QMK Configurator Interface
Shine Through Keycaps
They're back! What's the good of having over 16 million possible RGB backlighting possibilities if you can't see them through the keycaps? We've switched back to double-shot transparent label keycaps and they look as good as ever. 
Mac and Linux Compatibility
This one has been a long time coming. With our new web-based QMK firmware, Mac and Linux users will have access to all the same customization possibilities as Windows users. We've also released a Mac layout option.
X-Bows Mac Layout
Hot-Swappable 3-Pin Gateron Switches
We've changed from Gateron optical switches back to more standard 3-pin Gateron switches. While optical switches are technologically very cool, we've had a lot of users tell us that they like to be able to swap and test different types and brands of switches. There just aren't very many optical switch options on the market. By moving back to standard 3-pin hot-swappable switches, our users have even more ways to make X-Bows perfect for them. 

All of these improvements combine for our best keyboard ever. 

X-Bows Nature will be shipping on April 15th. 

X-Bows Knight and Knight Plus will be shipping in June. 

Pre-Order X-Bows 3.0 (Click Here)
Any questions about our new release? Just reply to this email and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

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