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Vivacious in Vermeil

Vermeil glitters with a radiant and durable sparkle. These precious pieces differ from gold-plated treasures, with a coating of gold that is up to three times thicker.

Vermeil is plated over silver, giving these jewels a luxurious weight against the body. We have expanded our range of Vermeil offerings, giving an affordable but strong alternative to solid gold.

Today we explore some of the pieces in our Vermeil range, and offer a check-list for those who are still deciding between gold-plated, Vermeil, and solid gold jewels.

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What is Vermeil?

Our Vermeil is made up of 3 microns of 24K yellow gold, plated over certified recycled sterling silver.

Vermeil requires this greater thickness in order to be designated as such. It is considered to be the most tough and long-lasting method of plating gold.

It was invented as a technique during the 18th Century in order to keep the silver that lies beneath the gold shiny and protected.

Rainbow Sapphire Moon Face Pendant - Vermeil 24K


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Image of Rainbow Sapphire Moon Face Pendant - Vermeil 24K

Moon Face Pendant - Vermeil 24K


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Image of Moon Face Pendant - Vermeil 24K

Moon Beams

When the moon is full, the world is bright.

The moon is a beautiful, fickle creature. She has many faces.

She appears strong, large, and yellow, grounded and close to the horizon. She shows off a silvery white halo when high in the sky wreathed by clouds.

She turns her face away from us, private in her own thoughts, so only a sliver of her remains. She glows with red passion at harvest time.

On occasion she is just an inky blue circle, almost completely hidden in her heavenly home.

She is an alter, and a shelter.

Our limited edition Rainbow Sapphire Moon Face is only available in vermeil. Each pendant comes with a different array of multicoloured sapphires, as special and unpredictable as la lune herself.

Image of Our Lady of Montallegro Pendant - Vermeil 24K
Our Lady of Montallegro Pendant - Vermeil 24K


Our Lady of Montallegro watches over her city in rural Italy. She represents care, protection and affection. She is said to shine on high, giving radiance to all that she looks over.

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Image of Gorgoneion Protection Pendant - Vermeil 24K
Gorgoneion Protection Pendant - Vermeil 24K


The Gorgoneion is an ancient protective amulet that spans cultures and civilisations. The symbol is associated with the power of Athena who wore it into battle as both a terrifying and empowering symbol of strength.

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Image of Byzantine Coin Constantinopolis Medallion - Vermeil 24K
Byzantine Coin Constantinopolis Medallion - Vermeil 24K


Traditional Byzantine civilisations were bastions of culture, mysticism and tradition. With this coin, you carry with you their centuries-old legacy.

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Melissae Bee Medallion

Honey, it's you.

The Melissae Bee Medallion in Vermeil is a vivid celebration of the important place of the bee throughout ancient history.

Within mythology it has a duality of meaning. On the one side - lightness, energy and vivaciousness. On the other - power, strength, and victory.

These are exemplified through two stories:

A Creation Story

The bee's legacy of vitality stretches back to the earliest myths of the San people of the Kalahari dessert. They believed that a bee, seeing a tired mantis, began to carry it across a river in which it otherwise would have drowned. The bee, itself fatigued, managed to get the mantis to a floating flower whose petals were radiant against the water's surface. The bee had no more energy to continue flying, and could not also rest on the flower without sinking it. So it sacrificed itself, but not before planting a seed within the mantis. It was this seed that is said to have grown into the first human. Thus the bee connects us to life, growth, land, and sun.

The Legacy of Power

The Hindu Goddess of fertility, love, and devotion - Parvati - was called upon to vanquish a demon that had overtaken the heavens and the three worlds. In order to overcome him, she released thousands of bees from within her body, which stung him into submission. Her counterpart, love God Kamadeva carried a bow made of sugar cane, covered in bees. These two Gods underscore the image of the bees as protective, powerful, and strong.

Image of Melissae Bee Medallion - Vermeil 24K

Melissae Bee Medallion - Vermeil 24K


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Rainbow Moon Face

Vermeil is perfect for you if...

You are budget-conscious but want a pendant that is durable enough to last for years to come.

You love the idea of the weight and luxury of gold-plating over silver

You want to take advantage of our limited edition Vermeil-only pieces.

You have an allergy to metal, as silver is hypoallergenic.

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