p.s. finding time for yourself *is* self-care
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May 18 I Lifestyle I Issue 34




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I know you feel how I feel about FINALLY starting to see the light. Ecstatic, overjoyed. But still, things feel different. I feel that, too. I like to think in a good way, different, but right now they feel foreign and strange. Like you moved to a different city but still live in your same house kind of different (lol has this happened to anyone before?). 

Here's the thing with things that are "foreign and strange." In my experience, it's kind of the way to new horizons. Getting uncomfortable and feeling awkward in situations is the path to open doors and new beginnings. And it's really weird and awkward at first but if you keep pushing through the "new normal," there's a whole different light at the end of the tunnel - like an almost evangelic "wow, I never thought this was possible" kind of light. So maybe this "new normal" is actually the pathway to even BETTER days ahead?

This week's habit talk focuses on habits throughout your life - reading, watching, traveling (haha one day, my friends), clothing, and just the plain old habits that make you the human that you are. 

Habits in these parts of our lives might seem irrelevant but they're actually the ones that affect you the most internally, including how you view yourself.

What are you doing for yourself lately?

1. If you're a reader, are you making time to read?

2. Are you going the extra mile to feel put together in the mornings?

3. Are you at least thinking of future travel to disconnect from work?

4. Are you in a job that fills you?


Ugh, I know, I'm asking all the hard questions, and guess what? Putting ourselves last is human nature, especially female nature, so I'm going to ask all the hard questions because you deserve better!

Enough preaching. My only wish for you is that you think through all these questions and not necessarily act on them right now (because I know, LIFE - trust me, my kids are home, too), but maybe just move them into a little file in your brain so that when you're ready, you can put yourself and your needs first. You'll know when you're ready, trust me.

I mentioned this last week but the point of good habits is to help bring sanity to an already chaotic life - and internal chaos is a thing. This issue is packed with wonderful life tips to form good habits for yourself - whether it's revamping your wardrobe with essentials, traveling to clear your soul, forming good habits at work, finding work you love, creating a good book repertoire, lining up the best podcasts to listen to on a walk or on the go, all will help you form good habits. The ones you deserve to form for YOURSELF. As always, we are bffs (it's never too soon!) and are for you. Please, share your progress with us on instagram by tagging @thecurrentyou and #mecurrently. And follow us, too! We're a fun follow. 🙃

p.s., it's only fair that I update everyone on the bed delivery debacle - I'm happy to report that they are offering white glove delivery in the Miami area and my daughter will actually get a big girl bed relatively soon (I'm not crying, you're crying). 🤣


xx, Melanie

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