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June 15 I Lifestyle I Issue 38




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The Lifestyle newsletter is meant to cover all things life - what we're reading, listening, wearing, doing, basically all those things we more than likely don't do enough of. You know, the back-burner stuff that gets sent to the bottom of the list of things to do for ourselves because other things, more likely other people, or work, or responsibilities, get in the way.

Ironically enough, we're living in a time where the above back-burner stuff should be made priority. Learning, educating ourselves, reading about or listening to current events, Black history,  anything we can get our hands on these days to help us understand how we can all be better or do better.

I'm such a big believer that all of this #lifestyle stuff is really the key to helping us feel more fulfilled. For me, feeling fulfilled includes being informed, looking forward to a good book or podcast, watching a bing-worthy Netflix series, having a wardrobe that at the least makes me feel good about myself, traveling (more like pretending to travel these days), but doing all those things we NEVER do for ourselves but are necessary to fill our cups. 

Of course, prioritizing good things does include prioritizing doing all of these "fill your cup" activities for yourself: taking a walk and listening to a podcast, watching TV, reading a good book, buying a cute top every once in a while. I fall victim to not prioritizing any of these things, and I know you probably do too so lately, I've been setting aside special moments to enjoy these things:

  1. listening to a podcast while running (a nice walk is a nice excuse, too);
  2. setting aside time to read during the week (maybe an hour before bed?);
  3. giving yourself a "spend-clothes" budget every month (even if it's just $50);
  4. pre-booking a manicure in advance (every other Monday, for instance);
  5. setting a work schedule you actually enjoy and don't force yourself into (working mornings and an hour or two at night, for instance and spending the days "filling your cup").


One of my biggest struggles is always doing things because they "should" be done that way. With COVID, I've been forced to reevaluate my schedule and my days in support of doing things I WANT instead of things that "should" be done. It's crazy that something of this size was the catalyst that shifted my priorities, but I'm 100% grateful something did. And now that my priorities have changed, I can't imagine going back (and I can't believe I didn't listen to myself and my needs for so long). 

So what are you prioritizing this week? Are you reading anything good? Are you putting your life before work? Are you getting a manicure? I'm binging Queer Eye on Netflix, reading Untamed (please read!!), and listening to the 1619 podcast below (so good).  

As always, we are bffs (it's never too soon!) and are here for you. Please, share your progress with us on instagram by tagging @thecurrentyou and #mecurrently. And follow us, too! We're a fun follow. 🙃


xx, Melanie

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