The Kerem il Aslı love myth
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Kerem il Aslı - the love story
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If I do not burn

If you do not burn

If we do not burn

How will darkness come to light?

Image credit: Haber

The story of Kerem il Aslı

It is said that in ancient times there was a shah who sought a bride for his son. This son saw the daughter of a monk, and fell in love with her immediately. Because of the religious divide between the Christian monk and the Muslim boy, the girl's father forbade the union. But the boy's longing continued unabated.

Image credit: Haber

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A chase across mountain and valley

They say that the girl's father carried her away across the Turkish lands, from town to town, through forests, fields, and streams. But the boy and the girl loved each other, and this love fueled his pursuit. He could not forget her, and wherever he went he asked the locals if she had passed by. In this manner he almost caught up to the girl several times, sometimes seeing just her spirit, and sometimes her real, corporeal self, only for her to be whisked away once more.

Accepting no obstacle

Nothing held back the young man. His love was so passionate he declared it aloud to creeks, rivers, animals and trees. In this way he became a poet, reciting his love to all that was around him. His name came to be synonymous with a lover, and with one who sings poetry to the public. When coming upon a stream too wide to cross, he sung his love so beautifully that then and there a ghost bridge appeared.

Image credit: Pinterest Turkey

Passion's Burning

Finally the boy reached a town in which the Pasha took a great liking to him. The Pasha threatened the Monk, and told him that he must marry his daughter to the boy, as the young couple were in love. But the Monk cursed the girl, so that the buttons of her nightgown could never open. The boy's passion was such that he burned. His heart, his head, his skin, his eyes began to radiate with light, and then to catch aflame. The girl, tried to pat the flames out, to save her love, but was engulfed herself. The two blended as ashes, together at last, as one.

Radiant Shams

Olivia is deeply connected to the customs that dictate the rhythms of life in the places that inspire her.

The Kerem il Aslı story is one that has deep significance to the Turkish people who live in the lands where Olivia first learned to ply her trade.

The vibrance and joy of these moments of coming together are celebrated throughout her latest collection of solid gold jewels, and oceanic treasures.

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